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  • Fall Trends 20220

    I’ll always savor long summer days, but as back to school draws near and autumn is faintly visible on the horizon, I’m ready for a mood shift to the cooler days of a crisp fall. With any change in the season, I’m looking ahead to some of this year’s must-have trends. Sure, not all trends

  • A Tale of Two Seasons0

    It’s become somewhat of a common practice in many sports leagues around the country; a season divided into two halves. It’s usually done to create and maintain fan interest, sort of a mid-course correction giving teams in a league new life and enthusiasm. So, if you’ve been involved in a sport for more than 35

  • The Roving Sportsman… Plan to Mentor This Fall0

    Have you ever had the opportunity to mentor a youth that has never before had the chance to shoot or hunt? If you have, you know the great experience that you will both have. If you have not, you could be in for a wonderful time that you will both reflect on for years to

  • UPMC Pediatrician: Help Your Kids Beat the Heat0

    Summer is here in full effect in north central Pennsylvania. The sun is shining, and the warm days are packed full of activities for kids taking advantage of their summer breaks. During the hot summer months when the temperatures climb, it’s important to plan into your day opportunities to help kids cool down and avoid

  • West End’s Winning Ways0

    What a fantastic sports year it’s been for so many teams from across our area. As we close out July and head to August, it’s always a lot of fun when we have local teams still on the diamond trying to play their way to a World Series. Congratulations to West End Babe Ruth’s 13-year-old

  • ACES Dominican Plate Dinner To Be Held Monday, August 10

    The Dominican Republic is one of the poorest countries in Latin America, and its needs are great. One organization that tries to aid in the effort to alleviate this poverty is ACES North American. The organization is a Williamsport-based not-for-profit working specifically in the Dominican Republic on projects highlighting health and education. ACES is currently