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Makeup for Mature Skin – Part 2

In part 1, we explored different types and brands of foundation for mature and aging skin. Here in part 2, we’ll run through how best to apply and wear makeup on the over-40 face for a natural and glowing finish.

To make foundation look natural, start with a thin layer of makeup and build it up as you need. But before you begin applying makeup, what’s more important is layering skincare products underneath foundation to help it look fresh. You’ll benefit from the right moisturizer, primer, and glow-boosting serum to prep the skin and create a solid canvas for makeup to sit on top without looking cakey or clinging to dry areas or wrinkles.

Prep is not limited to products applied before makeup; it also involves weekly skincare. Exfoliating every 2-to-3 days removes dead skin and keeps your complexion looking smooth and youthful.

It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I started using a primer before applying makeup, and I wish I had started sooner. Primer can be ideal for anyone dealing with texture concerns, such as enlarged pores, uneven areas, active acne, or acne scars.

Primer works with any age skin but is especially impactful on older skin to hydrate and plump the face. Blurring primer, in particular, works to ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Laura Mericer’s Pure Canvas Primer is a silicone-free blurring formula that absorbs excess oil to give makeup a soft-focus effect. Thrive Cosmetic’s Filter Effect Blurring Primer helps smooth skin and makes foundation long-lasting throughout the day. I’ve not used Thrive’s primer, however I love their mascara and eye brightener.

Speaking of eyes, if you regularly apply shadows, eyeliner, etc., then also consider an eye primer. Thrive has you covered with their Eye Lift 360 waterproof formula for smudge-proof eye makeup. I’ve already added this to my virtual cart.

There is a wide variety of dewy-inducing products to consider for skin preparation, from standard moisturizers to specialty serums. The newest addition to my pre-makeup routine is Glossier’s Futuredew oil serum hybrid. This formula boasts plant-based extracts and nourishing oils, keeping my foundation in play and non-cakey. Another product that’s got some recent buzz is Cosrx’s Snail Mucin Repairing Essence serum. Yep, you read right, “snail mucin” in other words snail secretion filtrate, which is the slime that snails produce while moving. Am I above slathering my face in snail slime? No, I am not, especially if it gets the job done!

Whether you use oils, lotions, serums, or snails as layered skincare, you can add one final bit of hydration by spritzing your foundation brushes or sponges with a facial mist. This will help the foundation glide on your skin and blend seamlessly. I use Grace & Stella’s Spray All Day rose facial mist, both as a prep directly on my skin as well as my makeup wedges. I’d also recommend Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with aloe, cucumber, and green tea. They make mini sizes, which are handy when traveling.

For actual application, depending on the foundation type, using her fingertips or a damp beauty sponge is your best bet for the smoothest finish. You can even spray fingers with a facial mist as you would for other applicators. Once your foundation is blended, you can go in with a concealer for under the eyes, bonus points if you used an eye primer, then bronzer, blush, and eye shadow if you want to rock a full face of makeup. If you’re looking for a no-makeup makeup look, then just shape your brows, add a tiny bit of color on the cheeks, then a moisturized lip.

Lastly, skip the setting powder. This can be hard after years of matte finish, but powder tends to create cakey patches and dry out the skin. To combat unintended shine, consider blotting papers or dabbing with tissues. If you truly can’t put the powder down, then lightly brush a translucent powder, like Bare Mineral’s Veil Setting Powder, or better yet, Setting Powder with SPF 25, across the T-zone of your face. If you start to feel dry throughout the day, dab on a light cream to rehydrate. I always have a small jar of Nivea’s soft moisturizing crème in my bag for hydrating touchups.

Of course, if you’re at an age where you feel like you no longer need or want to wear makeup of any kind, then kudos to you; you probably get more sleep than me.

But even if you forgo cosmetics, mature skin still needs love and care. So please moisturize, SPF, and exfoliate even if you leave the foundation on the shelf.