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  • Blue and White of Passage0

    Penn State opened their home schedule with Eastern Michigan. Other than for the excitement of a new season and plenty of points being scored, this is a game that normally would soon be forgotten. For me this game will be remembered. My father began taking me to ‘Happy Valley’ when I was three. Like so

  • Never Forget0

    Twelve years have passed since the September 11th terrorist attacks on our country. As I sit here on a beautiful late summer day it takes me back to that morning. Not a cloud in the sky. It was a normal start of what was to be another normal workday. All of this changed with the

  • There’s Still Summer Time…0

    It’s hard to believe the calendar reads August! Wasn’t it just yesterday my sons Jimmy and Hunter made a run for the door as the school year came to an end? Well, I’ve got some bad news. For my boys and all students…by month’s end you’ll be back in the classroom. Parents rejoice as structure

  • Congrats, Coaches and Country…0

    Congratulations to my kid sister Morgan and husband to be, Mike. They will be wed this Saturday. I am honored to be pinch hitting for my Dad where needed and hope it is a most special day for the bride, groom and families. I know I should wait until after the wedding for well wishes