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  • Makeup for Mature Skin Part 10

    I’ve been wearing daily makeup since I was 15, but the beauty routine I had as a teenager is far different from my current regimen at 43. As we age, our skincare practices have to change to address different concerns, from acne to clogged pores to fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a natural progression as

  • Winter Skin Care Hacks0

    The weather outside is frightful, and while that fire may be delightful, it’s also probably drying out your skin. With the stress of the holidays, the drop in the mercury, and the exhaustion of modern life, winter provides us with a whole new set of skincare challenges. FUN! With the cold weather and central heating

  • Allergy Skincare0

    Just like the way wardrobes cycle through seasons, so do allergies. The worst months for allergy sufferers are typically March through July with pollen, but the fall also has allergy challenges with ragweed and mold. Along with the standard symptoms of sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose, and cough, allergies can also dramatically impact your skin.

  • Six Secrets for Your Best Complexion0

    Beauty trends, like fashion trends, tend to be cyclic, waning in and out, then resurging every few years. For the past several years, beauty trended toward the multi-step, multi-product, maximalist approach. You may have heard of the 10-step Korean Skincare Systems or having a variety of single-use products for specific parts of the face. Well,

  • Minimalist Makeup0

    Beauty trends come and go, but accentuating your authentic, natural features, aka looking like your best self, never goes out of style — which is precisely where minimalist makeup comes in. Minimalist makeup is a mix of skincare, no-makeup makeup, as well as using fewer products in a smarter way. Think skin-perfecting tinted moisturizers, foolproof

  • Skin Barrier Guide0

    From my journey through skincare and beauty, I’ve come to realize that good skin health is all about a robust skin barrier. The skin barrier is the outermost part of the epidermis, acting like a wall with skin cells as bricks and mortar of essential nutrients like cholesterol, ceramides, and fatty acids. Our skin barrier

  • Spring Scents0

    As with clothing and skincare, fragrance is also seasonal, maybe even more so when you start to think about it. You have your obvious scents, like pine and cinnamon for Christmas, florals for spring, and sandalwood for summer. Scents can come in many forms — perfume, oil, beauty products, candles, flowers, baking, etc. There are

  • Undereye0

    I recently experienced an allergic reaction to an eye shadow stick that left my eyelids red, raw, and flakey — which is just the look I want for upcoming holiday events. And for some reason, the irritation traveled around and under my eyes. Needless to say, that stick found its way to the trashcan posthaste,

  • Skincare Tweaks for Fall0

    After a relentlessly hot and muggy summer, who isn’t welcoming these cooler days of autumn with open arms? But with cozy evenings, sweaters, foliage, and pumpkins, fall can also bring a host of potential skin problems. The combination of chillier weather and central heating can make your skin dry, tight, and sensitive. The lotions and

  • Travel Beauty0

    No matter what type of trip I’m going on, the hardest part of packing for me is toiletries. You have your basic hygiene items like toothpaste, deodorant, and soap. No big deal. Once you get into skincare, hair products, and cosmetics, it can be tricky figuring out your beauty regime “on the road.” In general,

  • Body Serum0

    As seasons change and we think about the warmer weather to come, we also may be taking stock of our skin and skincare. From November through March, you may have lotioned up after every shower, slathered on the moisturizer before bed every night, or just taken care of your skin when it crossed your mind.

  • Stay Away From These Skincare Products

    Stay Away From These Skincare Products0

    Trying out new skincare products can be exciting, as well as trepidatious. There’s the hope of seeing the results that were promised, but for those of us who have been led astray in the past, there’s also the fear of wasting money on yet another lotion/potion that doesn’t deliver. There is also the unknown, even

  • Foundation0

    Few things are more infuriating to shop for than foundation. The wrong shade can read too light, or dark, or orangey. It can slip and slide, create annoying streaks, it can magnify shine, or exacerbate dryness, and you usually don’t figure out these defects until after you’ve paid for it and worn it for a

  • Good Sleep0

    In the past 20 or so months, you may have found that the notion of “a good night’s sleep” has radically shifted. Whether you’ve experienced erratic sleep schedules, restlessness, insomnia, or have found yourselves ruminating on things like health anxieties, finances, family, and an ever-mounting to-do list, chances are your sleep could use some improvement

  • UPMC Dermatologist: Fall Into Healthy Skin0

    We all know to take extra care of our skin during the summer months when we’re outside and the sun is shining, but did you know that your skin needs just as much protection in fall and year-round? When we transition from summer to fall here in northcentral Pa., it is normal to have hot

  • Williamsport Native Takes Miss Pennsylvania USA

    Williamsport Native Takes Miss Pennsylvania USA0

    Some people might shy away from the spotlight, but not Williamsport native, Sydney Robertson. She recently took the title of Miss Pennsylvania USA and will be competing on the national stage for the Miss USA crown, which will be held on November 29th in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Paradise Cove Theater in the River Spirit

  • Why Men Need to Moisturize0

    Have you ever had a good pair of leather shoes? Have you ever gone a few months (or years) without conditioning or polishing them as you continue to wear them every day? How did they look? Well, consider your skin like leather. If skin is not taken care of over time, cracks, deep crevices, and

  • How to Exfoliate Your Face0

    As the seasons change, so, too, should skincare routines. Once the weather reaches warmer temperatures in the summer months, most people will experience a shift in their skin — from extensive dehydration or dry patches to excessive amounts of oils caused by sweat. There are countless reasons for this, ranging from the added humidity in

  • Taking Better Care0

    Last weekend I celebrated my birthday. We won’t discuss how old I turned but suffice it to say it was a milestone and a reminder that taking better care of my health needs to become a bigger priority. So, I am officially on a mission of better health. Now is the time for more exercise,

  • Eye Cream vs. Eye Serum0

    When it comes to your everyday skincare routine, you probably have your go-to products down pat. However, as we roll into the colder, dryer, and darker days of winter, it may be a good time to check in on the easily overlooked skin of the under eye. For those of us lacking in a regime

  • Fall and Winter Skincare Tips0

    • November 25, 2020

    As summer transitions to fall, many changes take place. In addition to changing landscapes, men and women may need to adapt their health and wellness habits to ensure that they stay healthy and happy. Part of that daily regimen includes how to care for skin as the seasons change. Just as skin requires certain protection

  • Quarantine Skincare Routine0

    Personal appearance is just that, personal. With all the personal time we’ve had on our hands during the pandemic, we may be rethinking what appearance means when no one is there to see us. Of course, as salons and gyms have now re-opened, you may be starting to feel and look like your pre-quarantine self.

  • Put Your Best Home Facial Face Forward0

    Facials can bring about the best in your skin and help treat various conditions. Few things beat the pampering of a professional facial spa treatment — a luxury that many men and women afford themselves when possible. However, lately people have had to look elsewhere for popular beauty services. Data from the Simmons National Consumer

  • How To Clean Makeup Brushes0

    These days we are all (or at least should be) taking extra cleaning precautions, wiping down door handles and sanitizing frequently touched services. In the midst of your amped up cleaning, now is a good time to address your makeup brushes. I recently organized my cosmetics and took inventory of my makeup accessories, because what

  • Self-Care During Covid-190

    The term “self-care” has been a buzz word in the beauty, lifestyle, and wellness industries for quite some time. It may have seemed frivolous or indulgent in the past, but during these times of stress and crisis, self-care is needed now more than ever. Self-care does not have to be elaborate or expensive; it can

  • Self-Quarantine Beauty Tips

    Self-Quarantine Beauty Tips0

    Wouldn’t you know it, one of my goals for March was to schedule a hair appointment and get my nails done to celebrate the start of Spring. Then schools closed, working from home became mandatory, and non-essential businesses, like salons, shut down. I saw this meme on social media that read “Feels like we’re 3-4

  • Spring Beauty0

    The trees are budding, the birds are chirping, and the sun is shining, so yes, it’s safe to say spring is here! What I love about this season, besides the obvious warmer weather and being outside more, is that it is a great time to reassess your beauty routines and freshen up your face, hair,

  • Skincare In Your 40s0

    Last year was my 20th high school reunion, so you can imagine how old I am. But, thanks to eating right, exercising, drinking water, and taking care of my skin, I don’t necessarily look like I’m closer to 40 than I am 30. Skincare is not one-size-fits-all. With seasonal changes, hormonal shifts, pollutants, sun exposure,

  • Winter Foundation Tips0

    No matter what that groundhog said, it’s still winter with freezing temps, snow, slush, chapped lips, and flaky skin. And while everyone agrees that human hibernation is a great idea, it’s unlikely to take hold, so we still must get up each morning and face the day. The key word here is “face” and, more

  • Before Bed Skin Care0

    Life can be so hectic. By the time you get home from work, make dinner, clean up from dinner, and wrangle children into the bath, then bed, the last thing you want to do is a multi-step nightly skincare routine. Once you finally have a minute to yourself, it’s easy just to grab a makeup

  • Healthy Habits for Great Skin0

    The majority of people are not born with naturally flawless skin and even those that are still need to put in a bit of work to maintain their complexions. Whether you have a 10-step skincare routine or you’re just interested in improving on your daily maintenance, here are a few tips and tricks for healthy

  • Hair for Every Age0

    I’m a big advocate for skincare for the sake of both a better appearance and for overall health. However, when it comes to looking your best, an area that may need some attention is north of your face. Yes, the shape, style, and color of your hair can make a huge difference when it comes

  • Is Micellar Water Worth the Health and Beauty Hype?

    Is Micellar Water Worth the Health and Beauty Hype?0

    Micellar water is an increasingly popular beauty trend that many are touting as a potential replacement for cleaning and moisturizing supplies. Those who are unfamiliar with micellar water may wonder how it can revamp their wellness routines. Chemistry at the root of micelles The story behind micellar water begins with a cursory lesson in chemistry.


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