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  • Spring Stuff0

    The long-range forecast looks like spring will be springing this week! This is good news for the West Branch Builders Home Show! The show starts on Friday, and Lou has all the details on page 6! Webb Weekly will be posted up at booth #137, so please stop by to see us! I’ll be manning

  • The Masters0

    March Madness is over. Kudos to Coach Hurley and UCONN. Impressive run, boys. Back-to-back. They were legit. Major props to the gals at South Carolina. Undefeated in 2024. The Women’s Tournament definitely stole the spotlight. Iowa’s Caitlin is a star. She created so much buzz. Check the archives. I wrote about her impact several weeks

  • Walk Your Way to Better Health0

    Is it 37° and threatening to snow while I write this? Yes. Does that mean I’m not making plans for spring? Absolutely not. My plan for spring? More walks. As most of you know, I have two dogs. One very large rottweiler, Bulleit, and one little-legged basset hound, Booker. This spring, Booker and I will

  • The Roving Sportsman… Pennsylvania Youth Hunt for Spring Gobblers 20240

    The excitement is building, and in less than three weeks, the one-day Youth Hunt for Spring Gobblers will occur — Saturday, April 27, 2024, to be exact. It is a day that many young hunters and their adult mentors have been looking forward to for months. It is held one week prior to the opening

  • The First Pitch of Spring0

    Happy official Spring to everybody! Like me, most see March 1st on the calendar as the beginning of the season that moves us out of winter. Some may recognize it as the first pitch of Spring Training baseball, while for others, it may be Saint Patrick’s Day. I know one thing: the weather this past

  • Maintaining a Lawn Routinely Roamed by Pets0

    Vibrant, green lawns can draw attention to any landscape. Many homeowners toil for hours each week to ensure their lawns are pristine, or invest in lawn care services to help maintain a yard if they do not have the time to do so themselves. While many treatments can be applied to lawns to help them

  • How to Recognize When it’s Time to Replace Your Windows0

    Windows are a major component of a home. Window installation professionals will tell homeowners that the average life span of residential windows is between 15 and 30 years. Most well-maintained products can last 20 years, so homeowners who have windows approaching that age may want to schedule a window assessment and possible replacement. Replacing windows

  • Bonding with Your Four-Legged Friend

    Bonding with Your Four-Legged Friend0

    Your dog may be one of your best friends, but that bond doesn’t happen overnight. Investing in quality one-on-one time can have a big impact on the bond you build with your four-legged companion. One of the best ways to show dogs love is by keeping them healthy and spending quality time with them. Dedicating

  • Memory Lane: 10 Worthy Memoirs for Winter Reading0

    Among the hundreds of books I’ve enjoyed since retiring five years ago, I somehow keep gravitating to memoirs — those fascinating accounts of lives well lived. Or not so well, as the case may be. In this genre, you might encounter history; a little romance, comedy, or nostalgia; interactions with famous figures; or perhaps just

  • 2024 Super Bowl Predictions (Taylor’s Version)0

    Back when Mike Rafferty started this tradition (back in 2012 if you’re keeping score), he used to come up with clever puns for each of the predictions. I’ve tried to do this over the years, but 1. I’m not as clever as Raff and B. Even if I were that clever, this piece has grown

  • Pies, Polecats and Pomegranates: Food-Related Etymologies0

    This week, after a couple of typical columns on oddball vocab, “Weird Words” once again takes up the related field of etymology; that is, where words come from, what they used to mean and how they acquired their current definitions. Here are eight terms related to food or eating, all with an origin that’s unusual

  • Grocery Shopping Part Two

    Grocery Shopping Part Two0

    I’ve never dreaded or not liked grocery shopping. I love going up and down the aisles, looking to see if anything new strikes me. It’s somehow really relaxing to me. I think it’s the foodie in me. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I can’t wait to go. There are days here and

  • A Friend in Fruend0

    During this winter’s coldest stretch, last week’s annual Williamsport Crosscutter Hot Stove Banquet served up before a sell-out crowd was a reminder that baseball’s spring training opens next month, and the locals MLB Draft League campaign is not that far behind. The brainchild of Cutters VP of Marketing Gabe Sinicropi, the annual event gave attendees

  • This Committee Got it Right0

    No doubt many of you have served on some sort of committee over the years. Professional, social, or recreational committees are charged with a decision-making purpose for the organization they represent. They are intended to bring together a representative group to arrive at a meaningful outcome. While they are commonplace, it has often been stated

  • True-Life Underdogs: Woody Harrelson in “Champions”0

    When did the Farrelly brothers get so touchy-feely? This is the filmmaking duo Bobby and Peter, who gave us such oft-crude comedies as Dumb and Dumber, Osmosis Jones and There’s Something About Mary. And then in 2018, Peter directed the moving race-dramedy Green Book, which won three Oscars — including Best Picture. Now Bobby has


    I struggle when it comes to difficult questions. Sometimes, it is better not to ask. I continue to support and think of Coach Tom Gravish and his Jersey Shore Bulldogs. They have handled every curveball with class. It is hard to even comprehend. Words cannot describe how proud I am of this 2023 squad. I


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