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  • Klingerman Won’t Let Season End After Hitting Clutch 3-pointer to Give Loyalsock a 54-50 Win Over District 1 Champion Valley Forge0

    Moments after one of the most important wins in school history Loyalsock team managers Grant Walters and Ronnie Emery summed up the experience perfectly by thanking the fans and calling the game special. “I just want to thank the fans,” Emery said. “It was one of the best groups of fans I’ve ever seen.” Emery

  • County Hall Corner: Humble Excellence0

    Does anyone ever remember reading a headline that stated, “Airliner Lands Safely at Williamsport Regional Airport”? Of course not. That is not news because that is what is supposed to happen. News is when something bad happens, or unusual, or threatening. This is where the newspaper adage comes from, “When it bleeds, it leads.” It

  • Time to Limber Up That Fly Rod0

    The opening day of trout season is still a month away — April 14th here in our part of the state — and a couple of weeks until the trout opener in the southern part of the state on March 31st. With the openers still that far out, why would I be ready to give

  • My USABat0

    I must say that I am truly humbled by all the praise. Special thanks to those who give me props. Writing was never a forte, and I am extremely grateful that my lovely editor invites me back each week. English was by far my worst subject growing up so you can imagine the emotions when

  • Former US Olympic Standout Softball Pitcher Jennie Finch To Conduct Clinic At Liberty Arena March 24

    Former US Olympic Standout Softball Pitcher Jennie Finch To Conduct Clinic At Liberty Arena March 240

    By Lou Hunsinger Jr. Young softballers seeking to improve their game will have the opportunity to learn from one of the best when former U.S. Olympic Softball Team standout and Gold Medalist, Jennie Finch conducts a clinic at the Liberty Arena in downtown Williamsport on Saturday, March 24. Time magazine once described Jennie Finch as

  • A Less Expensive Wedding0

    Chances are that, if you’re getting married this summer, you already have your arrangements semi-set in stone by now. That’s just the nature of the multi-headed wedding beast that is vendors, caterers, churches, photographers, etc., which all require months if not YEARS advance booking. However, no matter the deposits you may have already put down,

  • 26th Annual “Billtown Blues Challenge” Festival0

    Audition Concert to be Held Saturday, March 24 The time has come again for the Billtown Blues Association, BBA, to hold their 26th annual “Billtown Blues Challenge” Festival Audition Concert where local and regional musicians compete for the coveted spot on the BBA festival stage performing along with confirmed national and international acts. The BBA

  • Gazette and Gazette March 20, 1918 Williamsport has 666,577 Lbs. Flour0

    Gazette and Gazette March 20, 1918 Williamsport has 666,577 Lbs. Flour Compiled by Lou Hunsinger Jr. According to information received from the Office of County Food Administrator, Brua C. Keefer, in the post office building yesterday afternoon, Williamsport has over 666,577 pounds of wheat flour. The survey of the city’s excess and supply for present

  • The Taxman Cometh0

    The Taxman Cometh If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat If you get too cold, I’ll tax your heat If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet – The Beatles Call me a masochist. I like doing my taxes. Always have, and God

  • This Week’s LION: The Lion’s Heart0

    When I meet a reader of this column they sometimes ask, “What’s a LION?” Even though they may know that it stands for “Leaders In Our Neighborhood,” they still wonder what criterion establishes a person as a LION and another not. It was almost exactly four years ago that this idea came to life. It

  • The Bookworm Sez: “How to Stop Time” by Matt Haig

    The Bookworm Sez: “How to Stop Time” by Matt Haig0

    By Terri Schlichenmeyer “How to Stop Time” by Matt Haig c.2017, Viking $26.00 U.S. 328 pages The big hand is on the “12.” And the little hand is, well, you’ve known how to tell time since you were small. It’s something you do so naturally now that you probably don’t even think about it anymore.

  • Upon Further Review0

    In recent years those three little words have increasingly become part of sports lexicon — driving some to be mindful of that old axiom ‘be careful what you wish for.’ Initiated as a mechanism to use modern technology as a tool to increase officiating accuracy on the field of play, there are those who are

  • The Roving Sportsman: Calling All Gobblers0

    It is said of spring gobbler hunting that three of the most important factors for success are woodsmanship, patience and calling expertise. Patience, on the one hand, seems to be something we are either born with or not. Woodsmanship, on the other hand, is something that evolves over years of spending time in the out

  • ‘It’s On Us’ Grant to Bolster Campus Fight Against Sexual Assault0

    A $29,928 “It’s On Us” grant has been awarded to Pennsylvania College of Technology to prevent, address and respond effectively to sexual violence. Penn College, one of 39 institutions to receive funding from Gov. Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania Department of Education, applied for a grant to establish programs ranging from campus-wide training to institutional

  • Mid March Memories and Traditions0

    What a wonderful time of year as the calendar reads the middle of March. Robins can be found abound. It is so great to wake up to the sounds of birds singing in the morning. Don’t get me wrong winter could still bring us some Arctic air but one thing’s for sure, it can’t last

  • Spring is Close!0

    I say it every year, and it’s no less true this year. I’ve come to mark the beginning of spring with the West Branch Builders Home Show. I know spring isn’t far away when it is time for the Home Show. Webb Weekly has a booth at the show every year and this year is

  • Do Dogs Go to Heaven?0

    By Jeffrey Allen Federowicz “If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” – Will Rogers Warm, golden sunshine streams into a window near my desk each morning. This is where you’d find Mandy, and where my day would officially start. “You’re such a sweetie-pie,” along

  • Spring Sprucing0

    Whether it’s a major overhaul of the entire house or just some reorganizing of closets and cabinets, there’s just something about spring that lends itself to cleaning up the home front. After all the washing and scrubbing, this year, consider taking it one step further with some spring sprucing! What is spring sprucing, you ask?

  • The Bookworm Sez: “The Pope of Palm Beach” by Tim Dorsey0

    The Bookworm Sez By Terri Schlichenmeyer “The Pope of Palm Beach” by Tim Dorsey c.2018, William Morrow $26.99 / $33.50 Canada 337 pages Reach back, they say. Grab the person behind you, beneath you on the Success Ladder, the newbie in the office, and elevate them, too. Reach back and help somebody. Reach back and

  • Looking for Alexa? Not at My Place!0

    If “Alexa” is truly taking the nation by storm, then somehow it passed me up. Or should I say, I passed her up because “she” has to be installed before taking any commands from me or anyone else. Alexa honey, what can you really do for me? I know you were released (born) by Amazon


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