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  • Father’s Day0

    Isn’t it great we finally have some summer like weather warming the West Branch Valley? No matter the outdoor activity you attend or partake in, it’s a heck of a lot better in a short sleeve shirt and shorts. I hope you caught that full moon last week; it seemed close enough you could actually

  • Washington Outsider0

    The number one question being asked — How do you think President Trump is doing? I’ve been avoiding this issue and Washington politics in general lately. Many of you have brought to my attention his dismal approval ratings. I must agree. Whatever poll I looked at, his number was the lowest of the last 12

  • Freedom and Time to Get Outdoors0

    Happy Summer! Yes, I know it hasn’t officially begun, but as I am penning this article it is 75° and the clock hasn’t rang 9 a.m. yet. My kind of weather! I hope it continues right on through November or at least Memorial Day weekend at this point. What an unusual year of weather we

  • Mother’s Day, Mother Nature and More0

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the special ladies that do so much each and every day. The importance of a Mother’s love and caring can never be overstated. It’s a 24 hour a day job whether the child is young or young at heart. They’re always their Mother’s little boy or girl. A Mother’s love

  • May Across the West Branch Valley0

    Wow! It’s hard to believe the magnificent month of May is upon us. The beauty of nature is on full display. The brightest of colors along with the rebirth of the mountainside. It reminds me of spring green colored velvet lining the waters of the Susquehanna River. We truly are blessed to live in one

  • Shark Caught in Susquehanna – Revisited By Lirpa Loof0

    Every year around the first of April I am always reminded of the “Shark in the Caught in Susquehanna” story we ran in 2006. It is still one of the best stories we have done and certainly the best April Fool’s joke to date. I thought now would be a good time to remind everyone

  • Daytona and Monster Bucks0

    It’s hard to believe the month of February is about to be in the review mirror. The Patriots unimaginable fourth-quarter comeback kicked the month off to a fast start. Who would have thunk it, especially after watching the first three quarters of Super Bowl LI. It was off to being remembered as one of the

  • Same Problem at Every Level0

    The middle of February can mean just one thing. Spring Training has begun in Florida and Arizona for America’s pastime of summer. Wish I were there. Here on the local front, great high school basketball and wrestling action takes the main stage as the regular seasons wrap up and District Championship play gets underway. If

  • Same Problem at Every Level0

    The middle of February can mean just one thing. Spring Training has begun in Florida and Arizona for America’s pastime of summer. Wish I were there. Here on the local front, great high school basketball and wrestling action takes the main stage as the regular seasons wrap up and District Championship play gets underway. If

  • There is a Wolf After Your Wallet0

    The absolute best thing that has happened for Governor Tom Wolf is that all eyes have been on Washington and President Donald Trump. Including mine. It’s time to have a quick catch up on what’s going on in Harrisburg. Governor Wolf in sheep’s clothing has begun his third year in office. There has not been

  • The 100 Day Dash0

    So much has been talked about and made up about what is going to occur as President Donald Trump begins his ‘Contract with the American Voter.’ If you remember, Mr. Trump was in Gettysburg this past October when he released a plan for his first 100 days in office. It was his action plan for

  • Guess Who’s Paying for the Inauguration?0

    Friday will bring the inauguration of our Nation’s 45th President, Mr. Donald John Trump. I pray we all can come together as one and move forward as One Nation Under God. If you’re like me, you’re tired of seeing the division brought to us by the network of your choice. The Republicans and Democrats need

  • Presidential Perspective0

    As President Obama finishes up his eight years in the White House, one thing is blatantly obvious—there has never been a time in American history when ‘We the People’ need to unite as one for the good of our Nation more than the present. We are truly blessed to have all the prosperity and opportunity

  • The Joy of the Season0

    Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season to all! With only a handful of days left before the Big Guy comes down the chimney, many of you are probably doing what I am doing—last-minute shopping. Sure, every year I’m not going to procrastinate until Santa has the reindeer hooked to the sleigh, but here I

  • Ringing the Bell for “Sech”0

    Dave Sechler was truly one of the good guys. His lifetime of work comes to life each Christmas season with the sound of those Salvation Army bells. I still expect to see him manning his post during my shopping, with his friendly smile, kind words and commitment to helping others. As I walked into the

  • Talking Turkey, Pigskin and Leftovers0

    Happy Thanksgiving to all from everyone here at Webb Weekly! Where has the year gone? The beginning of the holiday season has descended on the West Branch Valley. There are so many great events celebrating Christmas scheduled for our area; some have already begun the celebration. Almost all can be found within our pages. Get

  • Underdogs Residing in Penn’s Woods0

    If you love the upset and rooting for the underdog what an incredible three week stretch. It began with our own Penn State Nittany Lions and ended with the most unbelievable election night in American history. In between was a World Series that was already an odds breaker. Anytime you can say Cleveland Indians versus

  • The Men and Women of Freedom0

    A heartfelt thank you from all of us at Webb Weekly to the men and women that have served our Great Nation. These are the true providers of our blessed freedom. Please take the time this Veterans Day to honor the living and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice or are no longer with

  • The Most Important Vote0

    Wow, the calendar reads November! Where the heck did September and October go? Or summer for that matter? It just amazes me how time truly flies by as I get older. My Father warned me about this, but you know being young at the time you think – yeah right, what’s he talking about? Mr.

  • A Scary Ending0

    Happy Halloween! Let’s be careful out there and keep all those in costume safe and remember to check their loot from the night. If you need any help I specialize in Snickers, Kit Kat and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me no more Trump or Hillary conceit! Are you


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