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  • There’s A Storm A-comin’0

    “There’s a snowstorm coming!” or “There’s a snowstorm a-comin!” What’s the difference? At least 8 inches. You can typically determine the intensity of a snowstorm if the term “a-comin” is used. Nature provides us with numerous signs on upcoming weather conditions if we know what to look for or interpret. If cows are laying down,

  • UPMC Nurse: Exposure Can Be a Problem in Winter0

    Cold weather comes with winters in Pennsylvania, and with the freezing temperatures, wind chill, ice, and snow also comes an added risk for potential exposure injuries. While some love the winter wonderland, others may want to hunker down in their homes and wait it out until spring. Consider the following tips to help keep safe

  • 2022 Martin Luther King Dream Week Takes Place January 12 to 190

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived a life dedicated to service to others and calling attention to and helping to fight injustice. This is the theme of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dream Week and Day of Service that will take place from Wednesday, January 12 to Wednesday, January 19. “Martin Luther King Day

  • Winter Layers 20220

    The Old Farmer’s Almanac has predicted a cold, long, and snowy winter for the United States in 2022. In fact, they predict it will be so cold they are calling the next few months the “season of shivers.” So, prepare to bundle up and, if possible, bundle up with style in layers that will keep

  • Minimalist Winter Outfits0

    There are a variety of approaches to seasonal style. Many of them are functional, i.e., coats in winter and shorts in summer. Some are based on trends, like an “it” bag or color-of-the-year. And then, you have a capsule collection approach of picking a limited number of pieces and putting them on heavy rotation throughout

  • UPMC Expert: Enjoy Winter and Avoid the Emergency Department0

    Winter in Pennsylvania at times is a winter wonderland. North central Pa. is known for year-round recreation which means many of us trade in our hiking boots, mountain bikes, and boats, for snowshoes, skis, and snowmobiles once enough snow covers the ground. There’s so much fun to be had right outside our doors, but we