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  • Competition0

    As defined by Webster, it is “1) the effort of two or more parties acting independently to secure the business of a third party by offering the best favorable terms or 2) a contest between rivals.” Both definitions apply to the world of sports and now with the District Four baseball and softball playoffs underway

  • PIAA – PCIAA – or PCCIAA Championships?0

    The PIAA basketball championships are now over for another year, and again come the screams to “level the playing field.” “Something has to be done to contain the ‘non-boundary’ schools from adding to their impressive cache of championships.” It’s just not fair! Give me a break! Let’s just give everyone a gold medal and be

  • Williamsport Swimmers Make the Most of Two-Day Swimming and Diving Championships at Bucknell0

    A small group of swimmers, decked out in red and white, sat together after the prelims of the PIAA Swimming and Diving Championships. The group sat together, joked, tried to work on British accents, and enjoyed every second of the moment. Williamsport’s young crop of swimmers adjusted after a tough first day in the pool.