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  • Body Serum0

    As seasons change and we think about the warmer weather to come, we also may be taking stock of our skin and skincare. From November through March, you may have lotioned up after every shower, slathered on the moisturizer before bed every night, or just taken care of your skin when it crossed your mind.

  • Stay Away From These Skincare Products

    Stay Away From These Skincare Products0

    Trying out new skincare products can be exciting, as well as trepidatious. There’s the hope of seeing the results that were promised, but for those of us who have been led astray in the past, there’s also the fear of wasting money on yet another lotion/potion that doesn’t deliver. There is also the unknown, even

  • Foundation0

    Few things are more infuriating to shop for than foundation. The wrong shade can read too light, or dark, or orangey. It can slip and slide, create annoying streaks, it can magnify shine, or exacerbate dryness, and you usually don’t figure out these defects until after you’ve paid for it and worn it for a

  • Good Sleep0

    In the past 20 or so months, you may have found that the notion of “a good night’s sleep” has radically shifted. Whether you’ve experienced erratic sleep schedules, restlessness, insomnia, or have found yourselves ruminating on things like health anxieties, finances, family, and an ever-mounting to-do list, chances are your sleep could use some improvement

  • UPMC Dermatologist: Fall Into Healthy Skin0

    We all know to take extra care of our skin during the summer months when we’re outside and the sun is shining, but did you know that your skin needs just as much protection in fall and year-round? When we transition from summer to fall here in northcentral Pa., it is normal to have hot

  • Williamsport Native Takes Miss Pennsylvania USA

    Williamsport Native Takes Miss Pennsylvania USA0

    Some people might shy away from the spotlight, but not Williamsport native, Sydney Robertson. She recently took the title of Miss Pennsylvania USA and will be competing on the national stage for the Miss USA crown, which will be held on November 29th in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Paradise Cove Theater in the River Spirit