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  • Happy New Year!0

    This is always one of my favorite weeks of the year at Webb Weekly. Not only because I get to stretch my legs (and word count) on page 2, but because of WHY. Though he wouldn’t want me to tell you, throughout the year Jimmy does a lot for our community. Be it through charities,

  • Ode to Roger

    Ode to Roger0

    Coach and I go way back. I first met him when my family and I moved to town. I wouldn’t say that we are super tight, but he has always been someone I could count on. Coach and I worked both worked in the Athletic Department. I was only part-time and coached different sports, but

  • Fish Real Estate Makes Donation

    Fish Real Estate Makes Donation0

    Fish Real Estate, Williamsport and Lock Haven donated over $2,500 worth of gifts and grocery gift cards to local families and senior citizens in need this holiday season. Fish Real Estate in Williamsport utilized the nonprofit organization Favors Forward to facilitate this process in Williamsport and The Salvation Army in Lock Haven. In the photo

  • How to Face Your Surgery Fears to Get the Care You Need0

    No one likes to hear “you need surgery,” but sometimes medicine and lifestyle changes just aren’t enough to fix the problem. It is only natural to be a little anxious when you find out you need to have surgery. Learn how to face and overcome your fear of surgery quickly to ensure you get the

  • Where Do They All Go?0

    Every year, right about this time, Mother Nature takes care of all of her creatures as they prepare to weather through the upcoming winter months. It is pretty amazing the way some of these birds, animals and insects prepare for and adjust their daily routines in order to make it through the freezing temperatures that

  • Celebrate Safely This New Year’s Eve0

    New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate. But for hundreds of people each year, the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day proves fatal. According to fatality data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over the last five years an average of 300 people died in drunk driving fatalities between Christmas and New

  • Interesting to Amazing Making a Manger by Tom, son of Ann and Sam0

    When I was in school, all the boys took wood shop in 9th grade. Projects were small: bookends, birdhouses, footstools, towel racks and the like. In fifth grade, other students started asking me what my older brother was building in the wood shop. As he and I never spoke at home or school, I didn’t

  • A Day-After Greeting0

    On the day after Christmas all through the land Folks were as busy as a one-man band Jolly Santa had been there the night before But now things were being brought back to the store But wait, alas that might not be true A new way of shopping did ensue Instead of the stores where

  • Finding Your Way0

    On occasion we outdoor types are occasionally faced with the task of navigating some unknown terrain. My son Brian recently returned from an elk-hunting trip to Colorado; a vast wilderness area he had never before traversed. I wasn’t concerned because he had map-reading skills and he knew how to read a compass. His hunting trip

  • Gazette and Bulletin: December 26, 1918 – Many Saw the Lighted Tree0

    Williamsport’s community Christmas tree celebration Tuesday evening was a great success in spite of the inclement weather. The tree had been repaired and rebuilt; it is now one of the most symmetrical the city has had and the lighting is so perfectly placed that the illumination is splendidly balanced and the effect beautiful. In spite

  • Christmas Toys and Living Water0

    Every year there seems to be a must-have Christmas present that everyone is trying to buy. I did a little search and came across a list of the top Christmas gifts going all the way back to the 1920s! Along with the list, I have added a little commentary of my own. While still enjoying

  • Create a Fire Safety Plan0

    Fire safety protocol gives people the ability to get out of a building promptly and safely in the event of a fire. Fires are unpredictable and can cause devastating loss of life and property. The U.S. Fire Administration states that, in 2017, there were 1,319,500 reported fires that resulted in 3,400 deaths and 14,670 injuries

  • This Year’s LION: The Wonder Wife – Debbie Stout

    This Year’s LION: The Wonder Wife – Debbie Stout0

    The Leaders in Our Neighborhood articles have not been as frequent in 2018 as in previous years, largely because of increased responsibilities in other areas (see “County Hall Corner”), but I felt a year-end feature was called for. And in keeping with the end of year mood, it seemed appropriate to announce my choice for

  • How to Dress Up if you Hate Dressing Up0

    Unless you’re a total humbug of a Grinch, chances are you’re going to at least one holiday celebration where you’ll have to dress up. But what if you’re more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal? How do you dress up when you’re averse to sequins, heels, and form-fitting frocks? Here are a few

  • PPL Helps Distribute Food

    PPL Helps Distribute Food0

    PPL employees from the Montoursville Service Center volunteered time to help distribute food to families at the Salvation Army in Williamsport. The Salvation Army serves families in need with their annual Christmas food box including nonperishables, fruit and a frozen turkey or chicken. The Salvation Army also distributes toys from the Marines’ Toys For Tots

  • New Year’s Traditions Around the World0

    Each December 31st, people anxiously await and count down to the arrival of the new year. January 1 often is a time for reflection and for making future plans. It also is a holiday full of tradition. Notable New Year’s traditions include toasting champagne beneath skies lit up by fireworks, kissing one’s sweetheart at midnight

  • County Hall Corner: Year End Awards0

    This is my First Annual County Hall Corner Award presentation. In 2018, 52 articles covered many areas of county government, and as I reviewed them, I came up with four categories of awards. First is the MOST FUN AWARD for the article that was the most personally enjoyable for me to research and write. There

  • Potts Overcomes Injury to Sign With the University of Minnesota

    Potts Overcomes Injury to Sign With the University of Minnesota0

    A small group of students, parents, and coaches gathered inside Williamsport High School’s library for a letter of intent signing that would change lives for the better. Treyson Potts sat at a table with Williamsport’s school logo on a wall behind him, his mother Georgia to his right and his father Jerome at his left

  • Simple Ways to Look and Feel Your Best0

    At the dawn of a new year, many people resolve to reach for new heights. On the path to personal growth or improvement, one may find that making a few adjustments can greatly increase confidence and satisfaction. The adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” can inspire people to look beyond the outer shell

  • A Christmas Blessing and Story…

    A Christmas Blessing and Story…0

    If you know John, you can’t help but love him. He has been a true blessing to our community for decades. I thank him for sharing his Christmas card and message for this glorious season with us. It began with the simple cry of a baby … And grew into a shout of good news


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