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  • Lycoming County Special Olympics Hosting Fundraising Event0

    On December 10, 2023, at 1:00 p.m., runners and walkers will lace up their running shoes to participate in the 43rd Annual Frostbite 5 Mile Run and 20th Annual Penguin 5K Walk. The Frostbite 5 Mile Run is the longest fundraising race event in the Williamsport area. For the past 21 years, Special Olympics Lycoming

  • Meagan’s Box Foundation Making Christmas Brighter for Children in Need

    Meagan’s Box Foundation Making Christmas Brighter for Children in Need0

    Meagan Murray has always been interested in helping others and improving their lives. It was with that in mind that at the age of 15, she used her birthday money, and money collected in yard sales she held that year, to purchase and collect 36 gifts to give to the women and children who would

  • The Annual Pajama Factory Holiday Market is Back Scheduled for December 2nd0

    Only a few weeks away, we are gearing up for our annual Pajama Factory Holiday Market, a Williamsport tradition that is continuing in a big way. This event promises to get you in the merriest of moods with an atmosphere full of both the holiday spirit and the most unique gifts. The event will take

  • The Only Five Shoes You Need0

    In the post-pandemic world we now live in, it’s safe to say that function and comfort have supplanted style and form in many ways — most particularly, for me, in the choice of footwear. I have given up the ghost on high heels, preferring flats and lug soles. Also, with the concerns over the environment

  • How to Become a Morning Person0

    I used to be an early riser as a kid and into my early teen years. Nowadays, my natural wake time is around 8:00 a.m. My soon-to-be-eight-year-old wakes up between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. every morning, so I’m trying to reclaim myself as an early riser. Here are a few tricks I’ve found to become

  • Spooky Halloween Happenings and Halloween Safety Tips0

    It’s that wonderful time of year in which those scary ghouls and goblins inhabit our midst. We at Webb Weekly thought we would give you a brief run-down on some of the creepy and ghoulish things happening in the area as well as some tips that will help make it a safer time for those

  • Leather Weather0

    So often folks refer to fall as sweater weather, and rightfully so, what with the dips in temperature and shorter days, who wouldn’t want to wrap up in cozy and comfy knitwear? However, another fabric to consider for this time of year is leather. Whether genuine or faux, leather has just as much of a

  • Fall Trends0

    Trends come and go, and with each new season, there’s a new “it” item, be it shoes, handbags, or even hem-lengths. And if you’re a fall fashion fan, as I am, you may be overwhelmed when trying to incorporate all of the exciting up-and-coming trends for the season. Usually, I find it best to pick

  • Fall Finds & Outfit Planning0

    I find with most things in life, it’s best to be prepared. But, for reasons seemingly beyond my control, I’m always shocked by how quickly the next to-do item, activity, event, project, season, or school year looms before me. With Labor Day fast approaching and autumn about to make itself known, I’ve finally started my

  • County Hall Corner: Bridges Bundled, Not Bungled0

    • August 23, 2023

    A major event in Pennsylvania happened last year that missed my attention. The Fern Hollow Bridge (also known as the Forbes Avenue Bridge) in Pittsburgh’s East End collapsed on January 28, 2022, injuring some ten individuals. President Biden was an eyewitness to this event. He commented on this last week as he stopped in Milwaukee

  • The College Bookbag0

    I recently retired the bookbag I’ve been using since 2016. She was a good one, but all of her zippers finally busted, and now I’m in search of a new daily bag that can hold my laptop, lunch, makeup pouch, umbrella, water bottle, books, notebook, and all of the various sundries I’ve been carrying around

  • The Roving Sportsman… Take Tick Awareness Seriously!0

    For anyone about to spend an increasing amount of time in the out of doors in the upcoming months, it is only a matter of time until you come in contact with ticks. Whether you are fishing at your favorite mountain stream, preseason scouting for this coming fall, or working on food plots according to

  • Spend a Weekend in Historic Muncy0

    The quaint and beautiful river town of Muncy once again is the setting for the Muncy Historical Society’s annual Quilt & Textile Show. Slated for July 14-15, visitors will have the opportunity to view antique, vintage, and modern quilts and woven textiles at the Show in the Celebration Centre and Living Water Cafe, at the

  • Travel Outfits0

    Now when you first think “travel outfit,” you may be thinking of what to pack, as in a vacation wardrobe. Sure, it’s preferable to spend time deliberating on the best summer dress for vacay cocktails or a new flattering swimsuit to wear on the beach because those are the fun parts, the reason for traveling

  • Mid-Summer Trends0

    Sometimes, it takes a minute to settle into the season and figure out its themes and trends. In my younger and more opinionated years, I’d have set up my style for the season ahead of schedule, but nowadays, I take a “wait and see” approach to seasonal aesthetics. With the summer solstice behind us, here’s

  • Celebrating the 4th!0

    By the time this reaches you, our nation’s 247th birthday celebration will be in the books, and attention focused ahead on the July vacation season. Whatever you may have chosen to mark the occasion, hopefully, it was done safely with a day filled with fun, food, and family. Harking back on my long-ago childhood days,

  • Camp Style0

    With Memorial Day behind us, all signs are pointing toward the lazy days of summer. Or, at least nostalgia for those carefree days summer always promised us as kids. Truth is, summer can be a very hectic time, and work does not stop for most grown-ups. However, the idea of summer camp makes me long

  • The American Marten

    The American Marten0

    The Pennsylvania Game Commission is currently exploring the idea of returning one of the last extirpated native mammals back to its native landscape in the Pennsylvania wilds. In recent years another mammal, the fisher, was reintroduced and with great success. I have personally seen fishers on several occasions, and I have talked with others who

  • Sunshine, Flowers, and a Happy Mother’s Day0

    As I walked out my back door last Friday all was right with the world. The birds were singing and in the distance; you could finally hear a turkey gobbling, announcing his presence. It was the first morning in a long time my 4-legged son Finn wasn’t soaking wet after returning from his visit to

  • Three Ways Parents Can Encourage Social Emotional Learning in Children

    Three Ways Parents Can Encourage Social Emotional Learning in Children0

    Most parents would agree the quality of their children’s education plays a key role in their overall development. While parents are optimistic about the future of education, they also recognize children have educational needs beyond what is considered the standard. A Harris Poll survey on behalf of KinderCare found 83% of parents believe it’s important

  • Family Easter Outfits0

    Spring is here, and it is almost time for the Easter Bunny to come hopping down the lane. Many of us have childhood memories of getting new church clothes for Easter. Whether they were brand new, hand-me-downs, or homemade, Easter was a time for a bit of springtime finery to be put on display. Now

  • Addressing Your Children’s Challenging Behaviors

    Addressing Your Children’s Challenging Behaviors0

    Many parents of young children face behavioral concerns like children not listening, throwing tantrums, biting and more. While every situation is unique, parents can rest assured they aren’t alone and these behaviors aren’t atypical. “As young children grow and develop, behavioral challenges are to be expected,” said Dr. Lauren Starnes, senior vice president and chief

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day0

    “Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig ort!” — in other words, “May the blessing of St. Patrick’s Day be on you.” I am not Irish. Not even a little bit. According to 23andMe, I am Italian and German. Leaning heavily towards the Italian. But there’s nothing wrong with finding the Irish spirit and having some St. Patrick’s

  • Rainy Day Style0

    Even for those of us that are meticulous forecast checkers, sometimes you wake up, and it’s unexpectedly raining, throwing all of the potential outfit ideas you had the night before out the window, and are now being drenched. While wet weather can be a downer, it doesn’t mean your look has to follow suit. Here

  • Small Renovations That can Make a Big Impact

    Small Renovations That can Make a Big Impact0

    Home renovations provide a host of benefits. Such projects can increase resale value and improve on the safety, aesthetics and functionality of a home. Some homeowners may employ the mantra “go big or go home” when they embark on home improvements, thinking that only the largest renovations produce noticeable change. But that’s not the case.

  • Six Strategies to Get More Organized

    Six Strategies to Get More Organized0

    When the new year arrives, many people focus on changes that can be implemented in the months of come. This time of year is a popular one to make resolutions to clean and organize homes and offices. There are plenty of things that can use a little organizational attention. There’s no ideal way to get

  • Goodbye Lycoming Mall0

    I can’t believe the mall doesn’t exist anymore. It’s so sad. I have so many wonderful memories there throughout my lifetime. Growing up, weekends were about going to the mall. I remember Dad and Mom taking us to Pizza Hut for dinner, then going to JCPenney to get my brother Luke and me new sneakers.

  • Lazy Looks0

    There comes a point in every season, especially in late winter, when the mere thought of getting dressed is exhausting. For those of us who enjoy clothes and putting together outfits, there sometimes comes a point when the sartorial inspiration runs dry, and even one’s most tried-and-true looks fall short. Fortunately, lazy dressing is having

  • UPMC Therapist: Relationships and Your Health0

    Positive relationships with family members, friends, and your community are beneficial to your overall health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that social connectedness promotes making healthy choices plus the ability to cope with anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma. Your Social Check-Up Just as you gain a better understanding of your physical

  • How to Store Clothing0

    As the great closet clean-out of 2023 commences, I find that I’m putting items aside not for donation or re-sell but instead for storage. Not just seasonal storage but long-term storage — things that I’m not ready to give up but don’t foresee wearing for years to come. In fact, I’m hoping to save pieces

  • Winter Closet Clean Out0

    There was a point toward the end of last year when a twinge of anxiety would hit me every time I looked at my closet. Now that we are fully into the new year, a closet clean-out is at the top of my winter to-do list. Of course, it’s not a simple task by any

  • One Day of Remembrance Isn’t Enough0

    The International Holocaust Remembrance Day has already passed on Fri., Jan. 27, 2023. This date marks the liberation of the Auschwitz Concentration camp. Auschwitz was only one of many Concentration Camps used in the systematic murder of 6 million Jewish people. It is hard to comprehend or put into words the sheer scale of the

  • UPMC Expert: Avoiding Common Winter-Related Injuries0

    With shorter days and unpredictable weather, the winter months can be particularly hard on our bodies. Ice and snow, harsh temperatures, and physical strain, particularly heavy lifting, are all part of the northeastern winter experience. Though many people may prefer to stay inside and wait for the outdoor activities until spring, getting some fresh winter


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