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  • Can Your Kids Pass This Class?0

    With the advent of middle and high school just around the corner, I wanted to suggest some vital courses for your kids to add to their agenda. Pronto. Our society is moving backward, not forward in many areas, including the basic of basics. In no particular order, here are some classes to definitely sign up

  • Where Art Thou0

    He looks like me, and he acts like me. He even collects stuff like me. But he’s older by at least 20 years. So, I wonder out loud that if I am around by then, will I BE like him? His name is Art, and I first met him at a small car show in

  • Summer Isn’t the Only Thing Slipping Away0

    In case you haven’t noticed, and I am sure you have, summer is half over. More depressing, there are several trees that are shedding some yellow, crisp leaves. Hey, Mr. Tree over there, it’s not even October yet! So don’t deflate our hot air balloons just yet, OK? On a brighter note, congratulate my father

  • Guess Who I Bumped Into?

    Guess Who I Bumped Into?0

    In the late 1960s and into the mid-1970s, the Hurst Corporation (based in Pennsylvania) heavily promoted its line of speed parts, accessories and limited edition cars (usually Oldsmobiles) in a manner most males could appreciate: showgirls! Linda (Miss Hurst Shifter) Vaughn was the best known of the bunch. Blonde and buxom, and blessed with a

  • The Grandparent Hotel0

    It’s come to my attention that my 13-year-old nephew bowed out of summer camp to spend a week at his grandmother’s house. Little did he know the same scenario played out for me when I was the same age. If he did, he might have asked for some advice. Now, I doubt his gram will

  • I Got What I Wanted. Now What?0

    It must have been over seven years ago that I whined and moaned (using a Webb column as my venting post) that cool, functional, consumer-friendly items weren’t appearing before our very eyes as promised. You know, the flying cars, the interspace shuttles, the automatic kitchens, the rotating windmills in our yards. I mean, even the

  • Scattered Pages in the Park0

    • June 27, 2018

    On a bike ride through East End Park a few Sundays ago, there was a softbound book that had most of its pages ripped out. They were blown and scattered about the park grounds like a tree shedding leaves. I thought maybe a youngster, on his last day of school, “celebrated” the occasion by massacring

  • Another Father’s Day in the Books0

    • June 20, 2018

    So our fathers, the “breadwinners,” celebrated their big day on June 17. Another precursor that summer officially arrives on the 21st. Yippee! Spent this one a tad different, with a new acquaintance this time. I’ll tell you about that in a little bit. First things first. Let me thank my father Gerry Sr., for the