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Fellow Americans, during this difficult time we will continue to serve the citizens of the West Branch Valley and our local business community to the very best of our ability. There has never been a more important time to buy locally and support the area’s economy. We are all in this together. God-bless America.

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  • Thanks, Praise and Reality0

    A heartfelt thank you and Webb Weekly salute to all the Veterans that have honored America with their service. You have exemplified one of the greatest qualities a person can have, selflessness. You have defended our freedom, protected our homeland and provided a helping hand at home and around the world when called upon. Whether

  • A Wolf, The Golden Goose and Our Future0

    So much to talk about, so little time. It’s hard to believe two years have passed since my Father left us. Thanks to all for sharing stories, kind words and memories of my Dad. James A. Webb Sr. was one of a kind. I am humbled to be compared to him as a writer. I

  • Tough Times Require Tough Decision Making0

    Former President Jimmy Carter is even speaking out against President Barack Hussein Obama’s lack of leadership and his delay on taking immediate action against ISIS. The former president knows a thing or two about what it takes to have a bad presidential effort and how problems in the Middle East contribute to this. He is

  • Ribbons, Ammo and Truth0

    The beauty of autumn can be found throughout this wonderful place we call home. The different shades of yellow, red and orange that adorn the trees and paint an October backdrop. The pumpkins, cornstalks and wreaths that provide contrast and welcome you into area homes and businesses. The perfectly groomed green of your favorite teams

  • A Matter of National Security0

    President Barack Hussein Obama. Before he even began his candidacy, allegations arose over his qualifications to become president. Smoke swirled over his citizenship, religion and where he attended school. Shocking too many was his reluctance to produce a birth certificate, school records and address the naysayers. If he would’ve been a Republican candidate the media

  • Remembrance and Vigilance0

    Thirteen years have passed since the World Trade Center defined the New York City skyline along with the Empire State building. They made the “city that never sleeps” silhouette the most famous in the world. You couldn’t help but get excited as you headed into the city and saw the modern day marvel of the

  • Food for Thought0

    There is so much going on around the world to talk about, unfortunately none of it is good news. ISIS, Hamas, Syria, Gaza, Iran, Iraq, could the Middle East be any more of a mess? There is no reasoning with any radical Islamic group, or country, or both in the case of Syria. So there

  • What is fact and the truth is under attack in our great nation.0

    What is fact and the truth is under attack in our great nation. The instant media coverage, everyone having a cell phone to stream video and opinion, and the assumption that what we are being told by the media and government is investigated fact and in reality is just opinion. This adds up to the

  • Political Fertilizer0

    As I watch, listen and read the nonsense that comes out of the mouths of our elected officials it is hard to take. They basically take the position the American people are ignorant and the media will buy almost anything. When they do get called out on the fertilizer they spew, they either just talk

  • The Israeli Nation and Deportation0

    As I observe what is going on in the Middle East it’s mind-boggling that our President and his staff, many mainstream media people and the liberal left find any way possible to criticize Israel for defending itself. I understand the tragic circumstances involving the school and how Hamas and the aforementioned use it as a

  • There is a Right Way and a Wrong Way0

    It was an early morning a week or so ago as I sat in the breakfast area of a Vineland New Jersey hotel sipping on my coffee. The area became alive with young soccer players grabbing a quick bite before heading out for that dreaded 8:00 AM game. Jimmy and I were there for baseball.

  • A Baseball Life By Jim Webb Jr.0

    It was my honor to pen this for the Coaches/Seniors vs. Cancer All Star Game Program held May 24th at Historic Bowman Field. Loyalsock Manager Jeremy Eck goes about his business like it is just another game, another season, another chapter in his baseball life. But it is not. His mom, Brenda, has been battling

  • Summer has arrived.0

    Summer has arrived. School is out, Drive safely and watch out for the young ones. I would have thought by now Mayor Gabriel Campana would have realized the importance of basketball to the community. My article last week, “So Long Sech”, was about how through Dave Sechler’s efforts so many folks from so many walks

  • Community Involvement and Politics As Usual0

    TEAM WILLIAMSPORT. I’m sure you have all heard of them by now. How could such a positive idea for taking the streets of Williamsport back from the heroin dealers and problems that follow them, create so much controversy? “Heroin houses”, unsafe neighborhoods and a spike in related criminal activity, it’s time to fight or time

  • Youth of Today0

    It was the end of the workday and I was rushing around to get up to Jersey Shore for a middle school hoops game. Pick up Michelle; hit the MAC machine for a quick sixty, so she doesn’t have to buy her own ticket. Ahead of schedule, we ran through the drive-thru at Burger King

  • Santa’s Midnight Run0

    I’m not a shopper. Every holiday season I wait until the last minute and then hit the stores looking for that special gift to make Christmas morning memorable. It was much easier when Jimmy and Hunter were younger, but as they get older it becomes more difficult and expensive to find that present with a

  • The First Family of Basketball0

    I first met head Loyalsock basketball coach Ron Insinger in the late seventies. South Side Head Coach Doug Houseknecht and his assistant Steve Manning were my sixth grade teachers. They asked my good friend Chris Sullivan and I to be ‘ball boys’ for the varsity and JV teams. It was a tough choice – stay

  • My Three Rules0

    The basketball and wrestling seasons are upon us. There will be many great games and matches played at every level all the way down to the youngest athletes, who are kindergarten age, participating in elementary programs or Bower League. I am a big believer in children participating at whatever age they are ready. Not when

  • The basketball and wrestling seasons are upon us.0

    The basketball and wrestling seasons are upon us. There will be many great games and matches played at every level all the way down to the youngest athletes, who are kindergarten age, participating in elementary programs or Bower League. I am a big believer in children participating at whatever age they are ready. Not when

  • A Thanksgiving Tail0

    Dad and I would get together early Thanksgiving morning and have coffee. He made his java so strong you could stand a pitchfork in it. I remember asking him, “Hey Dad, should I drink this or stain the deck with it.” He would laugh and say, “It is not strong. I only used 2 or


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