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Healthy Habits for Great Skin

The majority of people are not born with naturally flawless skin and even those that are still need to put in a bit of work to maintain their complexions. Whether you have a 10-step skincare routine or you’re just interested in improving on your daily maintenance, here are a few tips and tricks for healthy skin habits.

First, start your day off with a glass of water. Your skin and body tend to dehydrate overnight as you sleep. While it may be tempting to reach for a cup of joe to get your day started, coffee will further dehydrate your skin, leaving your complexion looking dull and dry. So, try to get in 8 ounces of H2O before coffee. This will also help prep your skin for makeup application.

Next, keep your phone clean. Bacteria live on everything and anything that touches your face, including your hands, cell phone, and sunglasses. These bacteria can end up causing major breakouts, so hopefully, you already wash your hands regularly. Extend that practice to your accessories and devices. Keep a pack of antibacterial wipes handy to clean off your phone and glasses at least once a week.

Another good once-a-week habit is the weekly facemask. Sheet masks, clay masks, and exfoliating masks can reboot your complexion and are cheaper than full-on facials. You can tailor this treatment to meet your needs week-by-week. One week go with a hydrating sheet mask, the next try a pore-refining charcoal mask. Have fun with it! I like to apply masks after an evening shower and relax with a good book before bed to let all the skin-enhancing ingredients soak in.

Speaking of bedtime, be sure to remove your makeup before hitting the hay. Ideally, you would wash your face no matter what time you get in for the night, but after an evening out, spending another 5-10 minutes at the sink may seem like too much of a chore. However, sleeping with your makeup on can lead to premature wrinkles, breakouts, blackheads, and enlarged pores. With that in mind, at the very least use makeup wipes to remove the worst of it and be sure to exfoliate the following morning.

Actually, you should exfoliate every day. Dead skin cells accumulate daily, and the buildup can leave skin looking dull. Daily exfoliation not only sloughs off dry skin but can also stimulate collagen production to firm the face and keep it bright and plump. Be careful not to overdo on the harsh scrubs. Look for gentle cleansers that exfoliate without drying your skin.

Lastly, wear sunscreen, even on gray days. Everyone should wear SPF 30 or higher to protect their skin from UV rays. This becomes even more important as you age in order to prevent fine lines and dark spots. Of course, not everyone should wear the same kind of sunscreen. I make sure to get fragrance-free lotion for my toddler, a heavy-duty cream for my husband, and for myself, I have a sunblock for below-the-neck and a daily moisturizer with SPF for my face.

While you may not have naturally perfect skin, by incorporating these healthy habits into your skincare routine, you’ll be a step closer into making people think you do. Plus, these tips and tricks will enhance the beauty products and cosmetics you’re already utilizing.

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