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  • Andrea’s Country Home Cookin: The Hubby0

    So you have heard about my parents, my kids, and a few other family members, but the only thing you know about my husband is how much he loves hot sauce. That doesn’t say too much about a man now does it? My husband and I are highschool sweethearts. We have been together for twenty

  • Andrea’s Country Home Cookin: Strawberry Season

    Andrea’s Country Home Cookin: Strawberry Season0

    Strawberry Season Ahhh, the beginning of June! Schools out, and the pickin is grand! Strawberry pickin that is! I remember back in my younger days that when school left out, we had a strawberry pickin day with mom. As long as it wasn’t hot, I didn’t mind it, but if my upper lip started to

  • Andrea’s Country Home Cookin / Father’s Day0

    I love Father’s Day because it gives us a chance to put our dads in the spotlight – a place they’d normally not choose to be. I have three different men in my life who have the roll of a father figure. One being my amazing dad, Lee Perry, who was and has always been

  • Andrea’s Country Home Cookin

    Andrea’s Country Home Cookin0

    It’s fresh produce time! Nothin like a good farmer’s market. All the gorgeous flowers, and colored fruits and veggies that taste so delicious. Every year I think to myself, “Andrea, next year let’s make our own garden! I mean, how hard can it be?” Then I remember you have to water it daily, and I


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