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  • Lil’ City Big Dreams Flag Football Program Helps Mentor Youth0

    While there are numerous youth sports programs, many operate on a ‘pay-for-play’ basis, often excluding underprivileged and underserved youth. This is where ‘Lil’ City Big City Flag Football’, a unique nonprofit sports program, steps in. It’s not just about sports, it’s about providing opportunities to those who might not otherwise have them. “Lil’ City Big

  • Mid-Summer Trends0

    As summer labors on, you may find yourself in need of a warm-weather wardrobe refresher. Those sundresses and wide-leg pants that felt so fresh and cool in May now may be waning a bit on the style front. If you’re looking to revamp your summer style, here are a few of-the-minute trends to boost your

  • County Hall Corner: Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind0

    In my entire life of following political matters, I do not believe I have ever seen a period of time where federal, state, and local government entities each encountered historical events at the same time. At the federal level, it has been in two areas: the presidential race and Supreme Court decisions. In state government,

  • Horoscopes0

    ARIES – Mar 21–Apr 20 After some time, a difficult situation is beginning to settle down, Aries. Enjoy this well-earned peace and consider how a new perspective can help going forward. TAURUS – Apr 21–May 21 Taurus, a new plan can be just what you need to make notable progress. Finding a mentor or someone

  • Pauley


    My family and I just got back from Southern California. It was a short trip to see my rents in West Hollywood. My folks moved out six years ago. They help raise my two beautiful young nephews. Los Angeles is a very busy place. Gorgeous people and fancy cars are everywhere. All walks of life.

  • Local Shooting Competition0

    As we outdoor enthusiasts move into the hot mid-summer days, we may still be doing some fishing, but it’s not likely that shooting a rifle is high on our list of activities. Sure, as we move into the fall months, the deer rifles come out, and we head for the target range to make sure

  • Muncy Fourth Friday Activities This Friday, June 280

    Family-friendly activities, food and craft vendors, musical entertainment of various kinds, and good fellowship are all hallmarks of Muncy’s “Fourth Friday” activities, which take place monthly at the Today Farm, the former Tom Styer’s farm in Muncy. Ann Baker was one of the organizers and has been involved with the event since it began 15

  • Library to Host Summer Learning Kickoff Event With Special Surprises0

    The James V. Brown Library, 19 E. Fourth St., will kick off the 2024 Summer Learning Program with special activities from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, June 15. The Library’s Summer Learning Program is an opportunity to keep children engaged in reading and learning over the summer, whether at home or in the Library.

  • Rise Up Village Bakery Serves Community0

    You hear a lot about second chances and how rare they actually are, especially for individuals who have spent time in prison. To compound this problem, recidivism rates are high, as many people who serve their time quickly relapse into the type of behavior that landed them in prison in the first place. This is

  • Warrior Run High School Home Of This Year’s Girls State Champion 3200 Relay Team0

    Natalie Hall, Raygan Lust, Sienna Dunkleberger, and Claire Dufrene. These names will forever be etched in the history of Warrior Run High School sports. They achieved a feat that no other female track team has ever accomplished at Warrior Run school — winning a state track and field title. Their winning time of 9:25:2, breaking

  • Derby0

    Hats off to my friends at the Lycoming Creek Anglers. I give them a lot of credit. These guys and gals make our fishing experiences much more splendid. This spring has been fantastic. Yes. We battled some rain and high waters, but I am still ecstatic. I snuck out for several casts the past few

  • Indy Fever0

    Memorial Day is one of those holidays that ‘gets to me.’ Coming from a family with a military background and reflecting upon my own time in the service makes this well-deserved time of remembrance something I find very moving. But as the calendar evoked last week’s annual tribute, my reflections about the military became shared

  • Local Strongman Wins Pagoda City Showdown

    Local Strongman Wins Pagoda City Showdown0

    On May 18th, local strongman Adam Grimes competed at the Pagoda City Showdown in Reading. The competition had a total of 71 competitors amongst all divisions, making it the biggest competition in PA this year. Grimes competed in the Men’s Super Heavyweight division, which has the heaviest events and lifts of the show, and was

  • County Hall Corner: Emergency Excellence in Action0

    My father was a fireman for over fifty years, and some of my earliest memories was waking up in the middle of the night hearing the extremely LOUD klaxon alarm that alerted the local firemen that a fire was in progress. If it was nearby, I would even sneak out of the house to watch

  • Peanuts, Popcorn, and Lumberjacked Cream Ale0

    Well, baseball fans, it’s the most wonderful time of the year at Journey Bank Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field. The Williamsport Crosscutters will be throwing out the first pitch of their 26th season. Wow, how time flies by when you’re enjoying those peanuts, popcorn, and Cracker Jacks at one of the best baseball venues in

  • Summer Hair Health0

    Lately, it seems like there’s no good season for hair. Winter is full of static and dries it out, and the dampness of spring can cause frizz. Summer sun gives color a beating, while autumn can bring about hair loss and shedding. As we head into another hair-damaging season, here’s a rundown of some ways

  • This Week’s LION: Joe Hamm is Our Man0

    Note: This is the fourth article in a series recognizing ten people who have impacted our community and are great role models. Here is a trivia question you can spring on your friends. In the recent Pennsylvania primary, what Republican received the most votes for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives? By the title of this


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