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  • Helping Hands

    Helping Hands0

    Man, the flu has sure hit our area, hasn’t it? It seems everyone you talk to is sick or was sick. I think we try to prepare ourselves to be ready, but this stuff seems to be lasting for a week or longer! Who’s ready for spring? My hand is raised high in the air!

  • Saturdays in the 80s0

    Saturday mornings when I was a kid were so memorable. I was about four, and my mom was a nurse and was working third shift some weekends. So, Dad would get him and I out and about so Mom could get a good day’s sleep. The weekends varied on what we would get into. We

  • For the Love of Valentine’s

    For the Love of Valentine’s0

    Thursday nights usually consist of going over to the farm for dinner at Mom and Mark’s. Some nights it can be the funny farm. It depends on how wound up we all get! We all say it’s one of our favorite nights of the week because we get to be together. Washing dishes and looking

  • Meal Plans0

    Do you come home from work and wonder what you are going to have for dinner? Do you ever find yourself in this situation? You have just come home from a long day, and it’s late. You are too tired to cook but know that you need some nutrition. You immediately think of something healthy,


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