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  • Thanksgiving Packing0

    No sooner has the hubbub of Halloween settled down then Thanksgiving comes along, and it’s non-stop until New Year’s Day. At least, it feels that way, with it seeming to speed up each year. As we prepare for another Thanksgiving, I, of course, am thinking about what to wear for my family and me. Like

  • Gifts for People Who Love the Great Outdoors

    Gifts for People Who Love the Great Outdoors0

    Certain people feel right at home in the great outdoors. With the sun on their faces and the wind in their hair, rock scramblers and kayaking buffs simply can’t get enough of being outside in the elements. Outdoor enthusiasts need reliable gear to make their experiences that much more enjoyable. Brandon Gaille Small Business &

  • A Rainy October Day

    A Rainy October Day0

    I stopped into Weis in Jersey Shore. The phones weren’t busy at work, and I got all the fuel tickets done, so I left around 12:30. I was looking forward to a rainy Thursday and thought soup sounded perfect for dinner. Weis is only a few minutes from work, and I thought I’d beat the

  • Hallmark Treasures

    Hallmark Treasures0

    It’s a rainy Sunday, and I am snuggled on the couch, wrapped in my fall fleece blanket that I finally got out this weekend. My Halloween tree is in front of our front bay window, with the tiny orange and purple lights glowing as primitive ghost ornaments hang off a branch. Candy corns, pumpkins, witches,

  • These Girls Are Still Golden0

    • August 31, 2022

    Who would have guessed the sexual escapades of four mature women would be so hysterical? Who would also have guessed it would be so amusing to watch? Although it’s been 30 years since the unlikely hit show “The Golden Girls” aired its final episode, the sassy sitcom continues to amuse longtime fans while attracting generations

  • Fall Trends 20220

    I’ll always savor long summer days, but as back to school draws near and autumn is faintly visible on the horizon, I’m ready for a mood shift to the cooler days of a crisp fall. With any change in the season, I’m looking ahead to some of this year’s must-have trends. Sure, not all trends