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  • Just Don’t Ask for a High Chair and Bib0

    Americans are obsessed with diets and food intake. The average man needs a balanced mix of nutritious food that totals 2,500 calories per day. Athletes need more. Special issues such as thyroid or illness may dictate otherwise. But I’ve got a secret that will save you money, treat you to less carb intake, and is

  • Sullivan County Shooting Team on the Road to Tokyo0

    In the Spring of 2017, the Sullivan County Shooting Team sent a team of four to the USA Shooting Junior Olympic competition held in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Jesse Stump, Dane Carpenter, Trevor Evelhair, and Mick Wertz. The competition consisted of 136 competitors. The boys did extremely well, with Mick Wertz finishing in the finals in

  • Easter Symbolism Complements the Holiday0

    Tradition plays an important role in Easter celebrations for many families. Cherished traditions and symbols of Easter may include anything from egg hunts to lilies to lambs. Understanding the importance behind these symbols can make sharing the miracle of Easter that much more special. Eggs Eggs are one of the more recognizable symbols of Easter.

  • Winter, Winter Go Away0

    How disgusted am I with a local illegal immigrant issue that’s caused lots of problems, wasted tax dollars and stayed too long? I’m starting a petition to get this guy deported and say his kind isn’t welcome here anymore. It’s time Jack Frost took his nor’easter, frozen and frosty wind chilled days and headed north.

  • Hoffman Joins the Elite of Wrestling With His Third Consecutive PIAA State Championship

    Hoffman Joins the Elite of Wrestling With His Third Consecutive PIAA State Championship0

    As Montoursville’s Luke Frey won his final match to claim a State Championship in wrestling, a six-year-old fan cheered from the stands. The championship sparked something deep inside the young wrestler watching with his parents and brother as his idol went to the center of the mat to get his hand raised. Years later that

  • Easy Spring Sides and Treats0

    This Easter holiday, hop into a new tradition and swap your classic ham for savory lamb. Cooking lamb can be easier than many might think, especially when using a pressure cooker. You can combine aromatic herbs with white wine for a juicy leg of lamb in under an hour. Or try baking a rack of

  • Move Over March0

    Begrudgingly, we have to give Punxsutawney Phil his due. The furry varmint’s unwelcomed prediction of ‘six more weeks of winter’ certainly rang true. But now that spring has officially made its presence on the calendar; we can all turn our thoughts to the more pleasant days ahead. March’s ending brings with it a trio of

  • Spring Car Care: How to Avoid and Repair Flat Tires0

    Nothing can delay road trips more suddenly than flat tires. Unfortunately, because tires are the only part of the vehicle constantly in contact with the road, wear and tear is to be expected. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that flat tires and blowouts are a leading cause of highway traffic accidents. Even though

  • March MADNESS in the 17728.0

    WHO NEEDS ONE? I heard my teammate’s cry but chose to ignore him. My legs feel like Jello, but I decide to press on without a breather. I dazzle the crowd with another no-look pass that ends up in the rafters. My fifth turnover of the night. Just awful. Throw in my three air balls

  • Meow House A No Kill Shelter Since 1994

    Meow House A No Kill Shelter Since 19940

    There are probably hundreds of stray cats and other animals that wander the area seeking food, shelter, and love. Some of the shelters that these animals may end up in, perhaps after a fixed period of time may be euthanized, the Meow House at 214 Deckman Hollow in the Cogan Station area is not one

  • Though The Years: Grid March 27, 1966: Reaction Pleasant to Cost of School0

    Grit March 27, 1966 Reaction Pleasant to Cost of School Compiled by Lou Hunsinger Jr. A “pleasant surprise” in public reaction to the announced $10,099,910 cost of Williamsport Area School District’s proposed new high school has been expressed by Dr. Clyde H. Wurster, district superintendent. Explaining that the high cost of the project was an

  • NCC8 to Host Archaeology Open House, Indian Artifact Fair0

    If you enjoy learning about prehistoric cultures in Lycoming County, the time to share your collected curiosities is at the Third Annual NCC8 Indian Artifact Fair. Northcentral Chapter 8, Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology will host the educational open house from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, March 31, 2018, at the Taber Museum of the

  • Spring Car Care: DIY Car Care Everyone Can Do0

    While taking your car to an auto service professional is a great way to ensure its performance, the Car Care Council reminds vehicle owners there are few simple vehicle checks that they can easily learn and do themselves to save a little money and help keep their vehicles running efficiently all summer long. With basic

  • Commitment and Excellence

    Commitment and Excellence0

    Young people today are faced with so many more problems than when I was a student. Yes, we had the Cold War, and the fear of nuclear weapons, and Three Mile Island was another hot topic of the day, but what goes on around young folks today most of us never imagined. Please appreciate how

  • Things to Do: Spring Spectacular!0

    The calendar claims that spring starts this week. Sitting here on the Friday before and looking at the long-range forecast, Mother Nature would apparently beg to differ. It’s nice that it isn’t dark, or almost dark when I get home from work though, so I’ve got that going for me. For arguments sake, we are

  • Adult Prom – A Dance For 65 Roses Slated for Saturday0

    By Jeffrey Alllen Federowicz Dust off those dancing shoes because its prom time for grown-ups. The third annual Adult Prom A Dance For 65 Roses, a benefit for Cystic Fibrosis, will take place from 7:00-11:00 p.m. this Saturday at Farrington Place, 416 West Third St. downtown Williamsport. The reference to 65 Roses is a moniker

  • Klingerman Won’t Let Season End After Hitting Clutch 3-pointer to Give Loyalsock a 54-50 Win Over District 1 Champion Valley Forge0

    Moments after one of the most important wins in school history Loyalsock team managers Grant Walters and Ronnie Emery summed up the experience perfectly by thanking the fans and calling the game special. “I just want to thank the fans,” Emery said. “It was one of the best groups of fans I’ve ever seen.” Emery

  • County Hall Corner: Humble Excellence0

    Does anyone ever remember reading a headline that stated, “Airliner Lands Safely at Williamsport Regional Airport”? Of course not. That is not news because that is what is supposed to happen. News is when something bad happens, or unusual, or threatening. This is where the newspaper adage comes from, “When it bleeds, it leads.” It

  • My USABat0

    I must say that I am truly humbled by all the praise. Special thanks to those who give me props. Writing was never a forte, and I am extremely grateful that my lovely editor invites me back each week. English was by far my worst subject growing up so you can imagine the emotions when

  • Time to Limber Up That Fly Rod0

    The opening day of trout season is still a month away — April 14th here in our part of the state — and a couple of weeks until the trout opener in the southern part of the state on March 31st. With the openers still that far out, why would I be ready to give


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