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  • County Hall Corner: Lights, Camera, Action?!0

    When the Lycoming County Commissioners brought up the subject of live-streaming their meetings a few years ago, I had to smile. It was hard enough for me to sit through those work sessions and regular meetings week after week; I could not imagine following them virtually from a single static camera. But, and not for

  • Eagle Grange No. 1: Pennsylvania’s First Grange0

    Several weeks ago, in November, the National Grange organization celebrated its 155th anniversary. In view of that, I thought it would be appropriate to write about a local grange with a historical distinction, Eagle Grange No. 1, located right here in Lycoming County, was the first Grange founded in the state of Pennsylvania. A little

  • County Hall Corner: Dining with the Defeated0

    My wife and I are elected representatives for the Republican Party in Clinton Township, and in that capacity, we get invited to several events. A couple of weeks ago, we received an invite in our email, “for those of you who worked the polls during this past election, you have been invited to a dinner

  • A Red Ripple at Best0

    The best thing I can say regarding last week’s midterm elections is that thank goodness they’re in the books, and I don’t have to watch any more political advertising. I have talked to many republicans and democrats, and that was usually one of the first things they said. Before I get to my take on

  • Happy Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day0

    The 2022 elections are over. Thank heavens. But a few folks think it is still going. Good lord, Johnny. Throw in the towel. Regardless of where you stand. You gotta admit that it was pretty bad. The negative campaigns were extremely annoying. Many of my friends say we are doomed. Several have even mentioned they

  • County Hall Corner: The Hunt for Red November0

    Harry Truman held up the famous November 3, 1948 headline on the Chicago Daily Tribune, which stated, “Dewey Defeats Truman,” with a big smile on his face. Last week’s midterm elections might be remembered similarly. The pollsters were unanimous in their assurance that the Republicans would easily control the House of Representatives and, most probably,