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  • Moving Toward the Light0

    It is great to see Spring Training in full swing in both Florida and Arizona. The first exhibition games from both the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues can be viewed on TV. The Boys of Summer can mean just one thing — spring is just around the corner. This time of year always gets me thinking

  • Local Thrower on a Quest for Olympic Gold0

    Rachel Fatherly discovered throwing at a relatively early age because of her exceptional strength; starting in middle school. While she also played basketball, her early success in throwing is ultimately what led to her love of all things track and field. She was attracted to being the best and set her sights on a state

  • Let the Kid Play0

    I genuinely believe there are two sides to every story. Rumors and speculations are everywhere, and I usually refrain from commenting online. There are several buzzes within our local community. I have no comment with regards to Myrtle. What a mess. But I would like to chime in on a situation that I am close

  • A View from the Striped Shirts0

    As the calendar flips to December this week marks the start of the high school basketball season. The action switches from the outside environs of football stadiums to the smaller indoor gymnasiums. The National Anthem and school fight songs will still be played but perhaps it might be a good idea if a recording of

  • A New Dugout for Waller0

    The sound was unmistakable. If you heard it once, you’ve never forgotten it. Indeed, I had heard it many, many times. The sound of a baseball coming off a bat in the acoustically challenged, antiquated gymnasium of South Williamsport’s Rommelt Building is like no other. As I approached the gym doors, an accompanying sound was

  • Big Time Deeds by a Small Town Boy0

    There were occasions during my professional career when I was involved in conducting job interviews. Everyone-once-in-awhile I would ask the applicant a totally hypothetical question – “If the job fairy could grant you any job you’d want; what would it be?” It was an off-the-wall question with some surprising answers. One applicant once answered, “I