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  • Holiday Giving for Reluctant Recipients0

    Quite a number of people take pleasure from finding gifts under the tree and then having the opportunity to tear open the wrapping paper and see which treasures are inside. But there also is a category of people who claim they have all they could ever need and want and insist that gifts are not

  • How to Build a Holiday Giving Budget

    How to Build a Holiday Giving Budget0

    Spending time with loved ones and reflecting on all of the blessings the previous year has bestowed is a great way to celebrate the holiday season. But giving, entertaining and traveling are part of the season as well, and that can leave many people wondering how to finance their holiday season. Many people admit to

  • Gift-Wrapping Tips and Tricks0

    Much of the focus of each holiday season is on gift-giving, but all those gifts will eventually need to be wrapped. Stacks of presents just waiting to be covered with paper and ribbon can overwhelm gift givers, prompting them to put off wrapping gifts until the last minute. Hesitant wrappers with a pile of gifts

  • Gift Ideas for Fitness Fans

    Gift Ideas for Fitness Fans0

    The fitness industry is booming and attracting new devotees every day. Research from the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association says 2017 was a strong year for the health and fitness industry, and several health clubs have built on that success in 2018. The growth of the fitness industry has included a surge in boutique

  • Great Gifts for Sports Fans0

    Sports fans are passionate about their favorite sports and favorite teams. Perhaps nowhere is that passion more evident than in how much sports fans are spending to attend sporting events. A 2017 study from CreditCards.com found that American consumers spent $56 billion to attend sporting events over the year prior to the study being conducted.

  • Light Bites for Healthier Holidays0

    For those who are always on the go leading up to the holidays, the season can feel more like madness than merrymaking. From planning get-togethers to building out a perfect menu for the events, there can be difficulties for hosts and guests alike to ensure proper nutrition is still top of mind. Instead of sacrificing

  • Great Gift Ideas for New Parents0

    A baby’s first holiday season is a special time. Baby Center states that slightly less than four million babies are born in the United States each year. In Canada, around 390,000 babies are born annually, according to data from Statistics Canada. That means there are millions of new parents out there who are looking forward

  • How to be Certain You’re Buying Safe Toys This Holiday Season

    How to be Certain You’re Buying Safe Toys This Holiday Season0

    Few things compare to seeing the joy on a child’s face upon opening a holiday gift. Many adults remember holiday gifts they received as children, and holiday shoppers often try to look for gifts that will be just as memorable to the special youngsters in their lives. Shoppers might have kids’ smiles on their minds

  • How to Keep Gifts Secret and Hidden0

    Surprising loved ones and friends with gifts is part of the excitement of the holiday season. It can be just as exhilarating for gift-givers to witness the gifts being opened as for the recipients who are tearing into the paper to reveal their gifts. But in order for presents to be the ultimate surprises, it

  • Great Gifts for Holiday Hosts

    Great Gifts for Holiday Hosts0

    Hosting family and friends during the holiday season is a big responsibility, especially for those men and women welcoming overnight guests into their homes. Hosts anticipate opening their homes to loved ones during the holiday season and would never ask for anything in return. But guests who want to show their appreciation to their gracious

  • Land of the Free and Home of Some Monster Bucks

    Land of the Free and Home of Some Monster Bucks0

    We are so truly blessed to live in the greatest Country in the world. Like I always say, there’s a reason everybody is fighting to get in, and no one is choosing to leave. Although some Hollywood elitists do make the idle threat of leaving our Country, they never do. However, they may change their

  • You Take the Good; You Take the Bad0

    Life isn’t always easy, but generally, we do our best to make it the best we can. Some of us are better at this than others. Webb Weekly writer Gerry Ayers is better at finding the best in life than most people I know. In case you haven’t heard, Gerry has stage four colon cancer

  • 20th Annual Victorian Christmas and Other Related Events To Take Place This Weekend0

    This marks a special and milestone year for Victorian Christmas. It is the 20th Anniversary of the event that began with founding members Nan Young, Ted Lyons Jr., and Gloria Miele. Early on they saw the opportunity to share the beauty and elegance of our historic district with the public. Since that time, the event

  • Refrigerator Art: The Sequel

    Refrigerator Art: The Sequel0

    Well the inevitable has happened. I’ve gone to the dark side of home décor once more and I can’t begin to express my deep regret over my failings. In sum, I’ve sullied the surface of my newish refrigerator with more pictures than I can reliably count and made it a veritable shrine to my favorite

  • Santa Coming To Williamsport In Horse Drawn Carriage November 160

    In a bid to get a jump on the upcoming Christmas season, Santa Claus will be coming to Williamsport on a horse-drawn carriage to Park Place, 800 West Fourth Street, on Friday, November 16 at 7:00 p.m. Santa will light the tree to kick off Victorian Christmas weekend. There will be caroling led by the

  • Pennsylvania’s Ultimate Big Game?0

    Those of us who hunt wild turkeys here in our home state of Pennsylvania often consider this bird to be the ultimate game to pursue. Whitetail deer hunters are without a doubt even more fanatical about naming deer as the greatest game animal within our state’s borders. And, yes, we are very fortunate to have

  • Loyalsock to Host ‘Teacher of the Year’ Program0

    The Loyalsock Township School District is honored to host and evening with our 2018 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Jennifer Wahl. The community is invited to attend our program on November 19, 2018 at 6:00 p.m., and to hear Jennifer share her educational journey from high school through today. Jennifer R. Wahl has been

  • Commission Updates0

    In last week’s column, I mentioned the news that the Fish and Boat Commission will receive $250,000 from the state to relocate and build another launch site somewhere nearby. The commission will match the state’s funding with another $250,000. Don’t plan to launch your boat at the new ramp for at least a couple of

  • Gabe Stillman Band to Present Special Thanksgiving Eve Fundraising Performance0

    Gabe Stillman Band to Present Special Thanksgiving Eve Fundraising Performance Winners of the 2018 Billtown Blues Challenge, The Gabe Stillman Band, are presenting a fundraising concert for their trip to Memphis, TN in January of 2019 for the International Blues Challenge. The band will be representing the local Billtown Blues Association in a competition that

  • Gazette and Bulletin: November 15, 1941 – Hunters Asked to Save Spent Shells for Defense Use0

    Hunters throughout the nation were urged by the Pennsylvania Game Commission to save their used rifle shells this season for conversion of the brass into national defense material. Seth Gordon, director of the state commission, estimated that the hunters could reclaim at least 20 million shells, and Pennsylvania might be able to provide one million


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