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Fellow Americans, during this difficult time we will continue to serve the citizens of the West Branch Valley and our local business community to the very best of our ability. There has never been a more important time to buy locally and support the area’s economy. We are all in this together. God-bless America.

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  • Big Bucks and Tough Decisions0

    The calendar tells me it is officially autumn; the sunshine has made me wonder, where was that all summer? What amazing weather as those beautiful fall colors begin to show up everywhere. Let’s just hope this isn’t an early Indian summer, with an extreme winter behind it! The end of September always means the beginning

  • $1.3 Million for the Home Team0

    It’s great to see Head Coach James Franklin’s Penn State Nittany Lions off to such a great start. Granted, they haven’t really been tested by a top-notch opponent yet. It was good to see Pitt back on the schedule. A Penn’s Woods rivalry game that should happen every year! Pitt isn’t quite up to par

  • A Helping Hand for Houston0

    Should we talk about President Trump and those in Washington increasing our national debt ceiling? Nah — what’s the sense? Besides, with all that is going on in our Great Nation and around the world he really doesn’t have a choice. At least it offers an opportunity for the Republicans and Democrats to work together

  • Recovery and Remembrance0

    Global warming? Climate change? Or just unprecedented, catastrophic weather? No matter if you’re along the Gulf Coast or living in the West Branch Valley one thing is dramatically obvious, the weather has become much more intense and violent. And no, I am not trying to compare our weather to that which hit Texas. God help

  • A Look Back and Moving Forward0

    Where did those summer months ago? As I am sitting here penning my article, September and autumn are now on the horizon. There’s also so much going on around our Great Nation and beyond, where do I start? With the good, the bad, the ugly — or maybe the pending natural disaster that’s bearing down

  • School Days and Football Friday Nights0

    Back to school time! It seems to get earlier each year. What happened to those days when you went back after Labor Day? I guess I’m probably dating myself there because it hasn’t been that way in a while. Still, heading back to the classroom during the second week of the Little League World Series,

  • A World Threat for Peace0

    How would you like to be President? Where do you start? What is most pressing? From Homeland Security to National and World defense. From healthcare to the debacle that has become Social Security? Let us not forget Mother Nature and climate change, global warming or just a violent weather pattern created by who knows what?

  • All About August0

    The kids are already dreading what the calendar reading August means. You remember those days, June–July you never even give back to school a thought, but when that first day of August hits, the summer vacation becomes more and more precious with each passing day. August is always filled with great going ons in our

  • West End Boys of Summer0

    Well it’s that time of year again. The boys of summer from the West End Babe Ruth League are making some big noise statewide and beyond. Babe Ruth All-Star baseball has four divisions for players 13, 14, 15 and 16-18 years of age. On July 15, West End had a league first, winning a game

  • A Pressing Problem0

    I understand the wheels of Washington move slowly. I also understand President Donald Trump was pretty darn clear about what he and his fellow Republicans were going to accomplish if elected. What is a fair and reasonable time to judge the progress President Trump is making? How patient will all the supporters of Mr. Trump

  • Fishin’, Shootin’ – Loving Every Day0

    July in our section of Penn’s Woods is a great time for fishing whether it’s the Susquehanna River, Rose Valley Lake or the stream, creek or crick of your choosing. Our area has some of the finest fishing you will find anywhere. My favorite fishing spot has always been the Loyalsock Crick. It is teeming

  • Rockets’ Red Glare0

    Happy Fourth of July! Summer is moving right along; before you know it the calendar will read Labor Day. Let’s be careful out there, not only on the highway, but with all the summer activities and especially setting off fireworks. The first commemorative Independence Day fireworks were set off July 4, 1777. Before the Declaration

  • Heads Up, High Fives and Holy Carp!0

    All of the schools are now out for summer, please drive with extra caution. There are a lot of young folks on bikes, skateboards and yes, driving the roads all hours of the day. Watch out for that child darting out from between two parked vehicles. If you see a ball come into your line

  • Father’s Day0

    Isn’t it great we finally have some summer like weather warming the West Branch Valley? No matter the outdoor activity you attend or partake in, it’s a heck of a lot better in a short sleeve shirt and shorts. I hope you caught that full moon last week; it seemed close enough you could actually

  • Washington Outsider0

    The number one question being asked — How do you think President Trump is doing? I’ve been avoiding this issue and Washington politics in general lately. Many of you have brought to my attention his dismal approval ratings. I must agree. Whatever poll I looked at, his number was the lowest of the last 12

  • Freedom and Time to Get Outdoors0

    Happy Summer! Yes, I know it hasn’t officially begun, but as I am penning this article it is 75° and the clock hasn’t rang 9 a.m. yet. My kind of weather! I hope it continues right on through November or at least Memorial Day weekend at this point. What an unusual year of weather we

  • Mother’s Day, Mother Nature and More0

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the special ladies that do so much each and every day. The importance of a Mother’s love and caring can never be overstated. It’s a 24 hour a day job whether the child is young or young at heart. They’re always their Mother’s little boy or girl. A Mother’s love

  • May Across the West Branch Valley0

    Wow! It’s hard to believe the magnificent month of May is upon us. The beauty of nature is on full display. The brightest of colors along with the rebirth of the mountainside. It reminds me of spring green colored velvet lining the waters of the Susquehanna River. We truly are blessed to live in one

  • Shark Caught in Susquehanna – Revisited By Lirpa Loof0

    Every year around the first of April I am always reminded of the “Shark in the Caught in Susquehanna” story we ran in 2006. It is still one of the best stories we have done and certainly the best April Fool’s joke to date. I thought now would be a good time to remind everyone

  • Daytona and Monster Bucks0

    It’s hard to believe the month of February is about to be in the review mirror. The Patriots unimaginable fourth-quarter comeback kicked the month off to a fast start. Who would have thunk it, especially after watching the first three quarters of Super Bowl LI. It was off to being remembered as one of the


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