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  • Fall Into the Blues Fundraiser0

    In addition to cooler weather, and beautiful colors, the “fall season”, to the Billtown Blues Association, BBA, means “generosity!” Fall Into the Blues, the non-profit’s annual fundraiser, is meaningful in many ways. Most importantly it brings together a group of talented and highly regarded local and regional musicians, who have made a devoted effort to

  • Fashion Rules to Live By0

    When talking about fashion with a capital “F” there are no rules. Hence designers push themselves to innovate, magazines test the limits of taste, and celebrities step out on the red carpet in some very grandiose ensembles. The “sky’s the limit” approach to fashion is what makes it a fun to follow as an art

  • Anti-Aging Habits for Your 30s0

    Your 30s are a great time of life! At least they have been for me thus far. Once you’ve hit your mid-30s, you hopefully have gained some knowledge about life and have blossomed into a better, more mature, and more polished version of yourself. However, with wisdom can come laugh lines, frown lines, and a

  • Trick-or-Treating Tips for Rural Residents0

    If someone were commissioned to paint a picture of Halloween bliss, it would probably showcase a neighborhood full of children ringing doorbells and gathering treats. Millions of children and adults participate in the annual ritual of trick-or-treating. For urban and suburban children, close-by neighbors make it quite easy to fill up sacks of candy. However,

  • Haunted0

    Kid-friendly ghost story from Arkansas about a haunted house with some spooky ghosts with a serious knack for baking. Written by Harris Tobias. In the town of Blakeslee, Arkansas, there was a house that everyone knew was haunted. It was an old neglected house on a side street in the oldest part of town. Sometimes,

  • The Tell-Tale Heart0

    TRUE! –nervous –very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses –not destroyed –not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute. I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth. I heard many things in

  • Good News!0

    As a pastor, I am often with people during very difficult times. In those settings, we regularly receive updates about the crisis — news that comes from a doctor, or a police officer, or some other professional that has the information we are very eager to hear. I must tell you, in those desperate moments

  • The Vinder Viper0

    Years ago, a man inherited a house from his great uncle who died in the war. The house sat on a hill outside of town in the next state and rumors were told that it was haunted. The man traveled to the town to inspect the house and found that it was a wonderful old

  • Active Community Assistance – Five helpful ways to lend a hand0

    Social responsibility comes in all shapes and sizes, but ultimately it comes down to one common purpose: making the world a better place. From volunteering at local shelters and community centers to feeding those in need at your local food bank, there are countless ways to give back within your community. According to the Bureau

  • Wait! He Can’t Commentate!0

    Imagine a small town radio station asks me to “assist” in a play-by-play Friday night football game. What would I bring to the table? Uh, I mean press booth. Before we go any further, there are opposing views on everything. Thus, for every fervent fan and parent who cherishes “Friday Night Lights,” there is a

  • 72nd Annual South Williamsport Mummers’ Parade This Saturday0

    The leaves are starting to fall, the air has a chilly crisp to it, there may even be some frost on those fall pumpkins, warm cider is bubbling, ghouls and goblins are ever-present and it is October, so it must be time for the annual South Williamsport Mummers’ Parade, which will step off for the

  • How to Have Flawless Makeup0

    When I first began working in an office full time, I struggled with a professional makeup look. My student years of dark lipstick and dramatic eyeliner weren’t really appropriate. After some trial and error, I figured out a cosmetic routine that complemented my face and fit into my professional style. The next challenge was keeping