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  • County Hall Corner: Two Choices to Get it Right0

    On Tuesday, May 21st, one of the most important elections in years will be held here in Lycoming County. Though all elections are important in some respect, this one has the potential of changing the direction of county government for many years to come. Though voting for mayors, borough council members or township supervisors are

  • You Can Learn a Lot From a Song0

    “I believe most people are good and most mamas oughta qualify for sainthood.” This line is from country star Luke Bryan’s hit “Most People Are Good,” please Google and listen if you haven’t heard it. It’s also a great segue to Happy Mother’s Day! As far as the sainthood I definitely agree with Luke. Thank

  • Happy Mother’s Day0

    It’s become tradition to run this list on Mother’s Day, tweaking as I go along, because all moms in all their forms, shapes, sizes and colors deserve to be recognized — not just on Mother’s Day, but every day! So without further ado… First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, who helped me

  • May Is National Foster Care Awareness Month0

    Mother’s Day is this Sunday. A day in which we celebrate the love of mothers. But some children don’t get to enjoy either a mother or a father’s love. May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. Foster care is a way that some of these children get to enjoy that love. On any given day

  • The Roving Sportsman… Go Anyway!0

    Sometimes, it just seems like the effort will be wasted. You’re tired from the hard work the day before, it’s raining, it’s windy, it’s too cold, and you overslept and now won’t arrive at your hunting spot until much later than you had planned. You’ll jump the deer or turkeys as you try to hurry

  • Cutters Announce 2019 Promotions: Local Legends Bobblehead Series Highlight Schedule0

    The Williamsport Crosscutters have released their full promotional schedule in advance of the 2019 season, presented by UPMC, which opens on June 14. Fireworks return in a big way with a record total of nine shows during the 2019 campaign. Friday Night Fireworks will light up the sky on June 14 & 21, July 5, 12, 19

  • Gearing Up0

    Special thanks to my friends at Little International. They have provided another unforgettable experience. Jensen and his mates have spent the past two weeks playing games at their gorgeous facilities, battling it out with other locals at Howard J. Lamade and Volunteer Stadiums. It’s a dream come true for many of these youngsters. That includes

  • Bragalone’s ‘Chances’0

    It was sometime in mid-March. Jean and I were watching TV, and a promo came on about the NFL Draft. “When is that,” she asked? “Oh not until the end of April,” I replied. “You mean they will be talking about this for the next month?” was her somewhat exasperated response. I simply nodded in

  • Risen Grace: Taken By Passion0

    William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, gave this response when asked about the secret of his success: “I will tell you the secret. God has had all there was of me. There have been men with greater brains than I, and men with greater opportunities. But from the day I got the poor of

  • Long Time Umpire Barry Rake Honored By Loyalsock Little League0

    For more than 50 years, Barry Rake has been stepping on baseball fields as a coach and later as a long time umpire. Much of that umpiring time occurred at Loyalsock Little League. Because of that long term commitment to Loyalsock, Rake was recently honored by the league by a special award and having the

  • Giving the Gift of Life0

    Each day across America 20 people will die while waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. Imagine the faces of those 20 individuals. It might be a father with a heart condition too ill to work, a college student dependent on a dialysis machine or a small child desperate for a liver transplant. Now imagine being

  • What to Write: Tips for Creating the Perfect Message for any Mother’s Day Card0

    Mom is a special title reserved for the special women who care tremendously for their loved ones. Of course this means your birth mom, but the mom squad includes so many more caring women. It’s your wife, best friend, sister, neighbor and beyond. These people simply make the world a better place. Moms go above

  • County Hall Corner: Nine Times Nine0

    On the last day of April, the Lycoming County Republican Party in cooperation with Radio WEJS in Williamsport conducted a forum for the nine Republican candidates running for the two County Commissioner seats on the May 21st primary ballot. A full house crowded into Clarke Chapel on the campus of Lycoming College as each of

  • How to Honor the Important Women in Your Life This Mother’s Day0

    This Mother’s Day, take the opportunity to honor not only your mother, but all the important women in your life who have provided care and love when you needed it the most. Think about the women who have supported, nurtured and cheered you on. Now it’s your chance to show them how much they mean

  • Gazette and Bulletin: May 6, 1939 – To Open Traffic Division, Change Timing of Lights0

    Establishment of a traffic division of the Williamsport Police Department and a detailed traffic survey with the aid of a WPA employee were announced last night by Chief John G. Good. The police official expects to have a comprehensive study of local automobile and pedestrian traffic ready within three months, from which a new program of

  • How to Look Polished Fast0

    Whether you have small children or not, getting up and out of the door on time looking presentable can be a challenge. If given the time, I can turn out a polished look that is not only presentable but stylish. However, most mornings, after wrestling my daughters into their clothes, I’d much rather just go

  • This Week’s LION: Don Noviello, Williamsport Mayoral Candidate1

    LION stands for “Leaders in Our Neighborhood,” and no one represents this better than Don Noviello, Republican candidate for Williamsport Mayor in the upcoming May 21st primary. Don has possibly the most complete resume a candidate for local office could have. Business background – check. Community service – check. Advanced education – check. Political experience

  • Mother’s Day Ideas for Moms From All Walks of Life0

    Mother’s Day is a celebration of women who devote so much of their effort and energy to their families. Celebrating Mom on Mother’s Day lets her know all of her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Mothers may perform similar tasks, but no two moms are the same. Finding ways to celebrate Mom’s uniqueness can make the

  • Time to Tackle Your Tackle0

    What on earth am I talking about with that title? Well, if you’ve ever gone fishing with a buddy who doesn’t have all his fishing gear organized you know what I mean. I have had days when I’ve had 20 casts made before my fishing partner had his rod ready and a lure attached. That

  • Andrea’s Country Home Cookin0

    Hi everyone! My name is Andrea. I’m a wife, a momma of two, and life never seems to slow down. I enjoy spending time with my family. That’s what is most important to me. You know what I else love? Cooking! Put the two together, and it gives us evenings around the table, enjoying good


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