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  • A T-Van and JRT Air Views0

    • Arts
    • October 31, 2018

    There’s going to come a time, and it should be fun, that our pets will be able to communicate to us with more than a mere bark or meow. Some type of app, linked to their brain, plugged into our laptop or cell phone will expose their thoughts, channel and funnel them, then translate them

  • Gazette and Bulletin: November 1, 1923 – Ruth’s All Stars Defeat Locals in Lively Tilt0

    Williamsport’s baseball fandom was formally introduced to George Herman (Babe) Ruth yesterday afternoon and if Ruth likes us as well as we like him, the good impression is a mutual one. Incidentally, it may be mentioned that Ruth’s All Stars, four of whom were members of the Pennsylvania R.R. team won the game, an eight-

  • The Roving Sportsman… A Hunt With Lucy and Mattie0

    Growing up outside of Montoursville, in rural Lycoming County, during the 1950s and 1960s gave a youth many opportunities to hunt and fish. Whitetail deer were available to hunt, turkeys were beginning to reach huntable numbers, and there was the occasional black bear that one might come across. But more numerous, and therefore more often

  • For Thicker Hair0

    After sporting a pixie cut for seven years, I’ve been letting my hair grow out. During this 18-month growing period, I have been relearning through trial and error how to maintain longer locks. As I reached chin-length, I thought I had fine hair, but it turns out the mistakes I was making in my hair

  • Popping Up Sweet Fall Treats0

    When it’s time for a sweet treat, look for seasonal goodies that complement fun fall activities. For example, reach for an option like whole-grain, fluffy and crisp popcorn which can be an easy, DIY snack. Combine sweet and salty flavors to create something delicious to devour like delightful Down Home Apple Pie Popcorn. To better

  • True Value0

    What has more value, gold or water? Before you answer that question, let me tell you a little story. Wilbur had done his research. Native American folklore, geological surveys and several productive scouting trips had him convinced that there was gold in the high desert. He sold nearly everything he owned to finance his expedition

  • Halloween Boasts a Rich History

    Halloween Boasts a Rich History0

    Costume-clad kids, bags of candy and jack-o’-lanterns are some indelible images associated with Halloween. Those images may forever be linked to this beloved, fun-filled holiday, which boasts a rich history that varies depending on where in the world you might be. Celebrations around the world may not mirror those in the United States, where trick-or-treating

  • Billtown Blues Association Set to Present its Annual Fall Into the Blues Concert: To include a Special BBA Announcement!0

    Billtown Blues Organizers have set Saturday November 3rd for their annual fundraising event, “Fall Into the Blues”. The event will be held in the Garden Terrace Room of the Genetti Hotel, starting at 4pm. General Admission is $15, and card-carrying BBA members receive admission for $10. The program this year will be divided into three

  • VOTERS OF WILLIAMSPORT: Don’t Give Up the Power of the People. Vote ‘No’ and ‘No’ so You Elect a Mayor!2

    The last thing needed in today’s world at any level is to give more power to elected officials. However, that is exactly what Williamsport City Council is asking you to do. What is all this City Charter confusion about? Why would you want a Council-Manager or Home Rule option over electing a mayor? Why would

  • Be Informed0

    I’m sure you are probably wondering why we are doing an issue on voting so far in front of the mid-term elections. The reason is that we want everyone in the area to be as informed as possible before they head to the polls, and to have plenty of time for you to do your

  • Preparing for the Polls — Part 6: Why Here, Why Now?0

    In this series on preparing for the November election, four columns have been devoted to the complicated issue of changing the city charter of Williamsport. Two very different proposals for change are on the ballot, and if both receive a majority by the voters, there will probably be a long and tenuous journey through a

  • How to be Less Stressed0

    Most of us have experienced the big stressors of life: changing jobs, getting married, moving houses, illness, etc. While these big-ticket stressors can be challenging, they are usually only a temporary disruption. However, when all of the “little things” start piling up, it can feel like death by a thousand cuts, and it’s hard to

  • Horror Films Keep Moviegoers Screaming

    Horror Films Keep Moviegoers Screaming0

    Halloween is an exciting time of the year, particularly for horror fans who embrace the ghoulish and ghastly. Halloween hijinks and costumes may be one way to keep things scary. The array of horror films slated for release also can raise hackles and ensure sleepless nights to come. Here are a few sneak peeks at

  • Gazette and Bulletin: October 22. 1943 – Unidentified Aircraft Circles City, Arouses Residents0

    A low-flying, unidentified, multi-motor airplane which circled the city for about an hour last night, caused excitement galore, as residents worried over possibilities of the craft to land at the unlighted Williamsport airport. First noticed shortly after 9 o’clock last night, the plane flew east and west across the city and led Williamsporters to believe

  • Natural Ice Baths0

    HEY. YOU WEREN’T IN THE PAPER THIS WEEK. OK. I missed another deadline and thanks to those who continue to remind. There’s actually a great story behind my mishap, and I will do my best to explain. But before I begin, I want to say cheers to the handful of fans. Your feedback and praise

  • Colegrove Continues to Excel at Lock Haven as He’s Named Athlete of the Week for a Second Time0

    As Lock Haven’s season was on the brink of falling into a hole, it wouldn’t be able to get out of or possibly advance into something biggest Shane Colegrove made a move and scored a goal. The goal came in the opening half of a game against East Stroudsburg University, but it wasn’t going to

  • This Week’s LION: Muncy Bank and Trust Company0

    Lycoming County is unique in a number of ways, and one of which is the prevalence of local banks. The banking industry continues to consolidate nationally and even internationally, but in our area, Woodlands Bank, Jersey Shore State Bank, and Muncy Bank and Trust Company have survived and even grown as local entities. These banks

  • UPMC Susquehanna Partners with West Branch Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission to Prevent Prescription Drugs from Hitting the Streets0

    UPMC Susquehanna is partnering with West Branch Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission to host drug take back week, Oct. 21–27. The organizations are encouraging community members to remove unused prescription medication form their households and deposit them in standing drug return drop box locations throughout the community. “Given the opioid crisis we face in Pennsylvania,

  • The Roving Sportsman… The Pennsylvania Bowhunter’s Triple Crown0

    Next week, from Monday, October 29 through Saturday, November 3, bowhunters throughout the state will have a unique opportunity. For that six-day period, whitetail deer (antlered and antlerless), black bear, and wild turkeys will all be in season for archery hunters statewide. The statewide archery antlered and antlerless deer seasons run from September to November

  • Five Easy Ways to Add Colorful Curb Appeal

    Five Easy Ways to Add Colorful Curb Appeal0

    Before the dull and dreary days of winter set in, you still have plenty of time to update your home’s curb appeal with pops of color that add a cheerful touch to offset the oncoming gray weather. Get a Step Up with Railings Chipped, tired railings can make a home look outdated and unkempt, but


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