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  • Proceed with Caution0

    The intersection of ‘achieving goals’ and ‘it was meant to be’ can be a very precarious crossroad. There are no traffic lights, yield signs, or uniformed sentries to guide you through the turmoil safely. The decisions to speed up, slow down, or turn around and plan the journey for another day are instantaneous. If you

  • Firearms Deer Season Not Far Away0

    Well, it won’t be long until another firearms deer season is underway; Nov. 27 marks the starting date across the state. With the exception of WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D antlered deer only can be taken from opening day to Dec. 1 while both antlered and antlerless may be taken from Dec. 2-Dec. 9. Preparations

  • Players Come Up Big in Leadership Department With 35-24 Win Over Lewisburg0

    It was the opening round of the District 4 Class AAA playoffs, and Loyalsock found itself down by 17 points at the half. Lewisburg recovered an onside kick, scored. The Dragons then stopped Loyalsock on a fourth down, scored. Their third possession ended in a punt, but they came right back on their fourth to

  • A Most Wonderful Time of Year!0

    The days are flying by faster than Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve. Can you believe there are less than two weeks until Christmas Day? I guess I better get started on that Christmas shopping; I have been known to wait until the last minute. I have often thought a great plan would be to push

  • This Christmas…0

    OK, so as of this writing (which is Friday), I am well on my way to being ready for Christmas. I have a lot of my shopping done (most of which I can finish in the next couple of days), Erik and I are headed out to get our tree this weekend, and I have

  • Fishing with Mike O’Brien … Reflections From A Pool Of Memories: A Gift From Dad0

    The pleasures of fishing are best when shared. This was one of those times. When a shared love for angling brought father and son together. Forever bound in one of those “firsts” that can be recalled by either party as vividly as if occurring only minutes before. An experience never to be forgotten by the

  • Hosting Mistakes0

    If you have decided to host a holiday event in your home this season, whether it be for friends or family, for Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day, chances are you may be feeling a little overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. Or, if you are anything like me, you may be asking yourself “what did I

  • Perfect Wine Pairings for Holiday Parties0

    With the holidays quickly approaching, it is time to begin planning menus and shopping for groceries, which may leave you facing endless shelves of wine. Choosing wines to pair with your holiday meal is an important part of the menu planning process. A smart rule is to select quality wines that pair with a variety

  • Fishing with Mike O’Brien… Butterfish: Little Fish Big Science0

    It is doubtful you’ve ever fished for or eaten butterfish. Butterfish are a thin, deep-bodied ocean fish that travel in large schools, typically offshore. These small, silvery species are a favorite food source for large game fish and are favorite bait for anglers in pursuit of tuna. I have also known anglers who were fishing

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Only YOU Can Save Christmas!” by Adam Wallace, pictures by Garth Bruner0

    You’re always Mom’s Best Helper. You bring her things when she needs them. You keep your room clean and you do chores around the rest of the house, too. She really appreciates when you lend a hand, and in the new book “Only YOU Can Save Christmas!” by Adam Wallace, pictures by Garth Bruner, you’ll

  • This Week’s LION: Tammey Aichner – Light Bearer0

    In a recent County Hall Corner column, I remarked about the awesome social problems faced due to family breakdowns and the crime and drugs that result from them. I stated, “Instead of gossiping about a troubled neighbor or relative, try to refer them to someone who could help them. As the saying goes, instead of

  • Sporting Matters with Spence… His Name is Elfie0

    Tis the season folks and instead of sharing a story on sports — I’ve decided to chime in on something much more important. Yes. It’s time to talk about the Elf of the Shelf. For those of you without young children perhaps this article will help explain that creepy little thing that has been flooding

  • The Jaded Eye… Fountain of Youth Sprouts Here0

    I’ve poked fun at the masses for acting like mad men and women as they bust down doorways on Black Friday. However, I scour and scout on “Sensational Saturday” as I make the trek to York, Pennsylvania to a place where it not only offers cool stuff but can also take you back in time.

  • Hepburn-Lycoming Students Donate 107 Items to Toys for Tots0

    Hepburn-Lycoming Primary School students presented more than $1,100 worth of toys to Toys for Tots on Dec. 1 in a special ceremony that also honored third-grade teacher and veteran Mr. Bruce Sacavage. The presentation has become a tradition at the school, which has donated 1,473 toys valued at more than $11,000 to the Marine Corps program

  • County Hall Corner: Budget Baby Birthday0

    In this column last year at this time, I wrote that a crude analogy could be made between giving birth to a baby and developing a government budget. The baby is incubated in joy, followed by a long and tedious growth process in the womb, and finally, in due time, through much agony and pain,

  • The Roving Sportsman… Christmas Gift Ideas0

    With less than two weeks of shopping days left until the arrival of Christmas morning, we need to take a serious look at a couple of great ideas for that hard-to-buy-for sportsman on your gift-giving list. The ideas will include items that I have used and found to be highly useful and handy for any

  • WAHS Millionaire Singers Perform at the White House0

    Thirty-two members of the Williamsport Area High School Millionaire Singers performed at the White House on Saturday, Dec. 2, for holiday tourists. Under the direction of Mr. Kent Weaver and Mr. Samuel Robinson, the group sang a medley of holiday tunes for about three hours in the East Wing of the presidential home, the longest performance

  • Keep Safe This Holiday Season and Avoid Medical Mishaps0

    The holiday season might not be the most hazardous time of the year, but there is an uptick in safety concerns during this season of festivity and fun. Components of the holiday season such as decorating, shopping, celebrating, and traveling, carry some risk. The National Fire Protection Association says 30 percent of all home fires

  • Outdoors with Ken Hunter… What Color is a Deer?0

    When I was just a young fella, my grandfather would take me hunting with him. His way of hunting deer was to hit the woods at a steady stride and cover as many miles as possible in a single day. Every mile or so he would suddenly stop and point and say, “There goes one.”

  • How to Cut Back on Holiday Waste0

    The holiday season is a joyful time of year. But the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day also tend to be very wasteful. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that household waste increases by more than 25 percent during the holiday season. Reducing waste come the holiday season does not mean celebrants have to


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