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  • Some “Fishy” News0

    Hearing and reading about invasive species showing up in our country is getting to be commonplace; it seems like every time we turn around another new plant, bug or critter has found a new home here. Our waterways and lakes are no exception, and in fact, many invasives including a variety of plant species and

  • The “Snake Whisperer”

    The “Snake Whisperer”0

    Last week a couple of neighborhood boys were at their grandmother’s house when she summoned me to come over and remove a large black rat snake crawling next to her house. The nearly six-foot-long snake was less than pleased when I picked it up, but in a short time it calmed down when it realized

  • The Wildlife Leadership Academy

    The Wildlife Leadership Academy0

    Let’s start this piece by first talking about cover and structure for fish. So what does the title, “Wildlife Leadership Academy” have to do with cover and structure? I’ll get to that in a minute, but what about cover and structure? If you’re a fisherman, you know the importance of cover and structure in a

  • Walleye Basics0

    I don’t often write about walleye fishing because in recent years I haven’t pursued them as frequently as I have in the past. Sure, I manage to pick up a few walleyes every year but it’s often while I’m chasing some other species of fish like bass or pike. In years past I would often


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