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  • A Golden Surprise0

    Even the more casual viewers of sports, especially at the college and professional levels, have noticed the increasing amount of ‘bling’ hanging around the necks of players. Following South Williamsport’s football team’s win over Muncy for the District IV Class A championship, the Mountaineers trainer, Chelsey Rieppel, was kidded about the added hardware she is

  • Cillo Breaks PA Deadlift Record – Again!

    Cillo Breaks PA Deadlift Record – Again!0

    Well, it happened again, sort of. Local legend Tom Cillo, strongman, supervisor of Williamsport Streets and Parks, and all-around nice guy, broke the PA State Deadlift Record again. Tom and I go way back to our training and powerlifting days at the YMCA and my gym, MAX Fitness, so when I heard he came out

  • Thanksgiving Day Across America

    Thanksgiving Day Across America0

    I wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and blessed Thanksgiving. Before we fly right through Thanksgiving into the Christmas season, please make sure you take the time to re  ect and give a heartfelt thanks for all your blessings. Explain to the children what Thanksgiving is all about. Give God and his son, Jesus Christ, some

  • Sports Turkey Talking0

    Thanksgiving is the time of year when families gather far and near It’s been a tradition since 1620 that includes a feast of plenty, There’re many hugs for those we hold dear and football teams for which to cheer, Pause and reflect those memories great, enjoy the day, and celebrate! If your family’s Thanksgiving is

  • The Addition. 96.75% Done.0

    I have mentioned before that my father and I are building an addition. It has been several months since my last update. No. I am not slacking. We are still making progress. 96.75% done. I am still doing my best to chronicle the entire experience. Oh my, folks. There is never a dull moment. My

  • Avoid the Thanksgiving Food Coma

    Avoid the Thanksgiving Food Coma0

    Every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, Americans gather friends and family to sit down for an hour-long feast. That’s right, Thanksgiving dinner. A ready-made excuse to put on your stretchy pants, eat and drink to excess, watch football, and eventually pass out into what many people call a “food coma.” Food coma, or

  • Montoursville Junior High Football0

    Goes Undefeated The Montoursville junior high football team (7th & 8th Grades) finished its season undefeated with a 9-0 record. It is only the second undefeated junior high team in Montoursville history. The other undefeated team was in 1966 and they only played six games. Montoursville swept through nine tough opponents consisting of Hughesville, Lewisburg,

  • Grandfather Talking0

    If you are a country music fan, most likely at one time or another, you have heard the song “I Wanna Talk About Me.” It was a 2001 Toby Keith hit that reached number one on the charts. Its lyrics detailed the relationship of a man dating a woman who constantly wanted to talk about

  • Logan and Me

    Logan and Me0

    Paul McGinn and I have been good friends for a very long time. We coached hoops together, and we called a few games with WEBBWEEKLYLIVE. Paul is a great dude, and he is always around. We don’t see much of each other nowadays as we focus more on our sons. Thankfully, our boys still look

  • Lycoming Fall Golf0

    Yes. I am back at Lycoming as the Head Golf Coach. This is my second stint with the Warriors after a five-year hiatus. I was with the team from 2001 to 2016. I got out of the business and stepped away because of a midlife crisis. I retired from hoops two years ago. It left

  • Babe Ruth and His All-Stars Appeared in Williamsport 100 Years Ago This Week0

    The year 1923 was a big year for professional baseball in Williamsport. In that year, the Williamsport team became a charter member of the newly formed New York-Pennsylvania League, later to become the Eastern League. Williamsport fielded a very good team in the new league that year and captured the league’s first championship. The team

  • Clark & the Hawkeyes0

    It was a bit early for Halloween, but as I flicked by the channels, remote in hand, I thought my eyes must have been deceiving me. Amid a Sunday full of NFL football, soccer, motor cross, drag racing, tennis, cornhole, pickle ball, and even a rodeo available on the TV screen, the Big Ten channel


    I struggle when it comes to difficult questions. Sometimes, it is better not to ask. I continue to support and think of Coach Tom Gravish and his Jersey Shore Bulldogs. They have handled every curveball with class. It is hard to even comprehend. Words cannot describe how proud I am of this 2023 squad. I

  • FOOTballer


    I am extremely thankful for ALL of my part-time gigs. It gives me an opportunity to come in contact with so many great kids. Whether it’s coaching, broadcasting, or scribing a note — I have made many friends. This week’s column features a young man that I have watched grow. I am close to his

  • The Five Failures0

    If you’ve been around the church for any length of time, then you’ve likely experienced church conflict or scandal. For those of us in the church world, it’s always difficult to reconcile the various troubles that churches experience. So often, we have thought, “How can Christians treat each other like that?” and “Shouldn’t we be

  • Heads Up0

    In a scoreless PSAC soccer match between rivals Lock Haven and Bloomsburg, the Lady Huskies were on the attack. From the wing, a strong kick made its way toward a Bloom teammate streaking toward the goal. As a Lock Haven defender closed in, the kick-pass missed its intended target, striking the LHU player squarely in

  • Meeting By Chance

    Meeting By Chance0

    From our 45-yard line seats six rows from the top of massive AT&T Stadium, we were among the 80,000 Cowboy faithful reveling in the proceedings below. “America’s Team” was in the process of grounding the invading New York Jets in the team’s home opener in an impressive Micah Parsons-led dominant performance. While white Cowboy rally

  • Painting Pictures

    Painting Pictures0

    Disclaimer. We are a weekly publication. My articles are submitted on Friday mornings. I do my best to hit these extended deadlines. The paper is usually done and everything is ready to be sent to the printers. My lovely editor is often waiting for Sporting Matters by Jamie Spencer. I will occasionally leave her hanging.

  • Prime Time ‘Neon’ Deion Sanders and Me0

    One of the sensations of the current college football season has been the performance of the Colorado Buffalos team, which has had several poor seasons lately. This year, they have jumped out to a 3-0 start. Their head coach is the flamboyant Deion Sanders, who may have been one of the best and most versatile

  • #4


    There are often a lot of jokes to be made about living in a small town. Some ‘big city folk’ think there is nothing to be said for living in a small town. I disagree. Community. Community is to be said for a small town. Support for the people you live with, even if you

  • Fall is in the Air

    Fall is in the Air0

    Deep breath. Ahhhhhh, the “ber” months! Here all over again. My favorite four months of the year! The crispness of the air will soon be with us. We will need to bundle up in a warm sweater or hoodie in the early mornings. Leaves will begin to change. Bright colors will paint our county in

  • No Words. #4.

    No Words. #4.0

    Jersey Shore is a close-knit community. She always was. The area residents have responded when they found out. The Engle family needed some major love. Much has been done to praise Senior Bulldog Max. The support is overwhelming. Many other area school districts have also stepped up. I loved seeing all of the tributes and

  • An Honor Bestowed0

    As stadium monikers go Lycoming College’s Robert L. Shangraw Athletic Complex, Person Field, Coach Frank Girardi Stadium is quite a mouthful. But the latest name to be honored at its Union Avenue address was added before the beloved coach’s family, friends, and a few hundred of his former players during pre-game ceremonies at the Warriors’

  • Two Decades of Helping You Find the Guy0

    As most of you who read my column regularly know — I love to use musical references and lyrics occasionally. As we have quietly been celebrating our 20th year of publishing the Webb Weekly, The Steve Miller Band seemed to hit it right on the nose with the words — time keeps on slipping, slipping,

  • Tradition0

    If there were such a thing as a sports dictionary, future editions might list the definition of tradition as ‘a past observance of athletic competition carried on by players, teams and community entities with much anticipation, interest, and fervor.’ As we drove home from Gettysburg on September’s first Saturday after watching grandson Tucker play his

  • Coming Home0

    Williamsport’s Treyson Potts has attended many PSU games. He was a huge fan as a kid. Yes. Potts has many ties to State College. Several in his family went to State. He always wanted to play for the Nittany Lions. The dynamic running back was on their radar. But a few knee injuries during his

  • Never Forget0

    “Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11.” – President Barack Obama Monday will mark the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks on the US. After you enjoy your weekend with friends,

  • Girardi Stadium

    Girardi Stadium0

    Coach Frank Girardi is a legend. My man changed the landscape. There aren’t enough words to describe him. The honors and praises keep coming. Lycoming College will honor Girardi once again this weekend. They will officially rename the stadium after the Hall of Fame coach during the football team’s home opener on Saturday, September 9th.

  • Four Selected to Receive 2023 Distinguished Alumni Awards0

    The Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation (WASDEF) has named four Williamsport Area High School alumni who will receive its 2023 Distinguished Alumni awards. The following individuals have been notified of their selection and have been invited to accept their award at WASDEF’s first Cherry & White Appreciation Night on Sept. 21 at the Trachte

  • Kickoff Cravings: Win your tailgate with MVP-level appetizers0

    Before the end zone dances and sideline celebrations, settling in for a winning game day experience starts with delicious foods. Whether your football parties take place at home, in the backyard or right outside the stadium, kicking it off with savory appetizers can get the crowd on its feet. Keep your game plan simple this

  • 5 Fun Facts About the Month of September0

    • Fun
    • August 30, 2023

    September marks a return to the norm for millions of households. School is back in session, summer vacation season has ended and fall begins. Routines take shape and life once again becomes more structured in September. As that transition takes place, individuals can consider these fun facts about the month of September. 1. Though Latin

  • That’s a Wrap on0

    Little League and Summer Vacation The Little League World Series is winding down and we are closing in on the end of summer. Kids will be heading back to school and this Friday will bring us the first Friday night football games. As all the tiny humans head back to school, remember to be careful

  • Simple Recipes0

    As summer is slowly coming to an end, we take a deep breath for what is about to come. As the leaves start to change, so will most of our lives. Kids go back to school, after-school activities like football and dance are back, and then the holidays quickly approach after that. You all know


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