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  • Travel Beauty0

    No matter what type of trip I’m going on, the hardest part of packing for me is toiletries. You have your basic hygiene items like toothpaste, deodorant, and soap. No big deal. Once you get into skincare, hair products, and cosmetics, it can be tricky figuring out your beauty regime “on the road.” In general,

  • Memorial Day Sale Guide0

    Memorial Day is right around the corner, and with this national holiday (as with most here in America) comes a flurry of sales. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself going a bit crazy over all of the deals and steals. However, with a bit of planning and focus, you can come out the

  • Body Serum0

    As seasons change and we think about the warmer weather to come, we also may be taking stock of our skin and skincare. From November through March, you may have lotioned up after every shower, slathered on the moisturizer before bed every night, or just taken care of your skin when it crossed your mind.

  • Foundation0

    Few things are more infuriating to shop for than foundation. The wrong shade can read too light, or dark, or orangey. It can slip and slide, create annoying streaks, it can magnify shine, or exacerbate dryness, and you usually don’t figure out these defects until after you’ve paid for it and worn it for a

  • UPMC Doctor: Tips to Prevent Cold Weather Skin Issues0

    Our skin is one of our hardest working organs. It not only protects all the other organs in our bodies, and can repair itself, but it also regulates body temperature and detects and fights off infection. Healthy skin is an essential part of your overall health and wellness, yet most of us take our skin

  • How To Clean Makeup Brushes0

    These days we are all (or at least should be) taking extra cleaning precautions, wiping down door handles and sanitizing frequently touched services. In the midst of your amped up cleaning, now is a good time to address your makeup brushes. I recently organized my cosmetics and took inventory of my makeup accessories, because what