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  • No Harm in Prepping

    No Harm in Prepping0

    As I sit here typing up this week’s column, I’m thankful for my health. We are always supposed to be thankful, but November is the month to remind us to be grateful for the many positive things happening in our life. There is just so much to give thanks for. Today was my first day

  • Fall Cider

    Fall Cider0

    When fall rolls around, we all look forward to our seasonal favorites. Some people are pumpkin people. Some people are apple people. And some people are like, forget both of them, and would rather have a pina colada while wishing summer would stay forever. I’m thankful to live in Pennsylvania and have seasons. Watching the

  • Trick or Treat!

    Trick or Treat!0

    It feels like it wasn’t many years ago that I was looking forward to getting dressed up to go out trick or treating. Mom would stay home and pass out candy, and dad would walk my little brother and I around the neighborhood going from door to door saying, “Trick or Treat!” We always made

  • It’s What I Love About Sundays

    It’s What I Love About Sundays0

    So, over the past few months you have gotten to know my family and myself. So you know that I hate the heat. I’m never sad to see summer go. Like ever. I welcome fall with open arms. I could live in fall all year honestly. It’s my favorite season! I am such a cozy


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