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  • March MADNESS in the 17728.0

    WHO NEEDS ONE? I heard my teammate’s cry but chose to ignore him. My legs feel like Jello, but I decide to press on without a breather. I dazzle the crowd with another no-look pass that ends up in the rafters. My fifth turnover of the night. Just awful. Throw in my three air balls

  • My USABat0

    I must say that I am truly humbled by all the praise. Special thanks to those who give me props. Writing was never a forte, and I am extremely grateful that my lovely editor invites me back each week. English was by far my worst subject growing up so you can imagine the emotions when

  • Biddy Ball0

    Don’t get me wrong folks. I enjoy spending a few hours in a local gym every weekend, but this has been a very hectic winter. Jensen and his extracurriculars certainly keep us busy. From baseball practices to basketball games. “Call of Duty” competitions and neighborhood Nerf Gun wars. We are always on the go, and

  • I Can’t Wait FORE Spring.0

    Mother Nature can be such a tease. Especially in the month of February. I love North Central PA but this is just crazy. A groundhog predicts another 42 days of darkness and then our temperatures jump to the mid-60s. Dude? Now it’s back to Kelvin with a possibility of sleet and snow. I don’t know


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