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  • Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!0

    “Double your pleasure, double your fun – with Double Mint, Double Mint, Double Mint Gum!” This popular jingle was used in years past to advertise a brand of gum that remains popular to this day. But be careful because if you remember this jingle, you may be giving away your age! But “Double your pleasure,

  • The Roving Sportsman… Start Them out Right0

    No one can argue that one of the most important things we can do as responsible gun owners is to properly introduce a new enthusiast to firearm handling and ownership by emphasizing safety and the related responsibilities. Whether you are about to deal with an adult who has never had the opportunity to hunt or

  • Black Bear Hunting – Go Figure0

    Like a lot of hunters in Pennsylvania, I do some bear hunting, but I’m not an overly dedicated bear hunter. I took a 200-pound cinnamon phase of a black bear in Montana years ago but have never killed a Pennsylvania black bear. I’ve seen bears on a few occasions while hunting in Pennsylvania, but good

  • District IV Hoops Teams Keep Hopes Alive0

    An admitted ‘basketball junkie,’ a year ago, South Williamsport’s Dean Kriebel’s daily practice plan had one distinct goal; find a way to make it to the next day. The only game he was determined to win was the game of life. In December 2021, Kriebel was diagnosed with cancer, and his total concentration was to

  • Black-Eyed Bomb: Marlowe Movie Makes a Mess0

    When John Banville wrote his Raymond Chandler tribute novel “Black-Eyed Blonde,” one critic said he not only nailed the style and milieu of Chandler’s 1940s detective Philip Marlowe; he had also captured Marlowe’s soul. As for the new movie based on that book: I don’t think those folks could find Marlowe’s soul if it drove

  • The Roving Sportsman: The North versus the South0

    There are many times that people draw references to the differences between the North and the South. History points out some of the cultural differences and certainly the Civil War brought to head the clash of diverse ideals held by the Confederate soldiers and the Union soldiers, as well as those who supported one side