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  • County Hall Corner: A Long, Long Wait for Our County Coroner0

    Charles (Chuck) Kiessling proves the adage that the squeaky wheel does get the grease, even if the wheel has to squeak for ten years or more. At long, long last, Coroner Kiessling has a new facility for the work of the Lycoming County Coroner’s Department. It is located at 3341 Wahoo Drive in Williamsport, which

  • Four Words0

    “It’s the economy, stupid.” Perhaps no truer words of advice were ever given to a politician than those uttered by political strategist James Carville during Bill Clinton’s 1992 run for the White House. But it really doesn’t matter if those four impactful words were expressed during the 1492 Mayflower voyage or to those that might

  • Pride0

    After all these years, I’m not sure if y’all still need the disclaimer, but just in case, here we go… Things on this page are about to get really gay. So, pull out your rainbow flags and buckle up. But as I’ve mentioned in years prior, if you intend to send me hate, tell me

  • Graduate, Take Heart, and Overcome!0

    The world is a mess. It was a mess yesterday, it’s a mess today, and it will be a mess tomorrow. If anyone tells you differently, they’re selling something. The world has been a mess ever since pride in the human heart decided it didn’t need God. That primal error has resulted in an unending

  • Do Something0

    The ominous sky opened up just moments before the Lycoming County Veterans Council was set to begin its annual Memorial Day Service at Williamsport’s West Fourth Street Veterans Memorial Park. Undaunted, the large crowd that had gathered remained in place with umbrellas and rain gear at the ready. They were there to honor and pay

  • Run, Hide, Fight0

    “Get ready to die!” Those chilling words echoed through an elementary school classroom in Texas. And die they did. After several agonizing minutes, 21 individuals were dead. No, not dead — slaughtered. As if the situation wasn’t horrific enough, 19 of those individuals killed last Tuesday were children averaging around the age of 10 years