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  • How to Layer0

    Even with the recent bit of warmer weather, it’s still winter out there, and chances are you still need to be strategic when it comes to getting dressed for the elements. Mid-winter thaws are similar to late fall and early spring with their chilly morning temps, followed by temperate afternoon highs. Much like transitional seasons,

  • The WATCH Project0

    Submitted by Karla Procopio CSIU Workforce Outreach Specialist Nothing should get in the way of someone wanting to fulfill his or her dream of pursuing a career in healthcare. Enter the Work Attributes Toward Careers in Health (WATCH) Project, a grant program that supports its participants as they enter or advance along a healthcare career

  • Gazette and Bulletin February 9, 1933 Working for Williamsport0

    Compiled by Lou Hunsinger Jr. Attendance of a meeting of the membership committee of the Chamber of Commerce is one of the best ways of seeing the rapid strides the local organization is making. At the meeting yesterday, 15 substantial businessmen of the community spent two hours of their time in the middle of the

  • The Roving Sportsman: Creating a Management Plan0

    Most people would agree that if you are serious about accomplishing a goal, you need a plan. This becomes even more critical when you are looking at a complex set of goals and time and money may be limited. Such just might be the case if you are a landowner, member of a hunting club

  • Breaking the Barrier0

    Running an errand from Loyalsock into Montoursville on a cold, snow-covered afternoon, a moving, jumping object caught the corner of my eye. It was a stray deer trying (in vain) to jump a roadway fence and get onto the bike path. Try as she might, she couldn’t scale it by trying to leap it. So

  • Mifflinburg’s Tanner Stoltzfus Joins Elusive 1,000-Point Club0

    It was the middle of the first quarter at Ron “CI” Insinger gymnasium, and the crowd and players could tell something special was brewing. Mifflinburg’s Tanner Stoltzfus was closing in on 1,000 career points, which has widely become the mark of a truly impactful player at the high school level. Stoltzfus crossed the plateau with

  • Prejudice Always Hurts0

    The word prejudice simply means to pre-judge. When we pass judgment on someone before we know anything about him or her, we are guilty of prejudice. I grew up in a very prejudiced environment — and then I became a victim of my own prejudice. Let me tell you about it. When I was about

  • Heart of Williamsport to Show Film That Highlights Williamsport’s Good Points0

    Despite the doom and gloom that people seem to focus on, much is good about the Williamsport area and its people. These positives will be highlighted in a film made by the Heart of Williamsport that will be presented on Friday, February 9 at the Community Arts Center. From the Heart of Williamsport” is a

  • Some Game Commission Updates0

    We are at that time of the year when most of our hunting is over; sure we can still chase rabbits and squirrels until the end of February and, of course, coyotes can be had anytime. Last week, I even spotted a distant field with a bunch of goose decoys spread over a large area.

  • Roads to Freedom Helping Those With Disabilities0

    Roads To Freedom offers information and services to people with disabilities. As a non-profit, and the area’s disability nucleus, it all begins with a phone call. By calling us, you will learn of the various options available to your unique needs and will be provided with guidance and referrals to remain independent in your home


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