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  • Rotoli hits two home runs and pitches in relief as Montoursville knocks off Montgomery 16-40

    By BRETT R. CROSSLEY  For the Webb Weekly  MONTOURSVILLE—As Williamsport and its surrounding areas fall deep into a brutal heatwave, many people will be lying low in air conditioned homes.  Luckily for Montoursville’s Major Baseball team, Niko Rotoli not only likes the heat, he thrives in it. Friday was the perfect indicator as Rotoli entered

  • District 12 Major Baseball Scoreboard (updated 6/28)0

    DISTRICT 12 TOURNAMENT  6/22/18 Keystone 5, Williamsport 1 Montgomery 14, South Williamsport 2 Jersey Shore/GSV 11, Muncy 1 East Lycoming 7, Hepburn 6  6/24/18 Newberry 6, Jersey Shore/GSV 5 (8 innings)  Keystone 6, Loyalsock 5 Montgomery 15, Woolrich 7 Montoursville 10, East Lycoming 0 6/26/18 Loyalsock 13, South 3 (4 innings)  Williamsport 23, Woolrich 0

  • Allis shines in his first postseason start to help Williamsport pickup a 3-2 win over East Lycoming0

    By BRETT R. CROSSLEY For the Webb Weekly  WILLIAMSPORT—One year ago Klyher Allis and his parents moved to Williamsport and joined the Little League in hopes of strong competition and challenges.  On Thursday, Allis was the starting pitcher in what was just the third All-star game of his career. It was also he first game

  • What Goes Up…

    What Goes Up…0

    There’s nothing better than summer in the Susquehanna Valley. With only a couple days of June left to play out it can only mean one thing. The celebration of America known as the 4th of July is right around the corner. Family reunions, picnics, barbecues serving the best summer cuisine will be found everywhere. Of

  • Fresh From the Farm0

    In a world where you can have anything delivered direct to your door, it’s easy to forget that local businesses depend on their local communities to stay afloat. I honestly believe that supporting those in your community is more critical now than ever. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by visiting

  • LIVING Our Dreams

    LIVING Our Dreams0

    We all had dreams growing up as kids. I wanted to be a professional basketball player at an early age. I often thought about balling at a major D1. Then, ultimately, finding a home in the NBA. I can’t tell you the number of times I was alone in the driveway with those intentions in

  • The Journey Begins As Little League Tournaments Kick Into Full Swing0

    A 12-year-old baseball player stepped into the batter’s box during a regular season game. His team was trailing by one run, and their perfect record was on the line. It’s a moment that happens every summer as youth baseball takes center stage for youngsters and parents hoping to build memories and friendships on the field.

  • For the Glove of the Game

    For the Glove of the Game0

    Little League Baseball founder, Carl Stotz began his love of baseball as a kid playing with baseballs covered in friction tape, using makeshift and hand-me-down equipment. This love and improvising on the fly gave rise to world’s greatest and most popular youth sports organization. In far-off Nigeria, this improvisational tradition continues. A handmade right-hander’s baseball

  • The Benefits of Water Features in Garden Landscapes

    The Benefits of Water Features in Garden Landscapes0

    Many homeowners aspire to make their homes appear as beautiful and welcoming as possible. Exterior renovations may be high on homeowners’ to-do lists, and landscaping is oftentimes a key component of those projects. When planning gardens, homeowners may benefit by considering more than just flowers and shrubs while giving thought to other elements that can

  • How to Conserve Water as the Mercury Rises

    How to Conserve Water as the Mercury Rises0

    Conserving natural resources is often so simple that people make some adjustments without affecting their daily lives at all. But sometimes it’s not so easy to conserve. Summer is one time of year when conservation efforts tend to require more sacrifice than normal. Even the most devoted conservationist may find it difficult to conserve water

  • From Russia With Glove

    From Russia With Glove0

    When people think of standout Russian athletes, they often think about hockey and soccer players, gifted figure skaters, or burly weightlifters. They don’t usually think of Russian baseball players. 20-year old Anton Kuznetsov is seeking to change that. He is bidding to be only the sixth Russian baseballer to make it to the major leagues.

  • Pools and Lawns Can Get Along0

    Homeowners interested in installing pools in their backyards need not worry about the potential impact of such decisions on surrounding landscapes. According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, there are 10.4 million residential and 309,000 public swimming pools in the United States. Although the average monthly temperatures in Canada are lower than those

  • How to Care for New Piercings0

    Piercings remain popular style statements. Piercings continue to evolve, as do the locations on the face and body where they can be found. Therefore, how people care for them naturally has changed as well. Body jewelry can be beautiful and make a statement, but piercings require aftercare and a certain level of responsibility. Those preparing

  • A Holey Bucket0

    Admittedly, as a big fan of old country music, I have a new-found affinity for a 1949 Hank Williams ditty “My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It.” The title of the whimsical tune instantly popped in my head during a recent midwestern trip devised to check off one of my ‘bucket list’ destinations, the College

  • Grit June 27, 1971: Canal Street Renewal Plan Characterized as “Catalyst”0

    With all the ingredients needed for development, the Canal Street Redevelopment Project could be the “catalyst” to draw customers from a wide area to downtown Williamsport. Harold R. Eck, of Sardec Inc., developer, told members of the retail division of the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, at a meeting last week. The influx of new trade

  • Healthy Summer Hair Care

    Healthy Summer Hair Care0

    While the sun, pool days and warmer temperatures are often a welcome change come summer, they can be brutal on your hair. It’s important to give your locks some extra love this season. “The sun, sweat and chlorine can fade color fast. Make sure you have the right products to protect your hair,” said Heather

  • The Roving Sportsman… The Sounds of Nature0

    Most folks will agree that there is no more relaxing sound than a steady rain on an old tin roof as you are drifting off to sleep. One of the most serene sounds that most of us have had the pleasure of hearing is the calling back and forth of a pair of mourning doves.

  • Five Tips to Take Pets on Trips

    Five Tips to Take Pets on Trips0

    If your next big excursion is on hold until you can make arrangements for your four-legged friend, a solution may be closer than you think. Pet-friendly accommodations can be easier to find than ever, making it possible to simply take your pet along for the ride. According to a survey by travel website Orbitz, almost

  • Early Season River Bass0

    I’d be the first to admit, and I don’t have all the answers when it comes to bass fishing. I’ve had my share of great days on the water, but I have also had some less than stellar days. I tend to approach river bass fishing a bit different than my approach to bass fishing

  • The Bookworm Sez: “The Wild Inside” by Jamey Bradbury

    The Bookworm Sez: “The Wild Inside” by Jamey Bradbury0

    Mom always said that you were a wild child. Feral, she said. Uncivilized. The kind of kid for whom a layer of dirt was a second skin, the kid who hated anything resembling soap. As in the new novel, “The Wild Inside” by Jamey Bradbury, you reveled in your animal side. Tracy Sue Petrikoff’s mother


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