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  • Eagle Sightings0

    Spotting eagles has become rather common for me, and I’m sure a number of other people as well. I don’t know how many times I’ve been sitting in my “branch office” (Dunkin Donuts-Muncy) only to look out the window and watch one or even two mature eagles flying low along Muncy Creek — sometimes they

  • Backyard Birds0

    We usually wait until the bears have gone into their winter dens before we start putting any food out in our bird feeders simply because I’ve lost too many bird feeders to black bears. A few weeks ago my wife decided to fill all the backyard bird feeders and a couple of days later there

  • Fishing electronics0

    It’s obvious that technology has had an enormous impact on how we function these days and the same holds true in the world of fishing; more specifically I’m referring to the use of sonar and how it applies to the fishermen. When I started fishing in my high-school years, sonar was something that had military

  • Webb Weekly’s ‘Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest’ Winner is Haley Mamma of Jersey Shore

    Webb Weekly’s ‘Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest’ Winner is Haley Mamma of Jersey Shore0

    Haley Mumma, a 14-year-old young lady from Jersey Shore, has succeeded in taking top honors for the highest scoring buck rack in the annual Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. Haley topped the list of over 60 entries in our big buck contest that’s been going on for about eight years now. Last year another teenage


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