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Spring Beauty

The trees are budding, the birds are chirping, and the sun is shining, so yes, it’s safe to say spring is here! What I love about this season, besides the obvious warmer weather and being outside more, is that it is a great time to reassess your beauty routines and freshen up your face, hair, and nails. Think of it as part of your spring cleaning. However, instead of an overwhelming chore, spring beauty is more like a treat.

First, just as you switch out clothes with the change of season, you should also swap winter beauty products for spring/summer versions. Ideally, you’ll be just about out of those thick face creams and granular cleansers you’ve used for winter skincare. Next time you need to restock your medicine cabinet, go for a lighter moisturizer (with SPF) and a gel-based face wash that will protect your skin from increased sun exposure, without weighing it down as the temperature and humidity rise.

Now is also a good time to re-examine your daily makeup. In winter, we tend to apply a heavier foundation, and wear deeper colors, think brown shadow and red lipstick. For spring, consider switching out your standard face for more seasonally appropriate shades like a pastel-based shadow palette and clear gloss, again with SPF to protect your lips from stronger UV rays during the warmer months. Depending on your skin type, you may want to switch out your liquid base-layer for a powder foundation.

Once you have your springtime beauty products and cosmetics sorted, consider giving your skin an added boost of nourishment with a facial treatment. To make the most of a facial, do a bit of research to pinpoint your specific skincare needs. Then, when you set up an appointment with an esthetician, you know what to ask for, and more importantly, what to avoid. Not all facials are created equal and, while extractions are great for acne-prone skin, they can cause irritations in older skin. Also, be gentle with your face the week of your appointment. The day before a facial or a microdermabrasion is not the day to give yourself an at-home pore-clarifying mask or try a new retinol serum.

After months of hiding under knit hats, your hair is ready to fly free this spring. Now is the perfect time to freshen up your color and pamper your locks. I’ve been dying my own hair at home for decades, but every so often I’ll go to the salon for a keratin treatment and color re-set. A good colorist will be able to examine your roots, make recommendations based on how your hair type takes dye, and properly distribute color for a natural tone. If you want a more drastic follicle re-fresh, consider going for a shorter cut this coming season. Shorter hair in summer can be quite liberating.

Lastly, nails. Spring is the start of pedicure season as sandals, flip-flops, and open-toed shoes replace the boots of winter. While most of us can get away with doing our nails at home, for the beginning of spring I like to get my nails done by a professional and go with a bolder polish that I wouldn’t necessarily do on my own. This year, a big nail trend for both hands and feet are pops of glitter over a neutral nail. Of course, you can’t go wrong with pastel polish for spring. To shake things up, try alternating different pastel colors of the same hue on different nails.

The arrival of spring overall can be very energizing regardless of your face cream or hair color. But if you really want to “spring ahead” and take on the season with a fresh start, consider updating your beauty routine and getting some professional TLC for your hair, nails, and skin after the long winter.

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