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  • The Bookworm Sez: Fall Cookbooks for Your Entertainment by various authors0

    The smells coming from the kitchen are making your mouth water. The guests have started arriving, you’ll pull things out of the oven soon, and then you’ll begin collecting compliments. The holidays are the best time to entertain, so look for these great food books and cookbooks to enhance your splashy party, simple meal, or

  • Make Every Meal Celebration Worthy0

    Family reunions, birthday celebrations and holiday gatherings all bring loved ones together for special occasions that call for delicious meals and snacks. To help elevate entertaining in your household, make hosting a cinch with quick, shareable recipes. Pizza, for example, is a nearly universally beloved dish ideal for sharing. This version is simple, fresh and

  • 4 Savvy Steps Toward Grocery Store Savings

    4 Savvy Steps Toward Grocery Store Savings0

    Whether you live alone or have multiple mouths to feed each day, grocery bills can add up. It’s an inevitable expense for everyone, but there are tried-and-true ways to limit your spending and put money back in your pocket. It all starts by considering the number of meals you need to make each week and

  • The Roving Sportsman… Venison Recipes0

    I was talking to a lady yesterday about the upcoming deer hunting season. While she had no distaste for the idea of hunting, she revealed her dislike of the taste of venison by asking, “Do you eat the meat?” She explained that more than 20 years ago when she last tried a venison meal, “It

  • The Roving Sportsman… Do Your Own Processing0

    A well-placed shot and careful field care of a deer are critical first steps to ensure great-tasting venison for the dinner table. Most will agree that quickly skinning the deer will aid in cooling the meat, but there is a school of hunters who will leave the hide on while the deer hangs in a

  • Quick, Easy Recipes to Add to Your Dinner Rotation0

    Making time for meals together can have a positive impact on the well-being of families, including children and adolescents. In fact, regular meals at home can help reduce stress and boost self-esteem, according to research published in “Canadian Family Physician.” Mealtime conversations are also a perfect opportunity to connect with your loved ones. A study

  • Fight Hunger with Family Meals, Selfless ways to support community members in need0

    With hectic day-to-day schedules and varying dietary needs, many families face the dreaded daily question: “What sounds good for dinner?” In contrast, millions struggle to put food on the table each night, impacting about 1 in 8 children, according to Feeding America. You can help support those in need through Safeway and Albertsons’ “Fight Hunger,

  • Can’t Get Enough of this Time of Year

    Can’t Get Enough of this Time of Year0

    It’s getting to be about that time. SpOoKy season. I know it’s only September, but when you are a Halloween lover like me, September 1 is game on for Halloween. It’s such a fun time of year! Now, let me get this straight, though. I love Halloween, yes. I love black cats, old batty witches

  • Five Tips to Be an After-School Mealtime Hero

    Five Tips to Be an After-School Mealtime Hero0

    It’s one of the busiest times of the year, meaning managing mealtimes can be tough as families navigate the school year hustle. Between school, work, extracurriculars and social activities, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to eat and when. Put your worries aside and become a true after-school hero with these timesaving, delicious

  • Fall is in the Air

    Fall is in the Air0

    Deep breath. Ahhhhhh, the “ber” months! Here all over again. My favorite four months of the year! The crispness of the air will soon be with us. We will need to bundle up in a warm sweater or hoodie in the early mornings. Leaves will begin to change. Bright colors will paint our county in

  • Kickoff Cravings: Win your tailgate with MVP-level appetizers0

    Before the end zone dances and sideline celebrations, settling in for a winning game day experience starts with delicious foods. Whether your football parties take place at home, in the backyard or right outside the stadium, kicking it off with savory appetizers can get the crowd on its feet. Keep your game plan simple this

  • Simple Recipes0

    As summer is slowly coming to an end, we take a deep breath for what is about to come. As the leaves start to change, so will most of our lives. Kids go back to school, after-school activities like football and dance are back, and then the holidays quickly approach after that. You all know

  • Fuel for Full Days of Learning0

    • August 23, 2023

    Between morning routines, days spent in the classroom, extracurriculars and homework, it may seem like there’s never enough time in the day during the school year. However, making time for tasty meals and snacks doesn’t have to be another burden on jam-packed schedules. These quick recipes for a flavorful twist on a breakfast favorite, easy-to-make

  • Flavorful Grape Recipes to Take Summer Gatherings to the Next Level0

    Summertime celebrations with friends, family and neighbors are a perfect way to enjoy the sunshine, warm weather and camaraderie. To satisfy a hungry crowd, though, you’ll need recipes fit for the occasion. Turn to a versatile signature ingredient like Grapes from California, which can be used in dishes of all kinds from refreshing salads and

  • Five Tips to Make Summer Entertaining a Breeze0

    Summertime is all about gathering together and having fun outdoors. The warm sunny days and long, balmy evenings make it easier than ever to enjoy spending quality time with your friends and family. To ensure an easy and nutritious get-together this season, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner shares some of her tips to

  • UPMC Pediatrician: Keeping Kids Active This Summer0

    What are your children doing this summer? Taking time off from school is fun and often highly anticipated, but it’s important that they stay productively engaged during this down time. Keeping them mentally and physically strong will help benefit them in the long run, especially when it’s time to return to school in August. Physical

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Dinner with the President: Food, Politics, and a History of Breaking Bread at the White House” by Alex Prud’Homme

    The Bookworm Sez: “Dinner with the President: Food, Politics, and a History of Breaking Bread at the White House” by Alex Prud’Homme0

    The invitation said Black Tie Only and you know what that means. It means this isn’t some put-on-the-old-feedbag kind of event. You’ll need your best manners, and you should brush up on where the glass goes and what to do with your fork. You don’t want any faux pas attached to your name, no emotionally-charged

  • Fresh Summer Flavors Fit for the Patio0

    Gatherings in the summer sun are all about easy, convenient recipes combined with the joy warm weather brings. Spend those special occasions with those you love most and make this summer one to remember with flatbreads, sliders and sweet treats for all to share. Keeping cooking simple means more time on the patio or in

  • Hey, Mommas

    Hey, Mommas0

    It was May 7th when I realized that the following Sunday was Mother’s Day. I opened up our refrigerator and got a quick glance at the calendar. I gasped. “Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh. Shoot!” Ty was in the kitchen with me and asked what was wrong. I told him I didn’t realize that

  • Inspire Creativity with Fun Snack Hacks0

    School days offer nearly endless opportunities for learning and exploration in the classroom, but education doesn’t have to end with the final bell. Parents can ensure their students feel energetic, creative and confident by inspiring snack choices that are as smart as they are fun to make together. Whether you’re whipping up a snack to

  • Bring the Family Together with Breakfast for Dinner0

    Despite busy lives and full schedules, finding time for regular meals with loved ones encourages connections and conversations that can benefit mental and physical well-being. Gathering your family, friends, coworkers or neighbors at least once a week to spend time together over a meal provides opportunities to decompress and socialize. If you’re looking for a

  • Produce Shopping on a Budget 5 strategies to save on fresh fruits and veggies0

    Cooking meals that bring your loved ones joy is often objective No. 1 but creating those flavorful favorites on an appropriate budget is an important aspect of well-rounded, family-friendly recipes. A few simple steps, like developing good grocery shopping habits, can put smiles on hungry faces without leaving a dent in your finances. Consider these

  • Bring On Dessert with Better-for-You Sweets0

    If healthier eating holds a prominent spot on your list of goals, you may feel it’s necessary to eliminate some of your sweetest favorites. However, committing to a nutritionally friendly way of life doesn’t have to leave desserts by the wayside. Instead, rethinking nighttime treats with better-for-you ingredients like California Prunes as a quick substitution

  • Happy Easter!0

    Hey y’all! I’m so excited for Easter this weekend! I had so much fun prepping for our annual Easter contest this year! Next to the Fourth of July, Easter is one of my favorite holidays. But before I get too far into my article this week, let me ask you a question. Are you ready?

  • Celebrate Easter with Family-Friendly Fun0

    Gathering for Easter means bright decor and flavorful food with those you hold nearest and adding some extra “egg-citement” to the holiday can come easy. Let your inner kid shine through with games and activities everyone can enjoy whether it’s at the kitchen table, in the backyard or gathered around for story time. Hunt for

  • A Full, Fresh Menu Fit for a Brunch Feast0

    Birthdays, holidays or just casual Saturdays are all perfect excuses to enjoy brunch with your favorite people. Bringing everyone together with quiches, pastries, appetizers, desserts and more offers an easy way to kick back and relax on a warm weekend morning. These recipes for Easy Brunch Quiche, Savory Cheese Balls and Lemon Blueberry Trifle provide

  • Prioritize Heart Health with a Balanced Eating Plan0

    No matter your motivations, it’s never too late or too early to start focusing on your heart health, and taking steps now can make a big difference. Small changes, like following a healthier eating plan, can help you start down a path toward improved heart health. One step you can take is following the DASH

  • Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!0

    “Double your pleasure, double your fun – with Double Mint, Double Mint, Double Mint Gum!” This popular jingle was used in years past to advertise a brand of gum that remains popular to this day. But be careful because if you remember this jingle, you may be giving away your age! But “Double your pleasure,

  • Get Your Beef On0

    Last week I grabbed two pounds of ground beef out of our freezer and went to work. I had planned on burgers, but found out that’s what we were having Thursday with the family for dinner so I had to change my menu. That’s the beauty about ground beef. There is so much you can

  • A Mission for Nutrition: Accomplish health goals with better-for-you family meals0

    Setting out on a mission to eat healthier starts with creating goals and working to achieve them with those you love. To help make nutritious eating more manageable, call together your family and work with one another to create a menu everyone can enjoy while staying on track. Connecting an array of recipes that all

  • Enjoy Better-for-You Foods Focused on Flavor0

    From salads and snacks to breakfast, lunch and dinner, rounding out a full menu of healthy meals shouldn’t be a chore. In fact, you can still enjoy your favorite flavors and tickle your taste buds with nutritious recipes that capitalize on powerful ingredients you actually want to eat. A fruit-forward breakfast is a nutritious way

  • Happy Anniversary!0

    January 22, 2003, we published the first issue of Webb Weekly. As you can see on the cover, our cover story that was about the upcoming Super Bowl. Man, have we covered a lot since then. Going back through and looking at past issues this week has been a trip, to say the least. The

  • Party-Worthy Wine Pairings Perfect for Easy Entertaining0

    Red or white, sweet or dry, wine lovers are often entertainers at heart. When inviting guests to share your personal favorites, nothing enhances a tasting get-together quite like complementary snack and wine pairings. The next time you find a wine party on your schedule, consider these simple yet delicious recommendations from sommelier and founder of


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