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  • Let’s Have a Crappie Time

    Let’s Have a Crappie Time0

    Believe me; I’m not suggesting that anyone have a bad or crappy time but rather now is the time to begin your search for some good crappie fishing. I know it’s the beginning of trout season, and I have been putting my share of time on the trout streams as well, but I’ve also been

  • Expand Your Fish Catching Opportunities0

    Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been writing about how one might go about increasing their fish catching opportunities. Being willing to target a variety of fish species is one way to increase your catch rate, and using a variety of equipment will also add to your numbers. Another possibility I would like to

  • Greater Versatility Catches More Fish0

    In last week’s piece, I mentioned that versatility was a key to catching more fish. In fact, the whole point was that the more different species of fish you were willing to pursue the better your chances of hooking up — literally. I would like to continue that theme of versatility but with a different

  • Spring Gobbler Season Only Weeks Away0

    For us outdoor types, two big openers come up in April; first, the regular trout season for our part of the state opens on April 14, and then on April 28 spring gobbler season opens. Those of us who are serious about these activities don’t sit around and wait for the opening day, but rather

  • I Want to Catch More Fish0

    “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.” How many times have you heard that little quote? Well, I don’t buy it; a better thought is, “A good day of fishing is better than a good day at work.” Yea, I know it’s nice to just be out there enjoying

  • April 14 – Trout Opener0

    To be honest, I haven’t fished the opening day of trout season for many years. It wasn’t always that way though; when I was a young fellow in the 60s, I wouldn’t have missed the first day for anything. Most of my first days were spent on Sinnemahoning Creek using Mike’s Lucky Seven salmon eggs.


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