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  • Beyond the Dugout0

    Imagine, if you will, that you have a skill that has attracted the attention of an international employer. You are recruited, accept the job, and soon find yourself in a foreign land where you know no one, can’t speak the language, are unfamiliar with the local customs, and face everyday challenges ordering food. Welcome to

  • Defining Your Personal Style0

    Personal style can be quite an abstract concept. It can take many forms, and evolve over the course of one’s lifetime. For myself, my personal style has had at least a dozen iterations over the past 20-25 years, from wearing vintage 70’s polyester printed shirts with ripped jeans and combat boots every day of my

  • An Epic Trip0

    A good friend and I recently enjoyed a long float down the Sock. It was a last minute decision that was actually coordinated by our lovely brides. We simply wanted to get away and do some fishing from our kayaks. It was a beautiful afternoon in North Central PA, but we didn’t have the slightest

  • Guess Who I Bumped Into?

    Guess Who I Bumped Into?2

    In the late 1960s and into the mid-1970s, the Hurst Corporation (based in Pennsylvania) heavily promoted its line of speed parts, accessories and limited edition cars (usually Oldsmobiles) in a manner most males could appreciate: showgirls! Linda (Miss Hurst Shifter) Vaughn was the best known of the bunch. Blonde and buxom, and blessed with a

  • Hayden’s Heart, Inc. to Host Sixth Annual Golf Tournament0

    Hayden’s Heart Sixth Annual Golf Outing will be held Friday, July 27 at White Deer Golf Course, Montgomery, to raise funds for Timothy Wooldridge and family from Bellevue, PA. Less than a year old, Timothy is currently waiting for a heart transplant after being diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). The golf tournament is

  • Gazette and Bulletin: July 26, 1935 – New Factory Assured as Group Acts0

    Following the action taken yesterday afternoon in the Lycoming Hotel by the general membership of the Committee of 100 in approving their trustees’ work of the past month and a half, all negotiations, with the exception of the completion of the contracts, for the acquisition of the Carey-McFall Company, of Philadelphia, manufacturers of automobile blinds,

  • Honoring Basketball Friendships0

    My world was rocked over the past six months by having to say goodbye to two good “basketball friends” whose friendship was forged in and through the love of “the game.” I speak, very fondly, of Ron ‘Lefty’ Travis who passed in December of 2017 and more recently Ed ‘Eddie’ Lewellyn who passed in July.

  • Happy Camper0

    The kids are away at camp this week, which might explain the glorious silence in our home. The week BEFORE camp, however, qualified as pandemonium. There were monumental outbursts over the issue of procrastination, and epic battles over the sovereignty of the laundry room. We argued about what to pack and when we should leave,

  • Thanks for the West End Memories0

    Congratulations to Jim and Bonnie Winder, and to all that have made West End Babe Ruth baseball a fixture in our community for 75 seasons! I can’t even imagine the hours the husband and wife duo have put into the league for teenage ballplayers over the decades. West End Baseball has been very instrumental in

  • Summer Reading List0

    July is almost over, and before you know it, the Little League World Series will be here and kids will be heading back to school. Before they head back, help get them prepped by giving them something to read. Listen, I know, it’s summer and that means pools and bikes and creeks and campfires. But


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