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Memorial Day is the day set aside to Remember with Gratitude & Pride

Memorial Day is the day that is set aside to remember with gratitude and pride all those who served and died for our country and our freedom. Read all about it in print and online, in your favorite family-oriented publication, The Webb Weekly! Direct-mailed to over 58,000 homes each week in Lycoming County, PA & published online at webbweekly.com! * PLUS, the Spring Home Improvement special edition is published and available for use! *

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  • The YWCA of Northcentral Pennsylvania Celebrates 125 Years of Service0

    The year was 1893. Grover Cleveland was President of the United States, Robert E. Pattison was Governor of Pennsylvania, and William G. Elliot was Mayor of Williamsport. The first college basketball game ever played was played on April 8 between Geneva College of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania and the YMCA team from nearby New Brighton. The

  • Uptown Music Collective Raises Money for Scholarships With Tribute to Southern Rock0

    • Arts
    • January 10, 2018

    On January 13, 2018, at 7:30 p.m., students, teachers, and alumni of the Uptown Music Collective, will take the stage of the Community Arts Center for one night only to pay tribute to the genre of music known as “southern rock” with their performance, Southbound. The performance will feature over 40 performers ripping through an exciting and

  • Brrrrr.0

    Y’all, I don’t know what the weather is like when you are reading this, but as of this writing — It. Is. Cold. It is downright frigid with temps in the single digits and wind chills in the negative doubles. Obviously, going outside a lot is not in the cards, so it’s time to find

  • Happy New Year!0

    So clearly I am not Jimmy. He will be back next week, but I stole his space to give him some credit that he would never think he deserves. Jimmy does a lot for the community and the people in the community and it goes mostly unrecognized, and I think everyone deserves a thank you

  • Webb Weekly Gem of the Week… Loyalsock’s Hunter Webb Signs His Letter of Intent to Attend the University of Connecticut

    Webb Weekly Gem of the Week… Loyalsock’s Hunter Webb Signs His Letter of Intent to Attend the University of Connecticut0

    The true measure of a person can be seen by the people they impact throughout life. As Hunter Webb signed his letter of intent to attend Connecticut University he was surrounded by friends, family, coaches, and teachers, who all wanted to share one of the biggest moments in his life. On Tuesday morning of last

  • Outdoors with Ken Hunter… Ice Fishing 1010

    With the hunting seasons winding down, it’s time to start concentrating on fishing again. A lot of people are probably saying fishing season is a long way off and fish don’t eat during those long, cold days when lakes are covered in a layer of ice, but nothing could be further from the truth. In

  • Montoursville Gold Flag Team League Co-Champions

    Montoursville Gold Flag Team League Co-Champions0

    The Montoursville Gold flag football team was co-cham.pions in the Flag Football League this past season with a 6-1 record. The league consists of two teams from Montoursville, Hughesville, South Williamsport, and Loyalsock. This is for players in kin.dergarten through second grade. Front Row: Hunter Harvey, Raylrn Rhone, Ethan Phillips, and Henry Reedy. Second Row:

  • The Jaded Eye … A Double Dip on Broad Street0

    The white, bent, rusted pole that held the “Tall Fox Novelties” sign remains close to the curb on Broad Street in Montoursville. But the orange, blue and white Rexall thermometer in the alley by the old store is long gone. Let me bring you some warm memories on a cold day. Maybe you frequented one

  • Sauerkraut – a ‘Tradition?’0

    Like so many other things in our daily lives, time seems to be racing by. For me, it doesn’t seem possible that this is the 52nd Webb Weekly column penned in the last year. Often at this time of the year, many publications and television shows are filled with those ‘look back’ features that reflect

  • This Week’s LION: Heather Wood – Family Healer

    This Week’s LION: Heather Wood – Family Healer0

    Social work is a profession that concerns itself with individuals, families, groups, and communities in an effort to enhance social functioning and overall well-being. That is a noble-sounding ideal, and it attracts idealistic young people with a strong moral purpose. Some years ago, a South Williamsport native by the name of Heather Wood was an

  • Fishing with Mike O’Brien… Quotes Of Angling Humor And Wisdom0

    “There is an old saying that one can never enter the same river twice. The river is always new; the man is forever changed.”- Mike Crockett and Grant McClintock, Flywater “It is the challenge of the fishing more than it is the catching of the fish.”- Joseph D. Bates, Jr., Atlantic Salmon Flies & Fishing

  • The Roving Sportsman… A Tale of Two “Pops”

    The Roving Sportsman… A Tale of Two “Pops”0

    This is a story of two grandfathers doing what grandfathers often do — stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run… The story really begins with the return of Army Staff Sergeant Shawn Somits (John’s son and Scott’s son-in-law) from his final tour of duty in the Middle East. Shawn was always an

  • Sporting Matters with Spence… More Pickelball0

    Happy Holidays sports fans. Cheers to your joyous celebrations and extra stuffed stockings. It’s the most excellent time of the year. Okay I admit, I am one of the worst shoppers of all time. I never know what to buy and always wait until the very last minute. I’ve ex.perienced many epic failures and tend

  • Christmas Spirit0

    Merry Christmas from my family and all of us at Webb Weekly to you and yours. What an absolutely fantastic time of year. The way the calendar falls this year, our publication hopefully is in your mailbox about a week before Christmas. And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a

  • A Ringing Remembrance0

    The most wonderful time of year is underway up and down the West Branch Valley. To say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas is an understatement. It is great, in the world of today, that our area still has so much Christmas spirit and a great understanding of the reason for the season.

  • So You Want to be President …0

    I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready for the Arctic air or the holiday shopping season. We enjoyed some beautiful Autumn weather; hopefully, Mother Nature is not giving us a preview of the winter ahead. Yes, I know I should be better prepared for the official kick-off to the holiday hustle and bustle


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