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  • Spring Turkey Calling0

    April is an exhilarating month for the hunting and fishing crowd; we start the month with the opening of trout season, and at the end of the month, turkey hunting for gobblers is on the agenda. While I will enjoy the throbbing of a nice trout on my flyrod, you can bet I will also

  • Spring Is Here!0

    Spring is certainly a favorite season for many sportsmen. Cabin fever and the winter doldrums are finally behind us, we can finally get outside, and so many things are available to explore and enjoy. Foraging for wild edible plants can begin as the daily temperatures begin to rise, the snow has melted, and spring rains

  • Zach Lynn (left) and brother Josh with the Mifflinburg fishing team.

    Zach Lynn (left) and brother Josh with the Mifflinburg fishing team.0

    High School Fishing He’s felt the tension of playoff soccer. Enjoyed the 60-foot 6-inch challenge of trying to get a batter out. He’s experienced the excitement of sinking 3-pointers in raucous gymnasiums. But for South Williamsport senior Zach Lynn, it is the fourth sport he plays that gives him the most satisfaction. For many, the

  • Tight Lines

    Tight Lines0

    I’ve mentioned before that I am one of North Central PA’s biggest fans. It’s true. Seriously folks. What’s not to love about the 570? This place is just splendid. Our beautiful area is the perfect backdrop for an outdoor enthusiast like me. Yes. I absolutely dig everything about her, and I am still patiently waiting

  • Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!0

    “Double your pleasure, double your fun – with Double Mint, Double Mint, Double Mint Gum!” This popular jingle was used in years past to advertise a brand of gum that remains popular to this day. But be careful because if you remember this jingle, you may be giving away your age! But “Double your pleasure,

  • Do Bears Actually Hibernate?0

    I was talking with some friends the other day, and they mentioned that they might start putting out their birdfeeders a little earlier than usual, especially since the weather has been milder than normal. The thought of putting out bird feeders stuffed with sunflower seeds also brought up another topic — bears and birdfeeders. I