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  • Electric Eels and Platypuses in the Susquehanna!0

    So, I recently told you all I had lots of stories to tell you that happened over our ten-day vacation at the river. I told you two so far over the past two weeks. These next few things happened when we were at the river over the Fourth and were so good that I just

  • The Roving Sportsman… The Lunker of the Lower Deschutes0

    The Deschutes River is located in central Oregon and is a major tributary of the Columbia River. The Deschutes provided an important route to and from the Columbia for Native Americans for thousands of years and then, in the 19th century, was used by pioneers on the Oregon Trail. The river flows mostly through rugged

  • Mid-Summer Trout Fishing0

    Let’s be honest: trout fishing has gone by the wayside by this time of the summer. Take a look around. How many trout fishermen do you see crowding the banks of a local trout stream? Almost none. Most bait and lure fishermen have pretty much given up on trout by the end of June, but

  • Water Temperatures and Trout

    Water Temperatures and Trout0

    I used to be a fan of summer, but I don’t do well in the heat. I am a big guy who tends to sweat, and I no longer wear gray tees. Temperatures are now in the 90s. It’s miserable. The humidity is what kills me. I prefer to stay home. I am not a

  • Let’s Go Hunting0

    After looking at the title of this piece, some of you probably think I’m a little mixed up right now; it’s fishing season, and hunting seasons are still a couple of months away. Basically, that’s true, but there is one critter that offers prime hunting opportunities throughout the summer months, and that’s the common groundhog

  • Stay Hydrated0

    It has been what can only be described as disrespectfully hot outside. And you know what? Normally I don’t mind, but the humidity being at 1,053% is making it unbearable (and not doing my curly hair any favors). Since it’s eleventy billion degrees, but also in prime time for outside summer fun, it’s important that

  • 152nd Lycoming County Fair Takes Place July 12-July 220

    For more than 150 years, the Lycoming County Fair has been provided a fun event for people of Lycoming County and nearby areas. It has — and continues — to feature various types of entertainment, and highlights through displays, the agricultural bounty of this county. This always highly anticipated event is at hand again and

  • Rose Valley Lake

    Rose Valley Lake0

    Ian Andrews and I have been friends for a long time. He is a good dude, and we both love to fish. Ian grew up on Rose Valley Lake, and that is where he currently resides. We don’t see each other much, but we follow one another online. Thrilled my bud is back using the

  • Celebrating the 4th!0

    By the time this reaches you, our nation’s 247th birthday celebration will be in the books, and attention focused ahead on the July vacation season. Whatever you may have chosen to mark the occasion, hopefully, it was done safely with a day filled with fun, food, and family. Harking back on my long-ago childhood days,

  • Bronzebacks0

    Teach and Jensen were at the beach. School is out for the summer, and they needed a break. I stayed behind to watch the dog. No worries, kids. I got to fish. No need to travel as we are super spoiled. I do 95% of my fishing right here in Lycoming County. Some of my

  • Fishing — Getting the “Feel” Of It0

    Have you ever wondered why it seems that some fishermen are the lucky ones and always manage to catch their share of fish? I suppose, at times, luck may play a role, but to be consistently good at taking fish, a lot more than luck is required. Let’s try to simplify things a bit; to

  • Smallmouth Bass Tactics0

    Last week we focused our efforts on catching largemouth bass, but this week, we’re going to delve into catching smallmouth bass. There’s no question about it, a lot of the same lures and techniques will work for catching both species of bass, but there are also some different approaches that may work better for taking

  • The Member Guest Circuit

    The Member Guest Circuit0

    I was recently asked to tee it up in a few tournaments. I used to love golf, but now it’s totally different. Yes. I am back to coaching at my alma mater. I am enjoying my interactions with the Lycoming College Warriors. But I don’t play much. It’s cool. I don’t miss it. I seriously

  • In Pursuit of Bass0

    Pennsylvania’s bass season is about to get into full swing; from April 8 to June 9, it is catch and immediate release only, but after that, you can keep four per day. I personally don’t keep any bass, but I sure do like catching them on lakes, ponds, and in rivers, and streams. Pennsylvania has

  • The Game of Memory

    The Game of Memory0

    It’s funny how you see or hear something, and it takes you back to something you hadn’t thought about in years. Today my son Tyler was getting ready to go fishing at the river. It’s hot, and the sun is bright. I packed him some snacks in my lunch box and made sure he had

  • The Amish Runner0

    My full-time gig is with Susquehanna Marble and Granite. Yes. There is never a dull moment. I have been with the company for seven seasons. I am not the strongest guy, and these rocks are super heavy. I tend to break stuff, and my fellow work chums say I am a liability. I was banned

  • The Roving Sportsman… A Few Ideas for Father’s Day0

    On Sunday, June 18, Father’s Day will be upon us, and it is the one unique day annually that we can show our Dad, our Pop, our Father how special we really think he is. Fortunately, with a little over a week to go, there is plenty of time for shopping and planning to make

  • Annual Morris Rattlesnake Round-Up Takes Place This Weekend, June 10 and 110

    Rattlesnakes bring a vision of fear and dread in the eyes of many, maybe because they are a venomous woodland viper. However, for the Morris Fire Company, they have a very useful and important function. They are used by the fire company in their annual Rattlesnake Round-Up as a means to raise much-needed funds for

  • Make the Most of a Day at the Lake

    Make the Most of a Day at the Lake0

    Water becomes the center of attention when the temperature climbs because of the cooling relief it can provide. Making a day of splashing through sprinklers, swimming laps in a pool or horsing around with friends at a waterpark is part of the summertime experience. Even though most people equate summer fun with ocean escapes, those

  • The Remembrance of Heroism Through Sacrifice

    The Remembrance of Heroism Through Sacrifice0

    As we kick off the summer season with Memorial Day, please take the time to think about how very blessed we are to call our great Nation home. There will be so much going on wherever you look — from picnics and family get-togethers to graduation parties to folks taking advantage of the long weekend

  • Social Connection is Critical to Wellbeing0

    It is estimated that social isolation and loneliness in seniors account for an additional $6.7 billion spent in Medicare costs each year, mainly due to longer hospital and nursing facility stays. For people still working, missed work due to stress-related loneliness accounts for approximately $154 billion in the U.S. annually. With figures this high, you

  • The Chain Pickerel0

    For many years one of my favorite fishing forays was to head off to the Saint Lawrence River with some friends to fish for northern pike. We would fish from the break of day until sunset, and our goal was to see how many pike we could catch and release over three or four days

  • May – A Good Time to Hit the Trout Streams0

    Well, trout season is well underway, and hopefully, some of those crowded conditions that occur in those opening days are pretty well past. Certainly, those first few weeks in April can be very productive, but so can the weeks that follow, especially through the month of May. Now, I realize that there are many methods

  • The Roving Sportsman… Still Chasing Longbeards?0

    As I write this, the 2023 Spring Gobbler season is less than a week old, and, as usual, a variety of reports have been coming in – everything from “I haven’t seen or heard a gobbler yet,” to hunters who have been working gobblers every morning they have been out. One hunter reported calling in

  • The Wacky Worm

    The Wacky Worm0

    So, what’s a wacky worm? Well, it’s a soft rubber or plastic worm made, for the most part, for bass fishing. Artificial worms have been around for a long time, but fishermen are constantly coming up with new ways of rigging plastic worms and other soft plastics, and the wacky worm is a good example.

  • Consolidated Sportsmen of Muncy Creeks To Hold Kids’ Trout Derby Sunday, May 7

    Consolidated Sportsmen of Muncy Creeks To Hold Kids’ Trout Derby Sunday, May 70

    Lycoming County is blessed with numerous fine streams that can yield various types of fish — particularly trout. In a bid to help get children interested in the bounty of these area waterways, the Consolidated Sportsmen of Muncy Creeks have, for about the past 25 years, conducted an annual “Kids’ Trout Derby” in a stream

  • Sipping Stockies

    Sipping Stockies0

    When you spend as much time on the water as I do, you always catch a few. And while some days are certainly better than others. You occasionally have those fantastic experiences. These little episodes are extremely rare. I can count them with my fingers. This past Thursday, I was on Lycoming. I parked my

  • Spring Activities for Families to Enjoy Together

    Spring Activities for Families to Enjoy Together0

    Spring is one of the most popular seasons of the year. After several months of chilly temperatures in many regions, spring provides a welcome reprieve from the cold. Moderate temperatures makes it much more comfortable and inviting to venture outdoors, particularly for families with children who might not adapt to the cold as well as

  • Humble Pie0

    This past Easter Sunday provided the Lowery clan with a most enjoyable get-together, the first such group opportunity since Christmas. The downstate trip included great conversation and catch-up, a tasty spread, and some backyard cornhole competition. Sprinkled in was a vast array of tempting cakes, pies, and sweet treat desserts. Not on the menu was

  • 2023 ‘Clinton County Landmarks’ Puzzle Announced ‘Capture the Covered Bridge’ Photo Contest will determine image on Puzzle

    2023 ‘Clinton County Landmarks’ Puzzle Announced ‘Capture the Covered Bridge’ Photo Contest will determine image on Puzzle0

    The Covered Bridge at Logan Mills will be the subject of the 2023 puzzle, the second in the Clinton County Visitors Bureau’s annual ‘Clinton County Landmarks’ puzzle series. The Visitors Bureau, part of the Clinton County Economic Partnership, is now accepting pre-orders for the puzzle, and, as was the case for last year’s inaugural puzzle

  • Pennsylvania’s Trout0

    Trout season is now well underway in our state, and a good number of anglers are pursuing a variety of trout species in lakes and streams. When it comes to trout fishing in Pennsylvania, the most commonly caught trout will be rainbows, browns, and brookies, and for good reason — they are the ones most

  • Masters0

    Many of the hackers from all over the globe just tuned in for the very first major of the year. I don’t know about you, but I find myself completely glued to the television the first weekend in April. Instead of fishing or drywalling — I usually lock myself in the basement with a loaf

  • A “Crappy” Day0

    After looking at the title of this article, you’re probably thinking I’m about to tell you all about a lousy day I had last week — not, so; I’m actually talking about a crappie day and, more specifically, the business of catching crappies. I know everybody is kind of hung up on catching trout right


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