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  • The Beverage Barn.

    The Beverage Barn.0

    First and foremost, I would like to congratulate my friends at Little League International on their recent successes. The 2018 Little World Series was off the charts, and I wanted to say thanks for another great experience. Jensen and I made it over to a Lamade and Volunteer on a number of occasions. He is

  • James V. Brown Library Offers Back-to-School Resources0

    As the first day of school approaches, is your child prepared for the academic year? Libraries across Pennsylvania grow students’ school readiness social, cognitive and emotional skills. The James V. Brown Library, 19 E. Fourth St., offers year-round story times and early literacy programs to help preschoolers with transitioning. “Coming to our story times can

  • The Roving Sportsman… A Side Trip to the Netherlands0

    When Geoff Farmer invited me to join him and Sandy Greener in the United Kingdom for a couple of weeks of sporting clays shooting and traveling the countryside, he included a proposed sojourn to the Netherlands to shoot in a 4-day Grand Prix Competition. It all sounded great, and the trip to the Netherlands would

  • Milton Harvest Festival Celebrates 42nd Year0

    The Milton Harvest Festival opens its 42nd year with the Tomato Bowl football game on Friday night at Milton Alumni Football Stadium. The event continues with arts, crafts, food and fun on Saturday, September 8th and the 15th as Broadway and Bound avenues, in downtown Milton, are closed for the events. The Festival closes on

  • ‘Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow’: WASD Joins National Campaign to Promote School Attendance0

    A recent amendment to the Pennsylvania School Code on student attendance has Williamsport Area School District answering the call to join in on a national campaign to raise awareness against chronic absenteeism. And the timing is just right. September is national Attendance Awareness Month, and the district is teaming up with the Count Us In

  • County Hall Corner: Here Comes da Flood0

    Psychologists tell us that our mind cannot hold two contrary thoughts in our mind and believe that both are true. But, unfortunately, many homeowners in our area must do just that very thing. Here it goes — a person knows they cannot afford flood insurance for their home, and they also know that there is

  • ‘Tis the Season for School and Lice0

    As the school year begins anew, lice often become a subject of conversation among concerned parents. In certain areas, such as in classrooms and locker rooms, lice easily can be transferred from person to person. Understanding this common foe can help students avoid it and parents recognize it when it’s present. A louse is an

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Desolation Mountain” by William Kent Krueger

    The Bookworm Sez: “Desolation Mountain” by William Kent Krueger0

    The dream is one you’ll never forget. It’s dark, and scary, and it wakes you with pounding heart and dry mouth, a scream on your lips as your eyes slam open. It makes you afraid to go back to sleep. Like most dreams, it doesn’t make any sense. And, as in the new thriller “Desolation

  • My Signature is Worth $9.77, and Yours?0

    • Arts
    • September 5, 2018

    Autograph hounds take note. My signature is valued at a whopping $9.77. Not that I am overjoyed with that figure mind you, because when everything is said and done (as in this story) I am sure one of you would offer me the nice round figure of — $10.00! Autographs are highly sought after collectibles,

  • Felix & the Field Crew0

    While many of the fans descending upon the Williamsport area for the 2018 Little League Baseball World Series were first-time visitors, Mother Nature had other ideas. Not satisfied with the precipitation deluge she had previously sent our way, the days leading up to, and including, the early days of the youthful tournament featured an unwelcomed

  • When is Clumsiness a Cause for Concern?0

    Who hasn’t tripped over his own feet or knocked over a water glass on a table? No one is immune to the occasional clumsiness, but some people may grow concerned that their bouts of clumsiness are becoming more frequent. For healthy people, bumping into a wall when misjudging a corner or dropping silverware on the

  • Peachtree City and Honolulu Create Lifetime Bonds as Both Teams are Awarded the Sportsmanship Award

    Peachtree City and Honolulu Create Lifetime Bonds as Both Teams are Awarded the Sportsmanship Award0

    Moments before Honolulu took on Asia-Pacific to determine the champion of the Little League World Series, there was a special moment as the Sportsmanship award was given out. Peachtree City and Honolulu, the two teams that played for the right to play Asia-Pacific, bonded throughout the nearly two-week tournament. Peachtree City parents and players even

  • Discounts Available to the Over 50 Crowd0

    Many people may not look forward to the day they turn 50, but cracking the half century mark can have its perks. Many retailers and businesses offer discounts to men and women over 50, and the following are just a few ways that people who have turned the big 5-0 might be able to save

  • Let’s Go Back to “Old School”0

    Well the kiddos are back to school, and that can mean only one thing — there are a lot of happy parents across the West Branch Valley. No matter how much you love spending time with your children, it just seems that by the end of the summer, you’re ready for them to return to

  • Let’s Toast Some Marshmallows

    Let’s Toast Some Marshmallows0

    So by now, y’all have figured out that I love to cook. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth myself, but I like making sweets for other people. August 30th is supposedly ‘Toasted Marshmallow Day’, so I got to thinking that there has to be something fun to do with toasted marshmallows other than

  • Williamsport to Host the “Super Bowl” of Drum Corps World Championship Competition This Weekend0

    The Williamsport area has just concluded hosting one world-class event in the Little League World Series. Now it will turn around and host another one when the DCA World Championships are held here this weekend, August 31 to September 2 at Williamsport Area High School’s STA stadium and at the Community Arts Center in downtown

  • Fall Into a Fitness Routine0

    Fall is notorious for comfort foods like pumpkin spice lattes and game day nachos. Combine these tempting seasonal staples with darker, shorter days and it can be hard to maintain an active mindset. Despite the enticement to indulge, you can keep your active lifestyle going or even kick off a new fitness regime. This year,

  • Grit August 25, 1963: Recreation Series Presents Solo Shakespeare Reading0

    Arriving for final rehearsals today in his hometown, Van Youngman is looking forward to his performance Wednesday at 8 p.m. at Brandon Park, where he will give a special one-man show for the community free recreational series. Mr. Youngman, whose family resides in town, is a professional actor who has been studied and played in

  • County Hall Corner: Wet Weather Woes1

    If it seems that we have had a very wet summer, it is because we have. National Weather Service reports that 11.99 inches of rain (let’s call it 12 inches), fell in Williamsport in the month of July, with the normal amount being 4.34 inches. July 2018 ranks as the wettest July on record, shattering

  • No Parking0

    I hate to parallel park, so I avoid it at all costs. Sometimes that means I attempt to maneuver my car into what appears to be a ridiculously small space and shortly thereafter, drive away, defeated. Other times I opt for a traditional parking lot and convince myself that that’s not cheating — even when


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