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  • Five Fall Foods for Health0

    Fall is known for many great things. From Halloween and hay rides to Thanksgiving dinners with all of the trimmings. But did you know that the seasonal produce that we have come to associate with fall is packed with nutrients and is some of the healthiest food we can get regardless of the season? As

  • How Blood Type Can Affect Your Health

    How Blood Type Can Affect Your Health0

    Most people do not give much thought to the blood running through their veins. However, it may pay to learn more about blood type, as it can affect your overall health in a variety of ways. What is blood type? The American Red Cross says there are four main blood types, which are determined by

  • Jeffrey Allen Federowicz0

    By Steph Nordstrom I was so sorry to hear about the passing of Webb Weekly writer Jeff Federowicz. Jeff had been a longtime writer with us, and he will be missed. Jeff had a quirky sense of humor that you could definitely see when you read his stories. He had written for us for well

  • UPMC Clinician: Surprising Facts About Organ Donation0

    Making the decision to become an organ donor is an important one. Every person that says yes to organ donation gives hope to the tens of thousands of people waiting for organ, eye, and tissue donations. Many people have misconceptions about organ and tissue donation, which can discourage them from registering as organ donors. Each

  • Keeping Pets Safe in the Garden0

    If you have pets that enjoy spending time outdoors, it’s important to make sure your yard is a safe place for them to be. Consider these hazards that can negatively impact the well-being of your furry friends. Poisonous Plants – Some common plants can be dangerous for animals, causing anything from mild oral irritations and

  • UPMC Cardiologist: How Salt Intake Affects Your Heart0

    It’s likely that you indulge in a craving for salt from time to time. While listening to your body is important, it’s also valuable to monitor your intake of the substance due to its effects on your heart health. A good portion of salt is made up of the mineral sodium. According to the Centers