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  • Lay Like Broccoli…0

    Depending on when you get your paper, Halloween is officially behind us, or about to be. That means we now have a little bit of time to just be before the holiday season begins. I know that all the stores would have you believe that the holidays are right on top of us, but let’s

  • Annual Lycoming County Veterans Day Parade Takes Place Saturday, November 4th

    Annual Lycoming County Veterans Day Parade Takes Place Saturday, November 4th0

    The people of Lycoming County and throughout this “Land of the Free” owe a lot to the military veterans who have served this country in peace and in war. In a bid to show appreciation to our local veterans, the annual Lycoming County Veterans Day Parade will be held this Saturday, November 4, stepping off

  • The Five Failures of Us – Overcoming Division0

    Note: This is the third article in a series called Overcoming the Five Failures of Us. Previous articles are always available at Division isn’t a Christian thing; it’s a human thing. The recent COVID pandemic is a prime example of division fueled by sharply differing beliefs about the truth. The same is true for

  • Clark & the Hawkeyes0

    It was a bit early for Halloween, but as I flicked by the channels, remote in hand, I thought my eyes must have been deceiving me. Amid a Sunday full of NFL football, soccer, motor cross, drag racing, tennis, cornhole, pickle ball, and even a rodeo available on the TV screen, the Big Ten channel

  • The Devil’s Working Overtime0

    Before I get to the pure evil being witnessed around the world, I want to pick up where I left off last week — the complete debacle regarding the ousting of Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. I think it’s important to note that both locally elected United States representatives, Republicans Glenn “GT” Thompson and

  • Decorating Homes for Halloween

    Decorating Homes for Halloween0

    Drive through a suburban neighborhood in October and it’s likely you will find yards filled with inflatable witches, animatronic grim reapers and makeshift graveyards bearing witty sayings on tombstone and bony hands reaching out from the soil. Decorating for Halloween has become big business, with consumers spending a collective $10.6 billion in this category in

  • Allergy Skincare0

    Just like the way wardrobes cycle through seasons, so do allergies. The worst months for allergy sufferers are typically March through July with pollen, but the fall also has allergy challenges with ragweed and mold. Along with the standard symptoms of sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose, and cough, allergies can also dramatically impact your skin.

  • County Hall Corner: As the World Turns…0

    My plan for this column was that throughout October, there would be only columns dealing with Lycoming County candidates in the November election. I purposely planned it that way so that voters would be informed about the candidates on the ballot. But, I want to make an interruption in this plan because the state of

  • Immunization Guidelines for Newborns to 15 months0

    New parents have a lot on their plate. The birth of a child is a special time in the lives of a family. Shortly after the birth of a child, new parents learn how significant a role their child’s pediatrician plays in the early months of the youngster’s life. New parents rely on pediatricians to

  • The Five Failures0

    If you’ve been around the church for any length of time, then you’ve likely experienced church conflict or scandal. For those of us in the church world, it’s always difficult to reconcile the various troubles that churches experience. So often, we have thought, “How can Christians treat each other like that?” and “Shouldn’t we be

  • Finality of 1620

    It was a private ceremony without any witnesses. In the approaching twilight of October’s first day, the annual ritual was carried out with the solemn resolve that the MLB season had concluded in much the same manner as recent seasons. As an ardent and all too often suffering fan of the Boston Red Sox and

  • Local Man Advocates for People with Disabilities0

    On September 21st, Christ Westbrook, from Williamsport, testified in front of the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging on the topic of accessibility of government technology for people with disabilities, older adults, and veterans. Westbrook is an accessibility engineer for Allyant, who also happens to be blind. “I look at websites and write up

  • UPMC Expert: Restore Your Pelvic Floor0

    Are you nervous to sneeze or laugh too hard? Have you stopped running, jumping, or other certain physical movements because you fear leaking? You are not alone. Urinary incontinence affects about 50% of adult women and up to 10% of adult men, with percentages increasing with age. Other symptoms of pelvic floor disorders including bladder

  • Narcotics, Murders, Asylums & Salt: More Weird Word Origins0

    Last week’s “Weird Words” tried to show that the unlikely field of etymology (word origins) is a lot more interesting than it sounds. I mentioned, for example, that “goodbye” is a contraction of “God be with you,” and that “galaxy” has the Greek base “lact,” meaning milk — indicating the cloudy appearance of those starry

  • Prime Time ‘Neon’ Deion Sanders and Me0

    One of the sensations of the current college football season has been the performance of the Colorado Buffalos team, which has had several poor seasons lately. This year, they have jumped out to a 3-0 start. Their head coach is the flamboyant Deion Sanders, who may have been one of the best and most versatile

  • Pennsylvania Fall Hunting Opportunities0

    The ever-shortening days and the cooler temperatures are clear indicators that we have finally entered the fall season. With that come the various hunting opportunities within our state. Sure, many hunters daydream about hearing a bull elk bugle across a mountain meadow in the Rocky Mountains or pursuing big game in the great state of


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