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  • The Birds, Bees and all the Other Sweeties

    The Birds, Bees and all the Other Sweeties0

    My daughter is such an animal lover. My momma said she reminds her of me. I’m the person that when it rains I will drive slowly to dodge all the froggies who come out in the streets at night. I slow down if there is a passing butterfly, and I will literally stop the car

  • SPF Makeup0

    As we head into the last weeks of summer before school starts, the heat and humidity are certainly not letting up. Nor is the sunshine. I’m a big advocate for sunscreen and SPF all year long, but especially during summer. I’ve had family members suffer from skin cancer, and while it’s been treatable and everyone’s

  • Martens May Be Coming Back

    Martens May Be Coming Back0

    After reading the title of my story, some people may be asking, “So who are the Martens”? It’s not who are the Martens but rather what are martens? Martens are actually members of the family Mustelidae which includes other fur-bearing animals like weasels, fishers, wolverines, badgers, skunks, and otters. Most likely, the reason many people