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  • The Amish Buck0

    Happy belated Thanksgiving to my family and friends. I hope everything was spectacular. Ours was grand. My rents made it back to California. We had a blast. Jim and I framed and blocked the new garage. It is my understanding that I will have to finish everything by March. I apologize for skipping out last

  • Sports Turkey Talking0

    Thanksgiving is the time of year when families gather far and near It’s been a tradition since 1620 that includes a feast of plenty, There’re many hugs for those we hold dear and football teams for which to cheer, Pause and reflect those memories great, enjoy the day, and celebrate! If your family’s Thanksgiving is

  • Area College Hoops Filled With Newness0

    The calendar has flipped; it’s now dark at 5:00 p.m., and the PIAA state playoffs for fall sports are nearing its conclusion. But for players, coaches, and spectators, the winter sports season gets underway as this Friday marks the first official practice day for local hoopsters and grapplers. While the first games of the high

  • Heads Up0

    In a scoreless PSAC soccer match between rivals Lock Haven and Bloomsburg, the Lady Huskies were on the attack. From the wing, a strong kick made its way toward a Bloom teammate streaking toward the goal. As a Lock Haven defender closed in, the kick-pass missed its intended target, striking the LHU player squarely in

  • WASD to Offer Season Passes for Home Athletic Events0

    • August 23, 2023

    In an effort to move to a cashless system, the Williamsport Area School District athletic department is now offering season passes for purchase to individuals and families. While the season passes will be good for all home regular season events during the current school year, PIAA admission fees will remain in place for playoff games.

  • Bellomo Wins New Balance Nationals

    Bellomo Wins New Balance Nationals0

    So, just to recap, my son Peter won the PIAA State Championship for Javelin in the AAA division back in May. Generally, track athletes peak at states, making it the highlight of their competitive year, if not their entire career. Occasionally, at the higher levels, athletes will choose to go on to compete at large

  • Tears0

    You won’t find it written in any rule book, but the hard facts of life for any team sport played, unless you are able to win the ultimate game at the conclusion of each season — your season is going to end with a loss. It matters little how hard your team works, how many

  • A Prideful Team, a Supportive Community0

    Four years ago, an enthusiastic group of parents, fans, and supporters gathered in the parking lot of South Williamsport’s AAA office to send off an excited team of pre-teens to the Little League Softball World Series in Portland, Oregon. The wide-eyed youngsters were members of the Little Mountaineer Softball All-Star team, which was about to

  • Road to Nationals0

    My process and inspiration for writing articles for my column each week typically begin with an idea that I had gotten from a conversation, an advertisement I saw, or an article that I read that I found interesting. I will then research the topic and boil the idea down to a manageable 600-900 words. This

  • Area Athletes Break Records, Win Gold

    Area Athletes Break Records, Win Gold0

    It was a good year to be a Bulldog, especially for the Bellomo brothers. Between the two Jersey Shore Area High School seniors/fraternal twins, four school records were broken, a state championship won, and many personal records were set. Nick Bellomo, along with teammates Peyton Whitman, Elijah Jordan, and Brodie Herr, set the school record

  • One and Done. Changes.0

    A few might say that I am one of the area’s all-time greats. I was always legit. I dominated the local camp circuit in the early ’90s. Tons of ribbons. Several certificates. A handful of trophies and fancy plaques. Yes. I was the self-proclaimed free throw shooting king. Foul shooting has always been an important

  • Softball is Shining0

    As the high school softball game wouldn’t be starting for another hour, very few fans had gathered at the field. As the teams were beginning their pre-game routine, a woman greeted me with a warm smile while stating, “Isn’t this wonderful!” Thinking she was referring to the beautiful day that had unfolded, I returned the

  • A Chocolate Town Honor

    A Chocolate Town Honor0

    The game flashing across the TV screen was a bit of an afterthought as our conversation centered on the day’s activities. Suddenly, Jean pointed out, “That’s Dwight refereeing this game.” The game was the PIAA Girl’s 3A state championship game between Dunmore and River Valley from Hershey’s Giant Center. That Dwight was longtime friend and

  • Four Local Wrestlers Take Gold in Hershey0

    Historically, North Central PA has been known for great wrestling, and this year was no different. Area wrestlers Cael Nasdeo, Williamsport, and Luke Simcox, Central Mountain, both had great regular seasons only to be capped by winning the ultimate prize, a class AAA title in Hershey. Cael Nasdeo, a senior committed to wrestle at Penn

  • Shamrocks, Hoops and Home Improvement0

    Well, the winter that wasn’t has shown up like a lion for the month of March. Let’s hope the saying holds true and it goes out like a lamb. What a great time of year, late winter snowfall and all. Soon we will be enjoying all the sweet sounds, sights, and activities of Spring. Daylight

  • Sports Have No Off-Season0

    For area high school athletes participating in baseball, softball, tennis, and track & field, the dawning of March 6 was anticipated by all. The date marked ‘the official’ beginning of practice permitted by the PIAA for spring sports. South Williamsport softball coach Tom O’Malley spent hours before his squad’s afternoon practice time riding a tractor

  • Great Night in Montoursville0

    I love this time of year. Oh, it brings back so many memories. As a player. A broadcaster. A coach. And now as a fan. There are tons of ups and downs. Fantastic atmospheres. Tremendous student sections. The sounds. I still get nervous for my friends. High school basketball is at its best in March.

  • District IV Hoops Teams Keep Hopes Alive0

    An admitted ‘basketball junkie,’ a year ago, South Williamsport’s Dean Kriebel’s daily practice plan had one distinct goal; find a way to make it to the next day. The only game he was determined to win was the game of life. In December 2021, Kriebel was diagnosed with cancer, and his total concentration was to

  • Publicly Irritating Athletic Attendees0

    As this is being written, I have no idea which version of the old adage “March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb” may hold true. Regardless of how the weather may treat us during the month ahead, one thing is for certain; of the many basketball teams and wrestling squads that

  • Looking Back.

    Looking Back.0

    Happy Birthday to the Webb Weekly. And special thanks to those who are fans of this page. I am truly humbled by all of your feedback and positive vibes. I want to give some love and congratulate a few — props to the boss man Jim and my lovely editor Steph for allowing me to

  • The KING.

    The KING.0

    I headed to South Williamsport for a league game. Jensen had a late practice, and I don’t have many friends. So, I sat in the front row. I didn’t really say much as I was trying to be incognito. I saw an old chum, and we talked about bugs for the entire JV game. It

  • Totally Scary0

    Those who serve as scholastic athletic coaches are familiar with the drill. Before each season, they are required by the PIAA to take and pass standardized online courses aimed at providing awareness and knowledge pertaining to concussions and sudden cardiac arrest. The material is provided via instructional videos, followed by a ten-question quiz which must

  • Dwindling Numbers Signal Problems for the Game0

    Similar to the unwelcomed mid-November snowstorm, the winter scholastic sports season has arrived before we knew it. Coming on the heels of very successful football and soccer campaigns for several area schools, the 2022-23 high school basketball season tips off with a bevy of games this weekend. As they sometimes manage to do with their

  • A Quick Ode to Davion0

    Hats off to Coach Justin Van Fleet and the Loyalsock Lancers. They are off to a great start on the gridiron. The boys knocked off mighty Southern Columbia 27-10 last week. That’s a big-time win as those Tigers don’t often lose, especially at home. It was a total team effort, but one guy led the

  • Touchdowns & Home Runs0

    Most are fully aware, but just for the record, the annual arrival of fall officially occurs this Thursday at 9:04 p.m. While that will not be surprising, the sudden realization that this weekend also marks the halfway point of the 2022 high school football season may catch some fans a bit off guard. As we

  • Coming Home0

    Paying no mind to the contents of author Thomas Wolfe’s 1940 novel You Can’t Go Home Again, newly appointed St. John Neumann basketball coach Louis Roskowski has done just that and is brimming with enthusiasm and anticipation as he takes over the reins of the Golden Knights boys’ program. Roskowski grew up in Williamsport, playing

  • People, Places and Smiling Faces0

    Record inflation, the worst 1st term start in presidential history, and hardworking Americans getting fleeced at every turn. And that’s just for warmups. All of the above make it a great week to stress some positives. So, let’s move right along and talk about some great accomplishments by folks in our area. South Williamsport’s Olivia

  • Bling0

    It is a promotional spot that has appeared over and over on the MLB TV network. In the feature, former outfielder Cliff Floyd is seen counseling Minnesota Twins outfielder Byron Buxton on wearing “bling” during games. With gold chains wrapped around his neck, Floyd advises, “You’ve got to look good, but you have to be

  • Lady Raiders Reign Supreme0

    The King James Version of the Bible contains the phrase “Faith, Hope and Charity.” As she has proven throughout her high school career, culminating in helping to achieve the first team sport championship in Montgomery High School history, senior pitcher Faith Persing has given a new meaning to the biblical phrase. With Faith in the

  • Faith and Logan0

    For those of you who tried to contact me over the past few days. I am very sorry. I am off the grid on Pine Creek, and I will hit you up on Monday. We have to punch out this afternoon, but I am then heading north for another golf tournament in Emporium. Don’t worry.

  • The Road to Montgomery Now Paved in Gold0

    Congratulations to the Montgomery softballers and the Red Raider Nation on winning their first Class A PIAA State Championship. What an absolutely amazing accomplishment that should bring a smile to everybody’s face locally. Montgomery Area High School graduated 60 students this year and is truly a small-town community high school. They are a very proud

  • District IV Stands Tall0

    Earlier this month, as the area school’s doors closed for the summer, hundreds of senior graduates stoically marched into their ceremonies to the familiar strains of Pomp and Circumstance. Then they sat, listened to speeches, heard their name called, received their long-awaited diploma, and happily tossed their mortar-board tasseled caps into the air and departed, officially ending

  • Tough Decision0

    I mentioned to some that I was on the fence about returning. And after a little break. I made the decision. I recently stepped down at St. John Neumann. Look. I had a great run. But it is now time to focus on far more important things. Many folks will question, and I totally get


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