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  • UPMC Provider: Prioritize Routine Health Care Visits0

    After two years of facing pandemic woes, it is time to make your health a top priority again. While you may think a primary care appointment is not urgent and it’s OK to put off a visit with your provider, you may be setting yourself up for potentially serious health issues later. Cancer and other

  • UPMC Gastroenterologist: Don’t Delay Preventative Screenings0

    Over the past two years, the pandemic may have caused quite a few changes in your day-to-day life. Travel plans were cancelled, a lot of people worked from home, and you might have even had to isolate from your loved ones. Another concerning item to add to the list is that you may have delayed

  • National Nurses Day May 6th0

    May 6th is National Nurses Day — a day to help bring awareness to their hard work and dedication and to say thanks to the millions of nurses across the country. I’ve encountered many male and female nurses over the years, and nearly all do their work in a compassionate and professional manner. They often

  • How to Corral Spring Allergies0

    Spring is synonymous with rebirth. Each spring, flowers begin to bloom again, grass starts to grow and people from all walks of life rekindle their love affair with the great outdoors. Spring also marks the return of a familiar foe: allergies. Seasonal allergies can put a damper on even the most welcoming spring day. After

  • UPMC Physician: Managing Varicose Vein Pain0

    There are many misconceptions about varicose veins, or the twisted, swollen, dark blue or purple-colored veins that bulge beneath the skin’s surface. Some examples of these myths are that the veins are just a cosmetic concern, they only affect women of a certain age, and that they appear more often in active people. However, the

  • UPMC Physician: Getting Active in Spring0

    Spring is the season of renewal and growth. We’re emerging from the winter season, a time when we’re not as physically active, and looking to take full advantage of the longer, sunny days and warmer temperatures. Unfortunately, this is also a prime time for injuries resulting from the rapid ramping up of activity. Spending months

  • UPMC Physician: Allergies or Something More?0

    It’s been a few weeks since the official start of spring. You may have noticed warmer weather, sprouting plants, and an unfortunate side effect – dreaded allergy symptoms. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 60 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies every year. Allergy symptoms are a reaction to foreign

  • How Climate Change is Already Affecting Daily Life0

    Climate change poses a significant threat to future generations. Rising sea levels and food shortages are just two of the climate-related issues future generations may be forced to confront. But it’s not just tomorrow’s generations that will be forced to deal with the consequences of climate change. Climate change is often described and discussed in

  • What to Know About the Items That End Up Being Recycled0

    Many of today’s adults grew up recycling bottles, cans and paper products. That’s made it easy to take the benefits of recycling for granted. Recycle Across America®, a nonprofit organization dedicated to expediting environmental progress, notes that there’s much to learn about the many products that find their way into recycling bins and recycling centers

  • How the Average Person Can Help Combat Climate Change0

    The growing threat of climate change is so significant that it’s easy for individuals to feel helpless in the face of such a massive challenge. As daunting a threat as climate change presents, there’s plenty that individuals can do to combat climate change, and those efforts can be even more profound if they’re embraced on

  • UPMC Cardiologist: How Salt Intake Affects Your Heart0

    It’s likely that you indulge in a craving for salt from time to time. While listening to your body is important, it’s also valuable to monitor your intake of the substance due to its effects on your heart health. A good portion of salt is made up of the mineral sodium. According to the Centers

  • UPMC Endocrinologist: Thyroid Disorders Can Zap Your Energy0

    There are many reasons a person can feel tired all the time, but one that’s important to consider is the activity of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland located in your neck, below your Adam’s apple. It makes a hormone that controls your metabolism and can sometimes affect your energy. Thyroid