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  • Credit tips for buying an investment property

    Credit tips for buying an investment property0

    If you love the idea of being a landlord, and don’t mind being on duty around the clock, buying an investment property may be the wealth-building option for you. Property values have enjoyed a steady increase over the decades. That’s why real estate has earned its reputation as a sound investment that builds wealth and

  • Minimize Dust While Renovating

    Minimize Dust While Renovating0

    Even though dust is ever-present both inside and outside of a home, when renovations are in full swing, dusty conditions are often exacerbated. Whether a home is new or old, numerous substances can be stirred up when removing walls, refinishing floors, removing tile, or expanding living spaces. These include silica from drywall, lead, asbestos, paint

  • Spring Cleaning Can Alleviate Allergies

    Spring Cleaning Can Alleviate Allergies0

    Allergies affect people of all ages. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology reports that allergic rhinitis affects between 10 and 30 percent of the world’s population. In addition, the prevalence of allergic diseases has risen in industrialized nations for more than 50 years. Seasonal allergies tend to be the strongest in spring and

  • Select the Right Fertilizer for Your Needs

    Select the Right Fertilizer for Your Needs0

    For plants to truly flourish, the right growing conditions and soil that offers the right nutrients is of paramount importance. Fertilizer enhances soil so that plants and flowers can thrive. However, fertilizer is not a one-size-fits-all mix. Choosing fertilizer can be a little overwhelming thanks to the variety of formulations available at neighborhood lawn and

  • Reduce Injuries During DIY Projects0

    Accomplishing a do-it-yourself home repair or renovation can elicit feelings of pride. DIY projects can be cost-effective and completed on homeowners’ unique time schedules. Although people can do many repairs themselves, using the wrong tools or equipment, or having insufficient knowledge of the task at hand can increase the risk of injury. The home security

  • Laundry Room Renovation Ideas

    Laundry Room Renovation Ideas0

    To former apartment dwellers or those who have never enjoyed the benefit of a dedicated laundry area, even the smallest washer and dryer space can seem like a luxury. The benefits of dedicated laundry rooms abound. However, disorganized laundry rooms can nullify such benefits. Depending on the needs and preferences of each homeowner, laundry room

  • Preparing Garden Beds for Spring and Beyond0

    Gardening enthusiasts may have been thinking about their landscape plans throughout the winter, eager to once again get their hands dirty with soil. Whether a home gardener is making preparations for edible crops or beautiful flowers, he or she must take time to make the soil amenable to planting. To establish hearty, durable plants, gardeners

  • Easy Ways to Conserve Water

    Easy Ways to Conserve Water0

    The are a number of reasons to conserve water, but perhaps none is more urgent or compelling than the role water plays in human survival. Water.org notes than human beings can survive for weeks without food but only make it a few days without water. What’s more, the foods humans eat, namely plants and animals,

  • Give Your Kitchen a Facelift0

    Whether completely remodeling your kitchen or just looking for a few simple upgrades to make your cooking space shine, it can be difficult to know where to begin. A well-designed kitchen can incorporate both style and luxury, but it’s also important to upgrade in ways that make everyday tasks easier and your space more efficient.

  • Rise and Shine

    Rise and Shine0

    As I sit and ponder what to write about it’s a beautiful sun-drenched spring morning. Although the temperature might be a little on the chilly side, the smell of spring is in the air. You can feel the warmth of the sun and just know warmer days are right around the corner. It’s such a

  • Happy Easter!0

    Happy Easter everyone! I hope that you all have a happy and blessed holiday! Easter is the perfect holiday to gather friends and family and enjoy a good meal and quality time together. As you all know, cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. And while I am currently on a mission to make the

  • The Roving Sportsman… Wild Turkey Field Care0

    You have been planning and scheming all winter long for the big day during this coming spring gobbler season when you will finally outwit that big old gobbler that has been eluding you for years. You have seen him time and time again strutting for his hens and, while he has answered your calls, he

  • Spring Car Care: What’s Driving Car Care and Purchases This Spring0

    As the weather starts to warm up, Americans will hit the road more often for destinations ranging from family outings to spring vacation destinations. Because cars are such an important part of our daily lives, Hankook Tire examined what drives Americans to keep up with car maintenance, as well as what matters when maintenance can

  • County Hall Corner: Back to the Future0

    Those who follow this column might notice that there have been several articles this year relating to future plans and concerns for Lycoming County. The reason for this is preparation for the approval of the study: “Lycoming 2030: Plan the Possible,” the new Comprehensive Plan for the county. The last plan was done in 2006,

  • Create and Hide Unbreakable Easter Eggs

    Create and Hide Unbreakable Easter Eggs0

    Easter is one of the most important days of the year for Christians. Easter Sunday is filled with symbolism and tradition, some of which harken back to early Christianity, while others trace their origins to paganism. The Easter Bunny and Easter eggs are two Easter traditions with less extensive histories. The Easter Bunny, according to

  • Controversy at the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission0

    I would much rather be writing a story about catching trout on an assortment of great nymph patterns, but there’s another outdoor related issue that I feel needs some further explanation. It’s no secret that the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has been seeking a license increase in order to stay viable. The fact is,

  • How to Return the Unreturnable0

    We’ve all been guilty of impulse purchases that have gone awry, like buying something without trying it on first or buying a piece of clothing that seemed to fit OK in the dressing room, but magically turned out horrible when you got home. Common sense would have you return whatever doesn’t fit or flatter. But,

  • Just Don’t Ask for a High Chair and Bib0

    Americans are obsessed with diets and food intake. The average man needs a balanced mix of nutritious food that totals 2,500 calories per day. Athletes need more. Special issues such as thyroid or illness may dictate otherwise. But I’ve got a secret that will save you money, treat you to less carb intake, and is

  • Sullivan County Shooting Team on the Road to Tokyo0

    In the Spring of 2017, the Sullivan County Shooting Team sent a team of four to the USA Shooting Junior Olympic competition held in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Jesse Stump, Dane Carpenter, Trevor Evelhair, and Mick Wertz. The competition consisted of 136 competitors. The boys did extremely well, with Mick Wertz finishing in the finals in

  • Easter Symbolism Complements the Holiday0

    Tradition plays an important role in Easter celebrations for many families. Cherished traditions and symbols of Easter may include anything from egg hunts to lilies to lambs. Understanding the importance behind these symbols can make sharing the miracle of Easter that much more special. Eggs Eggs are one of the more recognizable symbols of Easter.


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