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  • Making Mentoring Memories

    Making Mentoring Memories0

    Mentoring — what is it? I looked up the word “mentor” in the dictionary, and it’s defined as someone who guides, trains or advises someone with less experience. Many of us, who hunt and fish often, serve as mentors to family members and friends. To be honest, it’s often just as rewarding to see a

  • October – What a Month!0

    October is a tough month for us outdoor types. What makes October so tough is the fact that there are so many different game animals that can be hunted or fish that can be caught; it’s just a great time to pursue a lot of various critters. As the cooler temperatures take over and the

  • New Hunting Regulations Coming1

    There are some new hunting regulations set to take place this year or next year that are of particular interest to those of us who hunt deer. I’ve been following this first regulation for the past year or two, and it is now in play for Pennsylvania deer hunters starting with this fall’s archery season.

  • The Hunt for October Walleyes0

    I must admit that I do not pursue walleyes with the same dedication that I have for trout, bass or even panfish but I do enjoy some dedicated walleye fishing on occasion. In previous years I would often travel to various locations in Canada just for the opportunity to catch walleyes and many of those

  • A Look at Hunting Trends in Pennsylvania0

    There’s no question about it, when it comes to hunting in Pennsylvania the whitetail deer is king. No other hunting in our state garners as much attention as deer hunting does and I wouldn’t be surprised it’s the same for most other states. In spite of what some may say, deer are still readily available,

  • Treestand Hunting: Safety First0

    When I started hunting as a kid in the 60s treestands were practically unheard of; back then, they consisted of a couple of boards in the fork of a tree. My guess is, archery hunters probably started the portable treestand trend. Pulling back a recurve bow in the presence of a deer often resulted in


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